take on today's workout I was pretty tough workout it's my last one so I just wanted to finish up strong it was competitive and it was a good pace to it I thought it was a good workout come from Texas Tech you guys obviously went on quite a run there and all the way to national championship game how was this last couple months you kind of just rode that into these draft workouts have been kind of a crazy time for you yeah that run we made a national championship definitely got me and my teammates some good exposure and playing on a big stage like that definitely helps you know I'm very thankful for my teammates my coaches put me in a great situation and I've been able to get a bunch of NBA workouts and get in front of some great teams and some great coaches it's been a great opportunity for me I feel like your games gonna translate to the next level I think my game translate is great you know I think first of all I'm a winner you know I just I do whatever it takes to win you know I think I'm crafty I'm skilled and I'm tough and you know I'm gonna go out there I'm gonna compete my my butt off I'm gonna play hard I'm gonna make shots and just make the guys around me better I know a lot of different situations played airforce that South Dakota Texas Tech do you think sort of that adaptability as something teams confront playing in so many different environments something teams could find appealing yeah that's a great word I would say adaptability definitely because you go to the league and you got to adapt to a new coach new teammates new style of play and you know playing for three different coaches three different schools helped me adapt to different coaches different styles different players and then going to Texas Tech was a different level you know kind of like a level up so now I got a level up again and adapt to it again and I think having that experience definitely helps me or Nesterov workout was you take on how things went today for you I think it's real good they got me messed up with a big you know and I think I've messed up well he's show these areas I showed my ears and I'll show that I was able to move quick move my feet you know didn't get a lot of wins but you know competed you know that's what it's all about you know just trying to get better that's my my said the bigger matchup residents Goga you guys both played in Europe this year was any kind of that healthy at all kind of in terms of play styles and anything like that going up against him well I think it did I kind of new way he's coming from you know he's big slow footed saza autumn attack him you know he did the same thing try to seal me in I try to be quick get around we just competed you know I think we got better yeah this is about your game you feel like stands out the most I feel like with the just competitive you know just no matter what it is you would lose them still gonna fight you know we're gonna fight but yeah I'm quick you know I can defend you know I like it down get down to the hole yeah which is your brother obviously playing with the Pistons thon how much does he kind of helped you through this process it just went through a couple years he's helped me a lot you know you know just watching him and like he moved teams and you know I'm just thinking like you know it's the same work no matter where you go you know you still got to put into work and he throws the same thing you know you got to continue to go where you want to go so he's saying it's been real good a path about his wide travel does any maybe as any prospect growing up in South Sudan Australia Canada out in Europe is it kind of a relief for what are your thoughts now this is almost kind of finally coming to the finish line with the NBA Draft just two days away if it all the places you've been and played and I feel like I've been everywhere so I feel like you know with it you know with the NBA I could fit into any situation being in a lot you know seeing the snow you know I've seen the hardware is so you know I feel like it just fit right in you know so I can adjust I think that's helped me a lot like what is the torture in terms of this process and be ready for these workouts I guess he just said just be yourself you already know how to play basketball you know so you know he all said you know be the best you you know you know don't go out there be an actor you know so I just go out there be myself and if I don't shoot it well you know I'm gonna keep working you know that's what it's all about you know keep getting better you know get ready for the summer league you know it's just it's a long process so just enjoy you know that's what he's be told me people have seen your game how to describe the game like what kind of player are you what you say right now I'll say you know I'm gonna come in and defend you know I love defending you know in competing just like both ends I'd like to get to the hole you know that's my game and shoot the mid-range you know I just shoot whatever they give me but I'm gonna defend it first you know and I understand that drive work out with Hornets we should take on how things went for you today oh it was great I'm very grateful that they gave me the opportunity to showcase my skills and everything you know it's getting late into the process a lot guys are fatigued just show us how we can compete we're going out here we battled a lot of good talent out here there's a lot of fun you're one of the top 20 scorers in the nation this year we come for a small school Eastern Kentucky do you kind of feel like you have a little bit of a chip on your shoulder going to these workouts I mean I feel like my whole life I've had a chip on my shoulder just being from it from Maine and everything I mean that's just how I approach everything with chip on my shoulder I just gotta come out here and prove myself you feel like your games gonna translate to the next level I think good I mean my my ability you know to shoot the ball and space the floor keep on working on my outside game and in my inside you so yet another Ohio Valley got here he is know crisp Chris at all or they kind of help with familiar Terry make things a little bit more fun yeah I mean throughout this process you know you go up and battle against guys that you know could be on your team or that you play against in the same conference so it's real fun to catch up and talk about games that we played against each other when today feel like it was a good day you know everybody competed play hard you know to show their talents to the office I was here and you know just hopefully one of the teams pick us I'm sure you've done a number of