The Healthcare Traveling Roadshow is this awesome opportunity for us to introduce students to the different
healthcare professions and the different opportunities that might be available to
them in the future. The Healthcare Traveling Roadshow was
designed to help address rural healthcare shortages. We travel with a
team of multidisciplinary students, and as part of the Kootenay Health Care
Traveling Roadshow, we are traveling to three communities in interior BC. We are
also part of a bigger provincial picture, and we do have two northern travelling road shows going on, as well, and it’s also this great setup for us to
learn about the different professions that we will work with in the future.
It’s great to find out about midwifery, or pharmacy, and optometry. Growing up in Prince George, it would have been nice having something like this in high
school. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. Having some information at that time in my life would have been crucial just to help direct me in my
educational path. The experience for the roadshow has been really fun so far,
I’ve been really impressed by the types of questions that the students are
asking and it’s fun to really help engage students about my program, which is midwifery, answer their questions about pregnancy, birth, and the
type of care that we provide and really just help to recruit the next generation
of health professionals here. If you want to actually get into something big, you’re
going to have to go to a different school or some other city that has big
hospitals and universities. I think actually getting to talk to people
who’ve done that, makes it easier. I was actually thinking about sports medicine
would be able to do all this and get to learn more about all this stuff again,
is really cool and definitely intrigues me more to look deeper into
sports medicine. I think it’s extremely important to put this message across
that healthcare professions in these different fields are extremely
accessible to more rural communities, and that’s what we want in the future. We
want to be able to retain health-care professions in these more rural
communities and the way to do it is to try and gain their interests as early as
possible. The students have been absolutely engaged, they’ve been
interactive, they’ve been asking questions and really excited to learn from us, and
I think that’s fantastic because as we are building our
healthcare careers, the people we talk to today are also the future of all of those health-care careers.