We live in a world where health and fitness
can easily be a way of life. Sure, it’s funny to make fun of how unfit
we are, but there is no denying that living a healthy lifestyle will bring you many benefits. And to illustrate our point, we have gathered
some of our generation’s healthiest individuals. These lovely ladies prove that a healthy life
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want to get all the latest updates first. Ana Cheri
There is no denying that Ana Cheri is one gorgeous gal. Her 10.6 million Instagram followers more
than proves that. She is taking a firm hold of the fitness world,
and has made her debut in Muscle and Fitness Magazine. She is also opening her own gym, has written
her fair share of fitness books and is a brand ambassador/motivational speaker for Shredz
Supplements. I know what you’re wondering… do her workouts
actually do the job? Well, take a look at her toned body and decide
for yourself! Caitlin Rice
This Texan beauty has her head in the game. Not only is she making fitness her life, she’s
owning it as well. Her 1.4 million Instagram followers are treated
to energetic videos and workouts almost daily. They also get daily reminders that they can
look like her if they work hard enough. She isn’t afraid to show off her body, but
we can understand that. Her workouts look hard, but they must be worth
it, because she looks amazing. In fact, just looking through her Instagram
page is enough to get the laziest of us motivated. Emily Skye
They say that pregnancy makes you glow, but Emily Skye would tell you it’s just the
sweat. This fitness bombshell is about to welcome
her first child into the world, but that doesn’t mean she’s using her pregnancy as an excuse
to veg out. She takes her role as Reebok ambassador very
seriously after all. She has taken to doing safe pregnancy workouts,
and maintains her fit physique despite the additional responsibility. In fact, it just seems like she’s working
out for two now. She’s an inspiration to her more than 2.1
million followers, and we can’t wait to see how she takes to motherhood. Probably the same way she took the fitness
world by storm. Amanda Lee
Now, this girl is a veritable fitness superstar. She has more Instagram followers than some
actual celebrities which makes sense because can Zooey Deschanel show you how to get a
body like Amanda Lee’s? No, I didn’t think so. She also has an e-book where she gives you
meal plans and her Instagram stories are usually some of her crazy awesome workouts. If you want to look like her, you’re going
to have to work out like her. Lyzabeth Lopez
If you’re a regular in the fitness industry, then you might have heard of the Hourglass
workout. And if you’ve heard about the Hourglass
workout, then you have most definitely heard of its beautiful creator, Lyzabeth Lopez. Not only is she an award winning master trainer,
she is also a Holistic nutritionist. She isn’t one of those internet trainers,
she has the real experience and knowledge to get you your dream body in no time at all. This incredible trainer has a massive following
of 2 million, which means that she’s helping at least that many people get into shape. So, what did you do today? Bella Falconi
Beautiful. Smart. Hard working. Fit. There are so many words that we could use
to describe this dynamic lady. But we’ll just use one for now – WOW! At 3 million followers, she is rocking Instagram
and helping millions to achieve their fitness goals. She isn’t just proud of her fitness achievements
either, and proudly displays her academic achievements on her Instagram description. Like I said, this woman isn’t just crazy
fit, she’s also crazy smart. I mean, you need a certain know-how to distinguish
yourself from the thousands of trainers out there. We congratulate Bella, and look forward to
what she comes up with in the future. Kayla Itsines
I feel like Kayla is the sweet-girl-next-door-type from looking at her Instagram. She has a clear passion for fitness, after
all she is the co-creator of the incredible BBG program. But besides that, she seems to be a nice person. She truly cares about people, and wants to
help them fulfill their full fitness potential. She is always posting before-and-after pictures
of people that use her program. Not only does she encourage success in a personal
way, but she often posts videos showing how to do some of the exercises. She is also a fan of posting motivational
content. Is it any wonder that she has 7.7 million
Instagram followers? Massy Arias
Massy Arias is an ambassador for various brands, and a true advocate for health and fitness. When you’re truly passionate about something,
it shows in the way you live your life. Massy lives her life in a way that provides
undeniable proof that she loves what she does. She works hard to maintain her health, not
just with crazy workouts, but in what she eats as well. Just look at her! Isn’t it obvious how much she loves fitness
and exercising? She inspires us to want to exercise, and that’s
an amazing act all on its own! You go girl! Katya Elise Henry
Dedicated, smart, and accomplished. When we follow trainers, we want people who
stand out from the crowd, who are pioneers in their field. Katya is one of those women. Her workouts could put some professional athletes
to shame, and her body is a lean, mean fitness machine. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also