these how does this one compare to some of the other ones you've done that's my last one so you know it's hard you know fighting fatigue but the workouts I did previously but you know I just pushed through and you know I feel like I had a pretty good day could do some things better but overall definitely had different it decided the drops two days away I'm sure it's kind of a physical and mental relief now that all this work last two months you're kind of right there at the finish line yeah but you know drive day is when it starts it's not where it is you know whenever you get picked or if you don't get big you know you got to work from that day forward so you know just hopefully my name is called that day and you know I'll be grateful I'll continue to work from now on coming from Iowa State you did one year with the Cyclones you guys were big 12 conference champion students what is it your game that kind of sticks out where did you have the most growth you feel like during your one year in college just you know playing with a really good group of guys you know coming from a high school like Simeon you're always playing around good players I'll prepare me to go to the next level I will say you know float on cigars so just learn how to compete you know every night basis you know it gets the best prepared me for NBA I feel like so you know I feel like I was ready to make that job today's workout thought it was really good I mean it's always fun depending got some really good players and this is my last work I saw it was gonna kind of approaching the finish line of the draft a couple days away and then kind of you'll start figuring out where you're gonna go is it kind of feels surreal that after these kind of last two or three months of workouts a year you're almost there oh yeah I know it flies by I mean I was just in Syracuse and now I'm on to the next chapter so I'm really excited and and I'm really looking forward to test the waters a little bit last year's here because I had to go back where did you grow the most string this is your final year with the up at Syracuse I think I think decision making being able to handle the ball over more I mean those times I plunk I was out due to injury and stuff like that and during that time coach really trusts me to hang on the ball bring the ball up and make plays so I think I grew in that aspect the travel how many different teams if you would this is my 12th workout yeah so I've been around I mean I worked out for a lot of different teams a lot of different teams last year as well so man it's definitely a grind but I mean Syracuse preparing me for taking care of my body and and just a traveling aspect so if I thought it my fine Charlotte what was your take on today's workout with the Hornets you know it was pretty fast-paced you know a lot of competition and you know we just competed was getting out on the west coast for those that don't know your game what is it about you that kind of sticks out you know I think there's a lot more to my game than what people really seen I think I have a great ball handling ability you know great you know great shot maker just get great distributor you know I think I do everything and I'm you know I try to you know play hard really hard on defense so I try to you know have a all-around game led you to make it the decision to leave Arizona after a couple years you just felt you get ready for the next level or you know kind of skills you just referenced yeah definitely I think I was ready for a next level I think my game translates better to you know the NBA that you know the league so I think you know this is gonna give me a better chance you know to showcase my talent high school you played if I'm wrong you play with mo Bamba in high school and cam redish can obviously go into this process right now have you guys talked at all about what it's been like and if you talked to mo about what he went through last year and kind of evaluation and you know meeting with different teams and such I mean we talk all the time but we don't really talk about this process you know this is very stressful for all of us and you know I just try to keep some myself and you know keep to my family you know what I mean so we talk all the time but just not about this process today it's Ralph Lauren with the Hornets this is very it's a great experience um this is my first actual pre-draft workout and I was just grateful for the opportunity you come from a little bit of small school in Austin Peay playing the Ohio Valley good competition there what is it about your game that kind of sticks out for those that don't know I can really shoot from anywhere on the court and a really good effort on defense we were just talking to Nick you guys went against each other in the Ohio Valley that kind of helped a little bit of the familiarity going against each other or so if you guys were talking kind of about games used to play media before this was just talking about old games and stuff and then he's had a couple workouts so they gave me a couple of tips and stuff and what to expect but you got to see your game kind of shining the most at the next level what's gonna kind of be your sticking point what I've been working on is handling the ball more because in college I played like three for three or four in next level I can play two three and four so more handle on the ball and shoot lugan so welcome to Charlotte and we just wrapped up draffa workout with the Hornets would you think how did you think things went today that went pretty good I love you I'm three full court a lot of one-on-one a lot of shots so you went to the NBA combine something you did pretty well there I'm sure this last two months has been kind of just crazy for you what is it kind of feel like you're gonna get some some clarity about where you're gonna go in just a couple days I mean I felt like I've done a pretty good job disperse few weeks I thought like I'm in a good position right now to be to get drafted tomorrow and then a few days so I'm just listening to my age and stuff like right now writing my range from like 20 to 30 so I miss cute stick to it and just be ready for that and I thought about what that moment is gonna be like for me growing up in Montreal Canada and been disposition right now it's it's unbelievable you take kind of the time to reflect about kind of your journey going from Montreal all the way out to Arizona State and it seems like things have done you moved around a little bit and play bicycles different patience if you kind of thought about the journey is kind of about to make this next jump yeah I thought about it but