– [Narrator] SugarCreek
Brandworthy Food Solutions employs over 2,000 people in six manufacturing facilities in three states. At it’s location in Frontenac Kansas, creating a culture of health became a priority after the company competed in a local corporate challenge, but was disappointed with
their overall level of fitness. – The culture before was just a lot of fast foods, chocolates, pastries. Yeah zero exercise and. – [Narrator] Changing
the culture to one that better supported health began when the company payroll
coordinator, Ashley Johns, suggested a new work site wellness program designed to make some lasting changes. Her first challenge was getting
the go ahead to proceed. – I like a challenge personally, so. – When you’re initiating
a wellness program you have to have support
from the top down, otherwise it won’t be effective. She showed me the data. We could support it easily. Great, let’s do it. – [Narrator] Finding herself
in a new leadership role, Ashley’s first step was to form and head up a wellness committee. – So I kind of drive the bus but everyone’s excited to go with me. My goal is to get all healthy vending and to take a lot of the junk food out because we can’t expect them to be healthy if we are still giving
them the option not to be. – [Narrator] Then the
wellness committee initiated a new healthy for life
challenge that offered onsite nutrition, physical
activity training exercises, plus a way to track progress. – Guys remember that this
isn’t about any quick fix. It’s a lifestyle change. Go. They’re moving and that’s
what it’s all about is getting people moving. – And so basically she
came out every week. She weighed us, she
measured us, she helped us to figure out what we should be eating and how it affects our bodies. Our employees loved it. – It’s exciting that they’re
contributing to my health and making it easy for
me to make those changes. – One, two, three – [Participants] Healthy life. – [Narrator] Next, the wellness committee designed a new healthy snack program. They partnered with a local business to deliver fresh fruit and
vegetables every Monday. – We put it in the kitchen
so it’s open to all. Anybody who walks through grabs a plate, grabs some fruit, goes to a conference, goes to a meeting, goes back to their desk and continues work. – We’ve hit a place now
where employees expect this, so it’s a little different. I would say it’s successful
because, you know, we stick the fruit in the
kitchen and it’s gone. – [Narrator] As the wellness
committee began to create policies that made changes permanent, their success began to get some
notice from the home office. – Corporate is actually
very excited about it and so I work with our
corporate benefits manager and we’re about to pitch
it to the other plants and they want to know how
they can put this into place. – I’m very proud of our group
at our Frontenac Kansas plant that took the initiative to
provide wellness opportunities to all of our associates there. – [Narrator] And why does
Ashley continue to do this work? – I enjoy helping others and I like that we are all seeing a change.