get ready for a total body workout with tone it up founders karena and Katrina so grab your dumbbells and grab it girl let's go all right at home are you ready hey I'm ready gotta get ready all right let's warm it up step it to the side and bring it arm across your body here warming the body up now for those of you at home if you want to do a modified version my girl Anna is doing it here got your back and then cat over here she's gonna be doing some advanced for let's go whoo let's go five feels good yeah three two one all right let's bring our feet together in a squat position we're gonna go squat down and up wide squat down and up other side and up and down and we got it yeah it's a lot of coordination with this one too sometimes I forget that middle mess-up just get that spot in oh yeah what's our thing it's when in doubt just squat it out yeah I like that or if you don't feel like working out hug yourself [Laughter] yeah that's good keep going well you're making one squad to three squads so thanks ladies a little extra bonus let's do it one more to this side and one more in the middle last little warm-up move we're gonna step it back in the back lunge and reach over bring it back step back and reach nice stretch that side body all warmed up whoa gonna balance has been challenging those abs engaged got it that's gonna take us into that first circuit which is gonna be working that lower body love it one more each side all right all right so you're good – all right grab a sip of water whatever you need and we're gonna get this done I want to see the reason that you showed up for this workout today so set an intention right here why did you show up set it think about that and then let's go through this whole workout with that intention so grab one dumbbell and we're gonna squat and you can hold it like this or like this goblet squat step all the way back right here pause real quick take down make sure your knees are in line with your ankle you can see your toes you can wiggle them drive all your weight into your heels and stand up squeezing those glutes drop down exhale way up and home exhale exhale yes well I've got that intention right now I'm thinking about it I love that this is your time your workout and I want you to put all of your effort right here because it takes a lot to arrive in your mouth that's right if you want it so credit last one all right this is one of my favorite moves and if you've never done this you'll never forget it all right you're gonna kick stand one toe right behind you and just roll your dumbbells down your shin and then pause right here before you stand squeeze your tape ready squeeze the cheek and then you come up yes we're getting that core engaged and then come up if you're looking at the screen that's great right now I want you to look down neutral spine and really focus on engaging those glutes beautiful Anna yes it's a smaller movement but I promise this is one of the best moves that you can do to really pop that booty oh I feel that all through my hands right now so most of my weight is all in this front leg right yep so you cannot shade if you want float that toe yeah off the ground behind you put it down whoo all right let's do a few more was really really good sperm you owe it to yourself I feel like I can get lower each time – I was just opening up the backside of that leg let's do two more two squeeze last one all right other side of the butt cheek love it kickstand that toe roll that Dumbo right down your shin and come up and squeeze belly button is drawn up or tight squeezing those glutes will protect that lower back to my favorite thing about working the glutes and hamstrings the quads your entire lower body is arrested a your temperature is higher your metabolism through the roof and you're burning calories after the workout this is recovering good baby buck how you doing Karina doing good and I can see you I am you a beating already balanced both easier greens got the best view in the house actually right here I was checking that out squeezing the glutes you need to set a baby nine months feel good look cute let's do a few more right here feeling it this is a silent killer – you never feel like it's gonna be sore until the next day yeah last one all right place that dumbbell down a little quick cardioversion go down reach and then come up down and pop it oh yeah all right let's count down together keep not home let's go ten nine eight seven six five – high five oh my alright grab some water and guess what love it we get to do that a second time through later because you can and you can and you can baby alright do it goblet what go down before you stand and please yes I love this move – because you're gonna add weight you can go heavier so it's yes universally you can do it keep getting stronger each time if you're wondering when to add weight just think can I do this move a little heavier and maintain my proper form that's when you know you can go out it should be difficult and you should really really have a hard time in those last few reps but you should still be able to maintain your form you can even start heavier and drop down a little bit that's the drop set and Kareem and I do that I'll come another time you love it to finish this we're gonna drop it down a little bit all right remark three and two last one my heart is beating one girl I know I got some back but here it's like oh we better roll it on down you're gonna float that toe up if you want to advance it go down just as far if you aren't