very strong. It is so encouraging to see how many of these
models focus on strength and not just aesthetics. It makes us happy. Lauren Drain Kagan
Who says you can’t have it all? Obviously, they have never met Lauren Drain
Kagan before. Not only is she an accomplished fitness instructor,
but she’s also a registered nurse, a bestselling author, a qualified personal trainer and a
bikini pro. Damn, woman! Give the rest of us time to catch up! Not that any of her 3.7 million Instagram
followers would want her to slow down. Just looking at this woman go makes your muscles
feel tired. But we have to admit, that she is an excellent
example for the rest of us to follow. She is strong, determined and incredibly focused. So go on – if she can do it then so can you! Paige Hathaway
How long do you think it takes to get fit? Well, if you follow Paige’s program, you
can get fit in only 5 weeks. She is the proud creator of the #FitIn5 weeks
challenge. This challenge has helped many people reach
their goals and become their best selves. Besides being such a good trainer, she also
slays in every picture that she posts. In fact, it is as if every glamour shot is
an advertisement for her challenge, because she looks like a queen. Is it any wonder that she has 4 million followers
on Instagram? Do you want to look like her? Well, then you have to work as hard as she
does which is not as easy as it sounds. Brittany Perille Yobe
Is there a certain part of your body that you’d like to focus on? Well, if you want to focus on your glutes,
then this is the person to follow. She didn’t write a guide to the ultimate
glutes for nothing, after all. Seriously, just look at one of her workouts. That is awesome. Can you imagine working hard enough and eventually
being able to workout at that exact same intensity. Well, it isn’t a dream. Remember that even Brittany had to start somewhere. Who knows? If you work hard enough you might be able
to become a famous fitness instructor yourself. Anna Victoria
Do you want to join a global community? Anna Victoria has managed to create a community
based off of her Fit Body Guides, which aims to help people reach their full fitness potential. Her community provides inspiration, motivation
and encouragement. Besides all that, her guides give you the
knowledge you need to do all of that. This beautiful instructor knows what she wants,
and she will achieve it no matter what. Besides all the glamour shots, she shows you
how awesome nutritious food looks, her love for animals, and before and after shots of
members of her program. She takes you into her life, and makes you
feel like you’re part of her fitness world and we love it. Carmel Rodriguez
How much do you love your job? A lot? A little? Or do you love it as much as Carmel enjoys
hers? From her Instagram feed, it is obvious that
she has a true passion for what she does. Right off the bat, you are thrown into the
deep end with video after video of workout sessions. In between you see what she does with her
free time, but nothing she does comes close to how much she loves training. This type of hardcore enthusiasm is rare in
life, and we’re a little jealous that she found her true calling. That can be almost as hard as one of her advanced
workouts. Like seriously, why can’t we all have that
much energy? Well, maybe we would if we trained and ate
like her. You know, after this video, I think there
will be a surge of newcomers at the local gym. You’re welcome, local gyms! Thank Carmel and the other ladies! Tana Ashlee
Not only is Tana the owner and founder of Stay Fit, she is also one amazing fitness
instructor. She doesn’t want to provide a fancy workout
for the rich and privileged, she wants to make health and fitness simple, effective
and affordable. She doesn’t make fitness look like an elite
club where you have to be flawless to join. She makes fitness real and relatable. Her workouts look hard at first, but they
are simple, so you can start with her. Her programs will then take you on a fitness
adventure that you won’t find anywhere else. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
You will never believe what this next amazing instructor has accomplished. At this point I’m starting to believe that
all of these women were on Themyscira with Wonder Woman. Because they seem almost too awesome to be
human. Not only is Camille an 8x Crossfit Games athlete,
she was also 2014’s fittest woman at the Crossfit games. Oh, and she does all of this in her free time. She is also a chemical engineer. When does she get time to breathe? Do you see what I mean by wondering if these
women also came from Themyscira? Excuse me while I go and try to imitate one
of her workouts. This might take a while… Jen Heward
We feel sorry for the fool who ever gets on Jen’s bad side. Not only does she have a whole bunch of fitness
programs, but she also practices Jiu Jitsu. Oh, and she owns like a bunch of Pit Bulls. Those statements weren’t connected. Her dogs are just super adorable and we had
to mention them before we forgot. But back to the whole she-could-probably-kick-your-butt
thing. Like most of the women on this list, Jen is
strong. Because getting fit doesn’t always just
mean toning up, it also means getting strong, and gaining confidence with that strength. Jen Widerstrom
