hi everybody I'm Amy from bite Miami and this is your postnatal body weight one workout so what I mean by one is that well this workout is great for anybody post partner whether you had your baby weeks ago or months ago it's specifically designed if you're just getting back into exercise so we're going to take things a little slower just using your own body weight no equipment and just focus on building our strength back and reconnecting with our muscles please make sure that you have been cleared by a doctor for exercise postpartum before you do this or any other workout are you ready let's do it okay so we're gonna start with a nice and gentle warm out your jeff's marching roll with your little shoulders gentle roll Sarah back so we're gonna go flat down and we'll round it up again this workout shouldn't be super strenuous we're coming back after having babies then again that could be weeks ago or that good few months ago it's gonna take a little time to reconnect with our body and our muscles so hold it here and just gentle rolls through the shoulders so can you back those muscles back to where they were before it's gonna take a lot of time and even if you weren't working out before even if you were it's gonna take some time let's go round it up just to get some strength and endurance back so tap it out reach your body has done something amazing you have created like this so please feel good about that and feel good about the fact that you are here today any moving even if you have to take breaks you can certainly get pause and then let's bring our knees up nice and slow you can take breaks hit pause just do part of it it's up to you just the fact that you are here is success so please be kind to yourself in this postpartum period and again every time you say that it doesn't matter if you got your baby years ago or just a few weeks ago like me how about 10 weeks postpartum and let's do something hamstring curls to the back and I'm already feeling that just even just one above my heart rate is getting tough so you gotta be kind to ourselves it's gonna take some time our bodies have been through a lot with Silas of pregnancy and delivery or your delivery went down and then just caring the baby not several weeks or so easier than you know wherever you want to be okay so we're gonna start toes out and we're just going to do a nice deep plie as we come up squeeze in those inner thighs and pull up in that public for pulling this deep core muscles in so I know that a lot to think about but just take it nice and slow drop it low up pull in on the exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale so just get a couple of these and then as you are ready if you want to add we're gonna do big arms up inhale exhale so just let you connecting with your breath don't worry too much about it and just moving through the arms this is still a little bit of a warm-up you notice we're doing a little quicker on the pulse and breathe a little pulse down in it up squeeze pull that core in Pamela's got one more and then listen to rob it down and now plie horse and do a little lifts of the heels so this is gonna get that lower body again you should be feeling the legs inner thighs pull that core in and then we're strengthening through the joints as well four three two and one so just let's bring those knees up so in between these strength moves we're going to do some gentle heart some things to keep the heart pumping even though you're probably feeling it if you need a little less you can certainly just you March it up or even take a little break and just saying it's totally up to you let's move to a little body weight upper body so this is going to look kind of simple from the beginning but you're gonna feel all those arms and back and shoulders so you're going to take a straight out front squeeze back pull those elbows up flip them up take it down and here we're keeping them up the whole time so press squeeze flip think about pulling the shoulder blades in then rotating up the reason these are so important is that everything we're doing in the immediate postpartum period certainly holding the baby feeding the baby rockin baby changing the way but all those things are bringing your muscles forward but even if you have older kids were lifting down to pick them up we're holding them all of those things really important to be strengthening our back strengthening our shoulders should be feeling out a little bit now I'll really focus on this squeeze if you want to make a fist that sometimes helps flip two more you know I'm feeling that last one and relax and just roll those shoulders yeah and let's go back to that plie one more time with that big deep breath and up and take it up and and then we're gonna get four more and down take it up squeeze down two more down last one one more time tap it out with those little knees and we'll do our standing row rear delts one more time breathe and take it here we're gonna squeeze up down squeeze with or without the fist again focusing on that back muscles back at the shoulders the opposing muscles to the chest and bringing everything down breathe last you right here I'll grab a quick sip of water if you need it even if you don't especially if you're in the new course party period and you are nursing really important to stay hydrated but really for all of us we're going to move it into a side lunge so nice wide stance so straight leg on one side Pentland on the other I'm just going to lean into that hip driving my hips to the back push up right here so we're going to start just with the legs and a lot arms to get the heart pumping and get the arms working lean into that hip let's go for more just legs looks like this so watch how my hips go to the back and you're pushing in that outer thigh last two one more let's add some arms watching me we're gonna open up and squeeze open up