like I already knew from the beginning it was going to be a grind so of the fact that I've been to a lot of places always kept working hard and believing in me and then now I'm in this position for a reason so where do you see kind of sticking at the next level what's gonna be your calling card the team that drafts here I'm meeting on the day gonna get a lot out of me but a lot of intensity on defense and offensively – I make open shot and then trying to get to get my teammates involved drive work out of the Hornets where did you how did this one compared a lot in the last few you've done first of all thank you all of you and I mean it was great workout really one of the best I've been it was really tough and I mean great people out here the facility's amazing and I mean just everything was so no higher level and just it was really good experience for me those that don't know what your game is after were playing in Europe what kind of stands out about you and how you play basketball I mean I bring a lot of energy on the court positive energy may I can't do most of the stuff on the court in defense in offense to do all the rod make plays make right decisions to be able to play defense to switch on guard said to be able to protect the rim I should the ball pretty well had a really impressive season over in Serbian league winning a bunch of Awards each team did very well did that kind of influence your decision that now it's kind of a good time to jump to the NBA I mean we we had the decision the beginning of the year that I was going to get to the draft but I mean just a lot of hard work I put in this game and this year I proved a lot I think and we hesitate did well which really helped me to be on the you know to be able to get to the draft I have a chance over there shot 40% this season but just watching you you just don't typically think of people your size that's having that kind of range have you always had that is that anything about the way that you were coach growing up yeah my coaches the Georgie also helped me a lot because you know they taught me how to shoot the ball but after that I just put a lot of work in the to my shot I changed my shot and offseason I worked a lot on that I think it just paid off hard work paid off but I always said this I can say touch from the outside York yeah just a lot of hard work when the Gasol brothers were coming up I know they both said that one of the you know when people would ask them oh you know the way you passed the way you play outside the lane desert stuff they both brought up the notion that the way that they were coached in Europe you know there wasn't a whole lot of dramatic differentiation between the way you know guards and big men were taught to play you know he said you know we were not like you know segmented off all you do big man things was that kind of your experience growing up as well yeah it was almost the same because my coaches always pushed me to play from the outside to do all kind of stuff on the core not only big my stuff or the not only do stuff in the paint so also as I said I worked a lot of that at my coaching Serbia day at middle which also taught me a lot to play from outside to be able to play free and to Moses itself or the court yeah they helped you a lot what do you think of today's workout here with Sean Hornets um it was a great workout had some great guys in there and we just was competing so it was fine anything in particular to feel like you were trying to showcase well or felt like it you know kind of you know did well today again from these executives the Hornets um I just was trying to just play my game and just you know competing just just play I was just particularly focusing on one thing I just was going you know going what got me here and just playing playing my game was just you know just trying to open some eyes this workout compares some of the other ones you've done oh this was a good workout this is a kind of I feel like this was a kind of a tough one but it was great because we got a chance to you know get up and down so you know this work consisted you know he was in shaping things like that but it was it was a great overall workout here you know this is my last morning I feel like my last one was it was a good way and I kind of just you know I'm a good note kind of feel real you know kind of surreal now if it drops a couple days away and see how things are gonna play out you're almost kind of at the finish line yeah no doubt he's being a cry for real like I've been hearing that from a lot of guys that's older than me and you know being through the process and everything it was a grind so you know it really has been grind you know who's just waiting on draft night whatever happens that night and uh you know just you know like one of the coaches uh told us out there you know is what you do after the draft you don't get don't get your hair so hung up on on just draft night is what you do it set works drop work out with the Hornets what you think on how things went for you today I think it went well you know I think I'll show verse to Lyon defense I think I showed how to be able to play in space with the ball in my hands in the ball out of my hands just talking to my teammates you know I think that's the key component when playing defense here you know these are guys you've never played with and you have to be able to talk and make adjustments and I think that's what I'm best at do you feel like you were pleased with most today in terms of how your game kind of who's gonna translate to the next level just making plays out of nipples being able to catch the ball in the mid post and see cutters or even just fake passes to get to the rim things like that I think I just did well overall in that aspect and also just on the defensive end being able to switch and talk to my teammates and help on breakdowns on their in decided is gonna be kind of some finality to this whole process last few months and just kind of get an answer where you're gonna be oh definitely those it's been it's been a journey that's for sure I'm just getting ready to go and figure out what's going on and what's gonna happen on Thursday but I'm excited it's finally in playing at a school like Indiana takes basketball very very seriously didn't kind of prep you to go to the next level it prepped me well just being able to play in front of all the fans you know playing you know top tier athletes every single game I think you just really prepared me for what's come to come and then also just being undersized at the four or five it's prepared me to be able to take on and play a lot bigger than not beer