My mom passed away last year in April. She had six months to live and she passed
away in two. I decided that I would join the Gold’s Gym
Challenge, it would give me a little motivation. I knew there was other people doing the Challenge
so we could all go through the Challenge together. I have a two year old son at home. He is my motivation because I have to be around
for him when he gets older just like my mom was there for me as I grew older. It changed my life because I feel like if
my mom was still here, she’d be proud of me. Because no matter what happened, I kept going. This Challenge motivated me and it just inspired
me because I know if she was here, she’d tell me “Good job baby, you did it! You did it!” That just changed me because now that I know
with this Challenge that I completed, I can complete anything if I just keep my mind to
it. My name is Priscilla Harris and I won the
Gold’s Gym Challenge. I lost 17 pounds and 12 inches in just 12