squeeze breathe go four three two one let's go other side just the legs lean into it push it up I don't know if you're feeling that heart rate like me I'm fearing that heart pumping more more so you can feel the mi breath and then also I'm feeling those muscles again I've been doing a few little workouts here there since I've been here for exercise let's add those arms squeeze when I haven't done very much and again just because pregnancy really takes its toll on our bodies please do not feel bad if this is hard for you it's hard for me too three two and let's do a little hamstring curls Quebec this is just our bodies again I'm Justin back into some exercise or maybe you're getting moving for the first time if you weren't in a regular workout routine hiring happy babies totally fine I was glad that you are here today yeah be kind to yourself the important thing is that you are here and you are moving just keep moving and then if you stop the moves that I'm doing just keep moving or take a break that you need to and come right back to it Andrey so let's take it down to our mat come down onto your knees and we're going to do a push up from all fours so this super important if you know that you might have diastasis recti which is have separation if you don't know for sure I'm going to link a video up to the top here I have a video that will show you how to check really important that if you have that that you don't go out into a full push-up position until you know that you can close that a little bit but either way if you are newly postpartum or you haven't done any core work since you've had babies I would recommend just staying on all fours so we're here and we're just gonna do a push-up from here so focus on that upper body take it down and bring it up just like this if you know for sure that you don't have access and you're feeling stronger you can take it back to the knees cool but it's pretty hard for me so I'm going to keep it you this is also a great one to do or you can put your baby if you're nearly postpartum and you have a little one and they'll stay right there you can talk to them count entertain them just a way to get a little bit upper body last two and one stretch it back and breathe so let's stay here and we are going to get a little bit of what I call belly breathing so for our part we're gonna inhale expand through the site as the exhale we're going to pull that core up in it so pretty basic but a really good core exercise safe if you have diastasis recti state if you've had a c-section I had a c-section with my first the abdomen with my second they both come with their own types of pain so take your time if this is painful for you just take a break inhale breathe up and in last one inhale pull up and in stretch it back we're gonna stay here let's get that little push up again so we're gonna bring her hands in close so it looks like this and we'll get more of a tricep push up so more of the back arms again stand on all fours if you're feeling strong and you know you don't have any out separation you can go out on the knees or even up on the toes and if you want just stay right here with me core isn't tight elbows in and down you know if there's a little weird if when we're always preaching to not do push-ups like this but postpartum and when you're retraining that core or you have some ABS separation this is really the way to do it you'll still feel that I promise so again on this one elbows in and elbows point it to the back instead of that regular where we go out to the side we're keeping them in four and three three two and one stretch it back if you have a baby or a toddler like me or go or if you trust that your arms are already strong just like picking them up or if you have older kids you know I need something I can't tell you the amount of times let's just tap it out set aside the amount of times that I have moms tell me like oh I'm so weak my arms are so weak and then I ask them how much their kid weighs like thirty pounds you were strong about as you are strong remember that okay we're gonna go along with those little side lunges this is we're going to alternate side to side and as you go out what their arms you're gonna turn a thumbs to the back and then thumbs to the ceiling so palms back so I'm just flipping over don't worry too much about getting into that side to side your squeeze squeeze just get that rotation we want the flip for the shoulders and that's also going to engage our arms they're probably still feeling those arms from that little push up and tricep push-up lean into the hips side to side here we go eight and six push it out of that hip five four three two and let's just hold it down right here little pulses eight seven six five four three two other side won't feel like at eight seven six five four three two tap it out so those two big muscle leg muscles exercises we did the side lunge and the plie I would also add you guys tap it out grab a sip of water those are great to do maybe you have a baby like me my baby right not likely to put down she not only wants to be held she wants to be moving so instead of the endless swaying back and forth I try to make it a few little side lunges side to side or just three days it's usually enough movement that it puts her to sleep the same way mine does but I feel like I'm getting a little more muscle activation that way and it makes me to be able is a little more aware of my core and my back so I'm not slumping over into it okay so simple water come down onto the mat really good idea to come down on the map as well as getting in and out of the bed on your side just so we're not putting extra stress on earth elementals especially if you know you have like six truck tire you have a c-section that is helpful turn to the side as you come up and as you go do so we're here we're just gonna pull our core in anything out exhale