comfortable soften that knee squeeze on up neutral spine you can even find a spot on the floor in front of you and focus on that keep the gun I love this move because with the kickstand you're not doing double legged but get the advantage of really working on your balance and trying to put as little bit of weight on the back foot as possible yeah and sometimes if we're not focused on balancing then we're really really focused on that muscle oh we're working yeah so even if you're advanced and you drop down on that toe you are doing such an amazing job two more all right other side core is engaged roll it on down remember to keep that dumbbell near your shin to your lower back right if you reach it far out you're gonna pay straining right back out reaching for a pen it's like let us say maintain really proper form and stay engaged how many more Carina five more coming back here counter three limit to black on really please right here and please all right numbers Cody first-come you know what up let's go down touch the ground just pause right here close your eyes think about that intention three two one and pop up go I actually really love this modified version too I feel like I'm laying track but you know yeah I can't just keep going let's count down together and five four three two hi five bullets feel the burn boom alright water break here let that heart rate come down a little bit here before we go in the next circuit up Kabaddi All Right girls if you love working out with us you love this workout we have a ton more and the turn up app every kind of workout you want to do yoga bar kickboxing dance you don't teach the dance you take it really say for me like I'll just attend that one we couldn't teach boxing so we brought in the most incredible boxing vector and then bar and all those things and then we teach a lot of the yoga skulls and Tony it's fun alright so grab your dumbbells ready to work those biceps yes alright siphon me curl up you bring it down and then pick it up to the side and down bring those dumbbells up to your shoulders can we get down those it always starts so easy and then it starts to really burn but leave it lightweight that's the point i rep scope from that sexy sleek muscle you got it how you feeling healing it I think a bird hey we got a lightweight and you see here what cats doing a little more advanced move lifting one of her legs keeping her abs engaged and working on that balance as well good job you're my reps here love it let's go – please last one you got it alright so now we're going to hinge forward at the hips drop the weights palms facing each other we row up and kick back oh good and row and kick back awesome great form here Anna you've done this before whoo yeah mama so when she's squeezing up she's really squeezing those shoulder blades together here we inch and working those triceps making them pop how you doing cat okay yes let it burn okay working those triceps goal from that sexy back of yours so many muscle groups are working here with this one let's do three more rounds that's too last one we're going into our cardio Bert's alright so we'll drop the weights here boom are doing jumping jacks ready oh yeah let's go sorry you can go intervals three hey one onion combination with those other movies my shoulders were on fire for those days all right round two ready ready all right grab those weights and we curl up and out burnout and again this is another great move that we can do those drop sets that cat was talking about start a little heavier work it down and also all of the workouts on our app needs at home or while you're traveling so we get a lot of questions it's summertime how do I keep working out when I'm traveling we got to pop sugar got to this baby baby I fell down last night how's it going hey honey this workout yeah I do what'd you guys get I love it let's do four more rounds we're at three antek earning that's what all right you know what's next button forward I goes hip drop the wage poem face them together bring it up kick it back there you go so good at home you feeling strong nothing better than having a nice strong backside with those arms and shoulders popping that's the first thing that I notice about Karina before I met her yeah she's coming before she put your posture it opens you up all right what do you say four more burning yeah we increase the tone the tempo here alright ready jumping jacks jumping jacks let's do it okay anyone want to do jump squats with me are you gonna actually do like jumps tucks and squat no lifts out right this is gonna keep that metabolism burning all through the day so good these people that are modifying too and they do jacks modify they should really bend the knees because I feel it so much more in my quads but I add a little bounce I always modified yeah jumping jacks specially in classes mm-hmm thank you mama house tomorrow take a little break and we're taking it down to the mat Oh stretch no time for core all right a little water just a bit we're gonna do that you'll learn a lot of water going on the belly right now squashing around sloshing okay subscribing I'm gonna admit something I do not work ABS unless someone makes me and that's why I do studio studio toned up makes me do ad so we are going to do this together and anytime that you want to do abs you goes right here so first thing we're going to go into a boat position you can grab your dumbbell and I want you to twist side to side now you'll see Anna has our heels down and then and hurried over here their