If you want to swim faster, I believe that
the most important thing is perfecting your swimming technique. But having strong muscles also helps. Welcome to our workout videos. On this video we will go over 25 gym exercises
to help you gain muscle and swim faster. you can add these to your weekly routine so
you can improve your swimming. You can download the free pdf guide through
the link in the description below where you will find instructions on the number of repetitions
and number of sets. If you want the workout guide in korean please
message us on facebook.com/skillsnt. If you don’t want to miss any of our videos
be sure to be subscribed and ring the bell icon. One of the most used and essential muscle
groups in swimming are the core muscles. So we will go over 8 different core exercises. cable russian twist – this is an excellent
exercise for your whole core but mainly internal and external obliques flutter kick – this works your rectus abdominis —
the front sheath of your abs otherwise known as six pack and also the hip flexors Modified V-Up – entire core but mainly abs
russian twist – With this exercies you will feel your obliques burning
hollow rock – this is to stabilize your core muscles, this is very close to a streamline
position. back up or super man – This works mainly on
your lower back. weighted sit up with arms up – This will work
your whole core including hip flexors and abs knee raises – On this exercise you will work
on your core plus your forearms another very used group muscles are the shoulders. You will want to strengthen them to prevent
injuries in addition of the benefit of swimming faster. We will go over 3 exercises that all work
on different parts of the deltoids. lateral flyes – Use light weight on these
ones and do them in a controlled manner. front flyes – Use the same light weights on
this one as you did on the lateral. arnold press – This is an excellent exercise
for most of the shoulder. Don’t forget to twist and squeeze while
going up. back flyes- these will work on the posterior
deltoids To compliment the shoulders we need strong
biceps, triceps, chest and traps. bicep curls – The biceps are small muscles
but there are intense ways to work them out. Check out the pdf guide for more. tricep extensions – Make sure you are getting
the full range of motion on these. chest flyes – for these use a weight that
you can handle. push ups – There are many ways of doing pushups. Try changing them up to work different parts
of your chest, triceps and shoulders. shrugs – These will work on your traps quite
nicely. If you want to pull water easier you need
stronger back muscles. pull ups – This is an excellent option to
strengthen your lats and shoulders as well as the forearms. standing lat pushdowns – This is a very similar
movement to the butterfly stroke movement. Do this to strengthen your back muscles. dumbbell rows – These will strengthen your
scapular muscles which are very important to balance all the front of the body exercises
that we normally do. The more balanced you are the less shoulder
injuries you will get. Last but not least the legs, these are obviously
an important part of any stroke. And you need strong legs to get the propulsion
you want. db squats – These are excellent to strengthen
your glutes and quads. You need good form for these so I’ll out
a link on the description to help you with these, but the most important part is to keep
the entire foot on the ground throughout the squat, keep your back straight and make sure
your knees don’t bend inwards. db Lounges – These are difficult but effective
at working many parts of your legs. one leg db deadlifts – These will work on
your coordination, stabilization and your hamstrings. wall sit – Bend your knees on a 90 degree
angle and just lean with your hips against the wall. You will feel the burn on your quads after
a few seconds. Remember if you want to download a free PDF
workout guide of these exercises so you know how often to do them and how many reps go
to the link in the description, where you will also find other free workouts. Also if you want to check out our swim cap
designs and other swimming merch go to skillswimming.com Thanks for watching! See you next friday! Plyvy bystroh!