This Jen is a proud New Yorker, an author, and she also believes in Yoga. If you prefer Yoga to the more intense workouts,
then this is the person you should be following. She invites you to take your first steps into
the fitness world with her, and we do admit that it is an enticing offer. Her life mirrors her principles, and we are
impressed by all that she has achieved so far. Keep an eye on Jen, you guys – she’s going
places. And if you join her programs, then you can
join her on her fitness journey, and maybe even create your own journey. Ana Delia
Athleticism is part of Ana’s life. She is a proud IFBB athlete, and this is shown
in the way she lives. Remember what we said earlier about when you
are truly passionate about something, you reflect it in the way you live? Not only is this true of Ana, but she takes
it one step further. She aspires to inspire. In everything she does, she wants to motivate
people to reach their goals too. This is the way she lives her life, and she
knows from her experience that being healthy is much better than being unhealthy. She wants people to know that and see the
difference for themselves. That’s probably why she’s on her way to
becoming a sensation in the fitness world. Lita Lewis
The world is quickly overcoming their obsession that being skinny is the ideal body type. Every shape is beautiful, and Lita Lewis wants
to prove that to everyone. She proves that you don’t have to be a stick
figure to be gorgeous. And she proves that in every picture she takes. Lita is a dedicated athlete, the founder of
several fitness programs as well as the founder of Thick Athletics Apparel. She isn’t about to slow down anytime soon,
and we are so grateful for that. She has so much that she still has to accomplish,
and we can’t wait to watch her do so. Natalie Jill
It says a lot that Natalie’s mantra is: “Change your state, plan your plate and
love your weight!” How empowering is that? Seriously. But that should come as no surprise, because
everything about her is empowering. She is a multi-passionate optimist, a best
selling author, and a Master Sports nutritionist. Do you know what that means? It means that she is a super busy career woman
who helps others to live their best lives now, while looking like a supermodel. That’s right, she works hard and is shows. All these women are inspirational, and Natalie
is no different. If you have any doubts, just try one of her
workouts. Jeanette Jenkins
If you’re looking for someone with a lot of experience, then look no further than Jeanette
Jenkins. Her workouts are intense, but they are worth
it. And besides that, they are also varied. She has a lot of different workouts, techniques
and meal plans, all designed to help you become fitter than you ever were before. What’s so great about her training is that
you will never get bored. She has more than 330 workouts and 150 meal
plans. It would take you forever to go through them
all. That means that you will have an exciting
journey on your way to becoming your fittest self. Want a fitness adventure? Ms. Jeanette Jenkins has got you covered. Emily Schromm
We think that Emily is a superhero. After all, she did invent the EmPack and Superhero
Challenge which basically turns you into a superhero. It’s no radioactive spider bite, but it
is still very effective. Her superpowers are personal training and
nutrition. Her superhero costumes are her workout clothes,
and her enemies are laziness and fast food. See, she’s a superhero! And, let’s be honest, she looks like she
could teach the Avengers a thing or two about proper nutrition. She could teach us all a thing or two about
nutrition. Let’s keep still and let the master speak. We wouldn’t want her to sentence us to a
million burpees or something. We might not have the most experience with
personal trainers, so our fears might be unfounded. Oh well, let’s not test the superhero. Tanya Poppett
Do you have an app? No, probably not. And if you do, let us know in the comments
section, we’d be interested to see what you came up with. Anyway, Tanya has her own app where you can
work out with her. Okay, probably not with her, with her, but
still train like her. After looking through her Instagram, we can
see the appeal. This lady works hard and that is reflected
on her impressive physique. She also promotes the vegan lifestyle, which
is gaining popularity among many fitness junkies. We respect her lifestyle so much, that we
won’t even make a vegan joke which is like a big deal for us, okay? Heidi Powell
What does a super mom look like? If you don’t know, then look no further
than Heidi Powell. All moms are amazing people, and Heidi is
no exception. This mother of 4 takes both her career and
parenting in her stride. He Instagram is devoted to pictures of her
kids, motivational posts and her fitness programs. We feel overwhelmed just looking at her, but
if you’re kindred spirit, then follow her. There is a lot that we can all learn from
her, including how to eat and work out. She specialises in extreme weight loss, so
not only is she helping people to get fit, she is also helping them to start a new way
of life. We think that’s worth at least a double-tap. Once you follow one of these fitness models,
your Instagram feed will be flooded with motivation for you to get fit. Go on, try it, you’ll see! Don’t forget to leave us a big thumbs up,
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