pull it in there and then we're just going to slowly roll it up into a bridge so this bridge lift and then slowly roll it down you're anything to maintain that nice tight core if you can not holding your breath not sucking it but just pulling in with that deep core that bridge is such a good move to strengthen our core and our backs as well as our butts and our legs and breathe so take your time those who are not going fast you just want to squeeze up slowly down and again hold these smooth so I'm going to do on the map these are great if you're down with your baby they're doing tummy time or you can have them on your back and you can still engage with them really great to just sneak in a few exercise here and there throughout your day that's literally the only way I've got any exercise the last couple of weeks that I've been cleared for workouts it's just any five minutes here there with the baby on the floor or putting the baby in the bouncer she'll stay there which usually lasts only five minutes or her in my arms and one more just hold this one up at the top pull everything in tight pull that core in lift squeezing the glutes squeezing the legs if you're like me this is tough because my back has definitely felt it postpartum and during pregnancy but it will strengthen and then started to tuck the spine and slowly roll down breathe and we're going to pull that core in again tilt the hips to the ribs and we're just going to do so gentle little marches this is such a great postpartum core whether you've had a nice ASIS roughneck separation or a c-section to a vaginal delivery really important to be reconnecting safely with our ABS and not jumping right back in to those crunches or those planks if you feel like you're starting to arch that back take a break breathe out we are almost done marching so if this feels good you want a mortgage on the bring both of those knees up and take it from here March them down instead of a little heel taps or toe taps if that feels like too much for your back you can either bring those knees in a little bit more and that will help or go back to the marching from the floor four three two and one and breathe hug those in and let's go one more time with our bridge and this some we're going to lift our toes a little bit flip them in your shoes slowly roll it up that's gonna engage the glutes a little bit more and slowly roll it down we're gonna just do just a few regular and then some halfway down up puttin ya down two more just like this start pulling that core edge hugging everything in and down one more and then hold it at the top from here we're just lowering halfway down and up halfway down really squeezing the glutes this is just a little extra for glutes and hamstrings back of the legs but still maintaining that core connection last four and please three two one more and relax turn it over onto your side again we are almost done we're gonna come up into a little side plank and we're just going to lift and lower so I'm gonna stay on my knees if you're feeling good about it you can come all the way up onto your toes but we're just going to go up and down if this feels like too much I just want you to hold and just think about engaging your core this is a hard one especially if you haven't been doing core work for a while maybe even ever this is a tough one so just take your time if you're just holding just focus on pulling the core in last two two and one and then bring it out swing those legs around on your side the side plank is really one of our favorite moves you can do it through pregnancy really good postpartum doesn't put strengthens or Corbett doesn't put the pressure on the center lift and lower and again if you can't get those hips up or even if you can just a little bit is fine if you can't get them up just focus on the engagement just pulling it here we go four three three two and one good and then come up onto all fours this is our very last move we're just going to do that bird dog another one we did a lot in pregnancy nice neutral position and just reach out and have it reach and and for three take your time keep that core engaged two and one and then just stretch it back deep child's close to reach the hands in front you did it mama you should feel great about just eating here today it is not easy to get back into exercise over again into exercise it's not easy for your body and not easy for your time you can certainly time is very limited when you have kids and it was really hard to find the time or the energy especially if you are sleep-deprived I know I am most parents are no matter how old their kids are so just remember just getting a short workout like this every little bit helps you do not have to be exercising an hour every day or doing super strenuous things let's take it here let your chin drop to your chest just getting moving you will get the benefits certainly I know a lot of times postpartum after babies for you and are ready to lose weight and get the weight off don't stress too much about that just focus on getting moving and working out for your health remember that getting the healthiest version of you is the best thing you can do with your kids so you start to feel like taking time to exercise it's selfish let me tell you it's not it is self less you being your healthiest self your happiest self is the greatest gift you can give your kids so breathe I'm going to feed out in front wherever it is most comfortable exhale folded over here like me you can't go very far that's okay just take a few deep breaths let your head drop into it relax to the back if you need a little more I'm going to try something different check out any of my other postnatal videos or my regular videos if you were in that place I will link the posting up above big deep breath in and out you did it that was your post natal bodyweight one workout great job everybody