what's going on guys this is Vincent with V shred comm and in today's video I got just a 20 minute chest workout for you and it's going to give you an insane pump like I said today's video is gonna be a chest workout it's not gonna take very long so if you're in a hurry maybe you got kids that you got to get back to or maybe you just don't feel like working out that long this is a 20-minute workout it's only gonna consist of three different exercises but we are going to put them in an order where it's going to get the most out of that 20 minutes and get you a crazy pump and leave you sore tomorrow so that it's going to be as if you worked out for an hour in a quarter of the time so before I get into it I will say if you're looking for more help with getting in shape beyond just a chest workout I do have a free body type quiz that tells you not only what your body type is but the three fastest ways to get in shape for your body type and for your exact goal stop following one-size-fits-all routines that simply don't work so if you want to check that out and figure out what your body type is hit the link in the description right below this video take my free quiz watch the video at the end that's all you got to do now getting into this video so like I said this workouts only gonna be three different exercises but we're going to do them in a specific way to where we're resting a very minimal amount of time and we're really maximizing our time that we're actually spending working out so starting off we're gonna do a little pre exhaustion routine of just straight-up push-ups and so we're going with three sets of push-ups but you don't want to go until failure here but we're also not going for just say eight reps or ten reps or twelve reps unless that's just what that rep range is because what you want to do is you want to end about two reps before failure so you don't actually want to push yourself until failure because you're gonna find it really hard to get through the rest of the workout but you do want to really pre exhaust your chest so that you already have that blood flowing and you're already pretty much feeling a little fatigue as you start the workout so we're going first set you're gonna go for as many reps as you can except you're going to stop about two before you feel that that's that failure coming then you're gonna rest for just 45 seconds so we're going 45 second rest throughout the entire workout we're gonna do the same thing two more times so three sets of those push-ups with 45 second rest in between it's gonna move super quick make sure you got a timer there along with you that way you're not going longer than 45 seconds but after the push-ups we're gonna move on to the incline and on the incline bench we're gonna be doing three sets but we're also doing it in a very specific way like I said first set is going to be the lightest weight and the highest rep range we're gonna be going for 15 reps here so pick whatever weight that you can handle for 15 reps you want to aim to fail around 15 this is not just picking up some 40 pound dumbbells and stopping at 15 when you really could have done 16 17 18 you want to pick a weight that you're going to fail at probably 14 or 15 reps then you're gonna put them down rest for 45 seconds grab a pair of heavier dumbbells because for the second set we're going for 10 reps so we're going 5 less reps here which means you probably gonna bump up 5 10 15 maybe even 20 pounds and you're gonna go for 10 fail you're at 10 not doing 10 and just stopping there because you hit 10 so you want to hit failure at 10 you're gonna do the same thing rest for 45 seconds and then for the third set of these incline dumbbell presses we're gonna be doing a triple drop set so this is one of my favorite things to do to just completely crush whatever muscle group that you're hitting and so what you're going to do is start with that heavier set of dumbbells so you're gonna start with the dumbbells that you did 10 reps with then you're gonna do that until failure so it probably is going to be around 9 10 reps again then you're gonna drop those immediately go to the dumbbells that you just did for 15 reps and you're gonna go till failure again now failure for this second part of the drop set is not gonna be 15 because you've just fatigued yourself with that heavier set of dumbbells so you want to aim to probably get 6 7 maybe 8 reps here but really push yourself really focus on form as well feeling the squeeze with your chest then once you fail with that set it with dumbbells you're gonna drop it again so probably another 10 20 pounds lower and you're gonna go until failure one last time for the third part of the triple drop set and again you're focusing on form really focusing on the contraction with the chest just because it's light doesn't mean you're using other muscle groups to assist with pressing that weight up really push your chest until failure and then once you do hit failure drop the weight so you're done with incline dumbbell press and you'll move into the third exercise which is actually just going to be PEC deck so with the PEC deck gonna be doing the exact same thing with as the incline dumbbell bench press and so here you're gonna be going first set 15 reps so pick a weight that you're gonna fail around 15 reps after you do 15 reps again 45 second rest same rest throughout the entire workout second set you're gonna bump up the weights probably about 25 percent thirty percent of the weight and you're gonna go for ten reps here so again failing at 10 reps not stopping there because you hit 10 reps you're gonna rest for 45 seconds and then we're gonna do another triple drop set so you're gonna start with the weight that you just did 10 reps with and you're gonna go until failure failure should be probably about 9 or 10 reps then you're gonna drop the way immediately after you've been into that set and you're gonna go to the weight that you did 15 reps for and the same thing here you're not gonna be able to get 15 reps because you just pushed yourself till failure and did a bunch of other exercises so you're gonna go for probably 5 6 7 reps just like we did with the incline pressing and then after that once you hit failure again you're gonna drop it one more time probably to about half the weight that you had right there and go until failure again so every single time you drop it you should be aiming to get 5 to 8 reps clean reps good form not using your shoulders to roll forward and press that weight with your delts you want to really focus on using your chest and pushing your pecs until failure so after you do the triple drop set you're going to immediately get out of there drop down to the floor do as many pushups as you can until you literally cannot push yourself up off the ground this is just going to destroy your chest to finish the workout and that is going to be the entire chest workout of the day so try that out let me know how you guys like if you guys like this chest video hit that thumbs up button below also make sure you're commenting any questions comments video recommendations down in the comment section and last but not least make sure you are smashing that subscribe button and hitting a little bell next to the subscribe button that way you're getting notified when I post a new video other now guys thank you for watching hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you in the next one