Hey everyone! Dr. Eric Jackson here. It is
2019 Wellness Day at Downers Grove South High School. We are very very happy to again be back at this event. We’ve been coming since 2015 and it’s always such a great
time being able to talk and visit with these high school kids. We’re very happy
to be representing dentistry here today. We’re talking a lot about dentistry as a
career and also some specifics such as teeth and gums. You know these kids have got a lot questions about wisdom teeth of course,
so we’re answering a lot of questions about those today but also about career paths.
How to become an assistant. How to become a hygienist. How to become a dentist.
What is it like to be a administrative staff member? All sorts of great
questions already and it’s just the morning! So thank you Downers Grove South for inviting us back. We look forward to many many years together. Being a
great part of the community concept is something that’s so important to me. So
thanks again and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye-bye now!