heels up but at any point that you want to top down your heels it is okay because you are isolating the lower abs if you feel in the hip flexors that's okay cuz it's all connected don't think that you're doing it wrong if you feel it here we want this to be strong to keep it going and four three two and last one are it nice that dumbbell lay down onto your back and don't do anything right away I'm going to put your feet up in the air or you can bend them like Anna I want you to close your eyes and think about that intention and add one more thing to it this one thing that you want for us today strength empowerment love patience passion right there all right now you're going to put your dumbbell up in front of you and you're gonna reach for that and you are going to get it right here right now let's go push exhale on the way up and tall the way down you can close your eyes keep it going three more and three two and last one who's that dumbbell you can do it turn around into a plank we got this all right right here you can bring your legs a little wider I'm gonna top your shoulder tap your shoulders while keeping those hips steady so if you go like this and move your hips it's not working those ABS as much so let's do that one more time good form keep those hips Teddy and then to plank jacks tap tap two one tap tap two one whoa moving those hips Teddy is the trick with this move right here you got it yeah keep those hips in line you got it ring it right here see how much more challenging that is now with this move if you want to you can drop down to those knees okay and then come out and out whatever you need to do remember this is your workout your body your knees your intention your goals one more right here yeah back to that boat we're gonna rock that cardio move to is everywhere of a nation yeah but I do have to say new Mama's core strength job and tall Carina oh my goodness yeah the color you are think about that leverage leverage you gotta have way more strengths in that plane so good job and you gotta hold up those long legs in this all right let's go whatever it is that you think is your struggle I love that myth dawn right here says this all the time it is actually your strength so your strength right now Anna is it you're a new mom your strength Trina is that you're tall statuesque whoo and strong and apart or anything so think about your strengths right here yeah and three two two and one lay on back those are so good legs in the air close those eyes think about those goals those intentions everything and reach right here they are already yours you're there and crunch listen to your brass keep the gun anytime today that you need to reach that goal do the same breath focus on it right five more really really really strong ones here and five four three last to make them count two and last one all right I don't even have to ask them ready I know you're ready I'm ready I know you're ready do this alright the trick right here make sure those feet are wide enough that you can keep that core nice and gauged and straight and then two Japs are here what – and I want you to go at your own pace whatever you need you got it yeah whoa keep those hips steady every single rep count oh yeah we should be making all those noises – yes sound effect actually it is proven that when you need sound effects potatoes pain all right let's go through two more rounds and you are done thank you so much you guys are amazing so fun here let's just stretch it out a little now and stay down on your mat roll back onto your back we're gonna do figure four so cross your right leg just under your left knee bring that left leg in you can thread that needle here nice glute stretch take some deep breaths as we allow the body just relax and soak in everything that we just nerves love body to just soak in everything that we just energized it feel good now let's switch that figure four here Oh what time side is always waiting for me so good how do you girls feel mmm-hmm my core is still on fire right now so I don't feel in that last move I feel very proud of all of us I think we've all done really good at home and here let's release that and straighten both of your legs and then grab your left knee bring it in squeeze it tight and then twist it over to gazing to the left nice twist here feel really good oh I found make sure after this workout you have some little protein I was just thinking about a thing me I know I think I I was thinking one two that's why I said it like what am I going to my day revolves around like how am I gonna work out how am I gonna eat having it I like let's release that bring it in squeeze you know what I think I'm gonna do Priscilla whoops ice cubes coffee vanilla protein and almond milk hmm and maybe a banana in there I add a little avocado for the creamy effects ooh it's so good yeah that it's good one more deep breath in together release that right leg grab your knees here bring them and get here something nice squeeze and a hug and say thank you to your body and then body hold it up do three roles here on your spine I'm sizing your back and cross legged here we're gonna stretch out those triceps bringing it across your body I like gonna take post-workout a moment and just gonna feel see how your entire body feels and put gratitude and let's release that died switch sides and one big stretch overhead and release your hands are tender thank you so much for working out with us today thank you Anna for having us and our pleasure thank you so much ladies [Laughter]