hey guys how you doin I hope your day is going well are you ready to jump I'm hoping so because you clicked on this one and we will jump session planned for today on the reformer so we're going to just have fun with it it'll be a good amount of cardio which is a fun change up in our Pilates routines right we don't get a ton of that so will clearly be working a lot of our legs everything waist down and then as always globally we'll bring in our core and our arms okay so that's what we have plans the one prop that you need today is you do need to have a small over ball make sure that it is on the smaller side as opposed to medium or large it will just offer you more challenge if it's smaller and it'll just be more appropriate for what we're gonna be using it for okay so let's start standing I like to do that before we lay down and then sort of go from a still to a lot of motion bring your heels together toes apart let's just bring your hands on your hips here take a nice big inhale wrap the backs of your legs together squeeze your heels together and lift up onto your toes make sure your heels are still together here and lower down and inhale lift and wrap and exhale down so just sort of warming up the feet and the ankles inhale lift and exhale down good and just kind of bring your awareness into your body right now where are you at as you're breathing bring your breath into your ribcage you can always bring your hands onto your ribcage if you want to cue yourself that way right so bringing our breath out of our belly up into our lungs and lift and lower two more the lift really wrapping the backs of those legs together lift let's hold it up here reach your arms out just fingertips in front of you you're going to plie down and lift up so he'll stay lifted right now as you plie tour bend down you're pretending to slide your back down a straight wall right so if you're a guy this is a little you can just have your hands by your sides or keep your hands on your hips you don't want to feel like a ballerina okay so really think of when you bend down you're directing your tailbone to rate down towards the floor so don't send your butt back yeah keep it sliding down right underneath your shoulders and zip up down and up down and up focus in on where your presses on your feet so really make sure it's evenly distributed across all ten toes so you're not rolling to the outside of the foot heels stay together two more one more lift it up stay up onto the balls of your feet just bring your heels in line with your feet so you're in a parallel position your heels are still lifted up in space we're gonna bend down lift it up so we're kind of imitating what we're going to be doing on the jump board and just warming up those ankles and feet thinking about our alignment right go down and up same thing here your butt is tracking underneath your shoulders so don't stick it out try and find a point in the room that you can focus on that's not moving I'm kind of not doing that as I'm looking at you guys so I need to focus my balance is a little bit off but this is great for balance yeah all right lift it up right heel down left heel stays lifted you're gonna bend lift and change bend lift change the heel that's lifted good that's it this one you bet might go back a little bit more that's okay just let it be natural you're really just trying to focus on the feet and ankles more than anything here yeah if we were leaned against the football on a wall we could really have sit way back yeah and then keep the shoulders over the hips because we'd have something to support us okay let's go first few more and one more bring it down and up now you're gonna just lift the alternating Hills lifting as the legs you stay standing right so we're not squatting down anymore just alternating your heel lifts here keep your hands on your hips make sure your hips aren't hiking so for the heel that's lifting make sure that hip isn't lifting with it yeah that's it so just energy up and out through the crown of your head chest broad heart up breathing that's it and last two last one and bring your heels down good shake your feet out and let's come on to your reformer so I want you to put one blue spring on and one red spring grab your ball you're gonna need it you can adjust your headrest for what's most comfortable for your spine slide yourself down and you're gonna lay onto your back okay so before you lay your head down I want you to get your ball underneath your right foot and then you can bring the head down and just if you need to let's bring the left leg into table top before we start jumping here we're gonna continue to warm up our feet and our ankles working on the leg alignment so from here that ball is smack underneath the middle of your foot you're gonna press out all the way pull your kneecap up and come in out and in make sure you are the one who controls the out and you're the one who controls the in yeah so don't let the springs be the ones that are pulling you home just resist coming home right and pressing into that ball really try and tap into the back of your leg pressing out and in you can always use your hands here again as a self cue bringing the hands onto the tops of your hips make sure that you're not hiking a hip here all right as you go in and out same thing when we were standing out and in so hopefully heating up the backs of those legs before we get to jumping often when we jump I find that we overload the quads so I like to heat up the back of the legs wake them up so that when you go into your jumping you can have an easier time finding that connection and activating all the way around the leg okay let's go half way out and we're gonna pulse it out and in out and in verse three and two press through the glute one press it all the way out pull the kneecap up and bring it all the way in adjust so that you turn this right leg out just line it up with that outside corner of your jump board from here we're gonna press out and in same thing you're just working through an external rotation so I brought my left leg also into an external rotation in tabletop right so my hips can be even and I say right on top of my sacrum out and in really go all the way out don't cheat yourself from the full movement often I see I just i see people not go all the way out right so kind of go where the me is still in a bend and then come back in so fast so really go out pull the kneecap up come back in let's go for cue and one more come halfway in pulse it out and in out and in four three and two on this one go all the way out pull your kneecap up and bring the carriage home go ahead and use your feet to roll this bomb over underneath the left foot ready we're going out and in foot is parallel press out and in again make sure that that ball is underneath the middle of your foot so it's really underneath my arch but my foot my full foot has contact with that ball good really press down through the heel to find your glutes and the back of the leg as you press out resist in the same fashion as you come back in breathing you can play with your breast you can play with going on an inhale out and an exhale in an exhale out an inhale in we can find different connections in the body with our breath so it's interesting to change your breath patterns sometimes and not always do the same thing okay you're gonna go out halfway in pull sit out and in out and in out and in perk you this last one go all the way out pull your kneecap up hold hold hold and bring it in rotate this leg so it's externally rotated and here we go out and in out and out and in again all full movement so really extend that like all the way straight pull your kneecap up okay that also helps if you have hyper-extended knees if you think pull-up you're gonna keep yourself from pressing back which is the typical tendency when we have hyper-extended joints we tend to lock them and press back you want to pull up think of lifts go for three and two last one come half way in pulse it out and out go for three and two last one go all the way out pull that kneecap up and come all the way in good job you guys okay take the ball put it down next to you on the floor so that you can reach it again for later all right bring your feet together legs together parallel you're gonna push your reformer all the way out alright so here with straight legs I want you to bring those heels in line with your hips we're gonna keep the leg straight and you're not gonna bend you're just gonna press out with your toes trying to jump off of the board good you might not go very far working through the ankles and the feet to warm that up before we start our jumps five four three two one bring it all the way home okay here we go we're gonna start jumping parallel take an inhale exhale jump out hand in keep the legs squeezing together and try and bring the heels all the way down to the board so roll through your foot you're gonna land toes ball heel and you'll launch off heel ball toe point the toes as you go out one of the most important things when we jump is the articulation of your ankles and really ruling through your feet okay so think about that and keep breathing keep jumping we're gonna bring a change toes apart heels together go that's it heels never come apart as you jump out squeeze and wrap the backs of the legs together keep finding your glutes they should be powerful in launching you off of that board out in in but keep breathing three more change coming up we separate the feet and turn them back parallel sit bones apart right now keep jumping so don't stop your feet are sit bones apart in parallel you point the toes as you go out try and land in the same spot on your jump board good get those heels down as far as you can so I'm not going superfast but I'm working more on the precision of rolling through my feet pointing my toes as I launch off coming all the way in and really pressing back out from my heels engaging my glutes your change coming up now is your toes to the top corner of the board external rotation jump it out and in good leg stay apart keep going guys breathing getting the heart rate up feeling more hopefully good keep it going through any more and the change coming up is that when you jump out you're going to squeeze the legs together ready out squeeze open to jump out squeeze open land that's it really squeeze the legs together heels together good five more three more I think I have a kitchen trying to break into his food bag you can hear that alright your change coming up let's bring our feet back to parallel sit bones apart keep jumping don't stop what I want you to do from here is I want you to jump in an internal rotation toes towards each other knees towards each other good in and out this might feel really funny careful not to knock your knees together so keeping the feet about hip distance apart but this is a great one for working the muscles around the inside of the knee keep rolling through those feet go for four and three and two last one and come all the way in good job you guys okay from here you're going to grab a hold of your ball that should hopefully have not rolled too far away from you bring your feet up to the top of the board lift your hips up and put the ball underneath your sacrum not underneath the small of your back underneath your sacrum okay small the back is lifted from here grab your straps bring them into your hands we're going to lift the knees up to a tabletop and press the arms down lift it up just letting the heart rate come down a little bit or a Keenen to some arms as you pull your arms down I want you to think of pulling the tops of your arms down to the carriage or to your your rib cage okay so don't think so much of just swiping out from your hand arms down to your sides palms turn in open to a tee and close T and close that's it really closing the tops of those arms down onto your sides good close and open hold it here and T lift up towards the ceiling down to your side open to T take a tiny pause at the change of each direction just to rotate in that shoulder socket yeah alright keep those knees pressing together legs might be heavy that ball should help a little bit yeah I'll leave you it just kind of lean on the on the back and reverse the direction of the circles down lift up open to T down up and tea that's it rotating palms feast down into the sides good guys got it let's go one more time open two tea arms down keep them down bend your elbows let to not bring the elbows to the carriage just keep them close into your sides but this way they're more in line with your shoulder tricep press extending and bending for four really focus on the resist as you bend last two last one lift your arms all the way straight up close your carriage bring your feet onto your foot barred lift your hips up take the ball out and put the ball down onto your floor arms go back into the straps here legs up to tabletop we're going to come up for the hundred take an inhale exhale curl head neck and shoulders flow forward ready legs really strong reaching far away from you wrapping the backs of legs together I'm not gonna talk much because I'm gonna breathe this out with you strong arms keep going you guys last 20 good bring your knees in arms up close your carriage for just a second lower your head rest down we're gonna go into our roll over hands back in the straps legs out to 45 bring your arms straight down to your carriage and roll it up and over legs overhead and roll it down reaching the arms out of the straps and away from you keep the shoulders pressing down and back arms lift up legs to 45 if you guys liked this video and you want to see more I invite you to come to my website at Ghana venturing Pilates comm and register for free the link is in the description of this video join me for more adventures and let's have fun moving together