get ready to burn major calories and have some fun with Jason laid in the creator of ply oh damn it is the perfect blend between dance and fitness so get ready to sweat all right you guys ready I got my girl Anna and Erica we're gonna work you guys out and we're gonna dance and we're gonna lose so many calories you guys ready come on bring her good circle dancing is all about the circle loosening up the hip look it's also about the workout take it up down this is your modification all right jump into it down up good try to keep your butt back we're gonna go into the next step to your left yeah another level Anna we got this I like now shoulder roll same thing make it fast yeah up down up pace yourselves at home guys good take it to locking decision now I know where that plyo comes from all right guys we're gonna go into some ski jumps we're gonna modify first same step take it off the ground good fine like a bird yes we are good give it a shake hands up forward back modify here take it forward we're gonna take it off the ground lateral hops Oh take it forward same thing oh boy why can't make this a you guys can you follow it home all right forward good okay Carla here we go we're gonna take it forward back we're gonna take it take this right into a hop good party Anna oh boy Erika yeah yeah change the step tap cap this is your modification tap tap otherwise I want you to go out together tap tap come on keep this meeting slightly Finch woohoo I like this way I know right I like it too keep going come look alright I want you to keep it right here keep going get that intense rocket you want to be here so when you're doing stuff like this good good job oh boy we're gonna turn we're gonna do some squats hands up three levels one two three up good pop that booty out this is my hair apart what good three four five six we're gonna take it into a jump squad course we are yes we are out whoo from the top oh boy one two three good really pop gonna get that booty pop getting better in front of a mirror it actually helps to look at yourself full squad full squad three four five six take it to a jump squad HUP you guys at home it's not about how high it's the effort it takes to get off the ground whoo oh my god my legs my legs are about to die okay all right guys rock it out take a breath in home use your abs are here one two three four use those shoulders give me some give me some love I was gonna say one guess it is low shoulders we'll call it give me some love take it around two three four our shoulders get sexy that's what I wanted two three four good keep it right here got it all right get your buckle on nation here Jason you got it I can see you take it off the ground hook hook hook good yeah on the table come on take it off three three four shoulders get sexy two three four shoulders you can same thing get low but try to get low pop those shoulders take it off the ground how you guys doing at home they can't say anything funny I hope you're good well you know I'm dying good marks like this is the best part were marching all right guys a little more dancey but fun that's where we're starting oh you ready honey that one oh yeah left side good here we go find that rhythm I know it's like a little gala okay it's fun right yeah we're here take it back take that right leg and walk up for jumps you guys at home if you can't jump simply keep it on the ground but I want you to work those hips good block it up criss-cross take it back if you can't crisscross simply use your arms but eventually you will because I know you're gonna watch this video more than once oh okay definitely good ready that long you the move take it up the head parts my favorite good pick it up same thing walk it floor with the crisscross have some attitude here okay all right you're going into the next Bowl we just kept going keep going I already messed up no idea here we go right here good left good right yeah hold for a second here we go same thing we're going into a rocking horse pick him up two three four if you have to do that first step one – hey Todd here we go check it out the fever hard for me change it out change it out here we go keep it here if you can pop it back forward whoa take it back two more all right we're going into Jack's modify your jacks like this if you have to even here we're going into star jump this is your modification otherwise take it up it good from the top Oh left side if you want move down if you can get low you're like this oh yeah oh yeah stick your butt out good rocking horse take it up whoa come on one more round hey it's fine right yeah what you get here yeah one two remember I showed you guys in the modification earlier to this if you have to stick with that modification whoa that move is good Jack it out okay this is your modification to a star jump here we go pick it up pick it up take it up up come on keep up take it down Hall down hands up – hey five baby hosta from it again come on keep going whoo this is awesome Korea I am sweating buckets modify your star jump like this otherwise pick it up if you're on the second floor we got even like okay oh here's your step if you still have the energy to do it good March it out oh all right perfect time for rain right Thank You coach oh boy yeah all right we're gonna see some kernel regions take it up come on hold on the end keep up oh my god my signature stuff wipe it alone come on by the way thanks yeah take it up and over like you're jumping over a puddle all right here we go swing swing hook touch the ground oh good so we get out oh look you see this one you know like a diva huh I'll get it here we go we're gonna do some 180s see hi so we're gonna try to make them fun like this this is fun use the hip if you can otherwise keep it down come on yeah like my snowboarding days are coming back yeah keep it here keep here where if you have to keep it low let's do some more keep your bump back keep your knees behind your toes not if I hear otherwise take it boy oh boy oh look a challenge I'm not much of a dancer but is it awesome okay walk it out come on even move alright we're going it's in the next step which is a jump over and it's kind of slow so it's yeah right now it's slow well you can make it more sexy good yeah right now it's blow yeah same thing we know you take this hand up pick it up pick it up keep going it's like you're jumping over a puddle like oh there's water I got my new shoes on good take it down I'm doing this cuz it's kind of a cool down I'm not in you right now today yeah no I buy her good this is your modification otherwise they're going until out of drums yeah yeah just pretend you're jumping over a line here right good Oh too bad all right this one is slow you know when your hands are up in the air your heart rate is you know kind of staying up so when we stop I like to tell people to just go hey if they can you guys aren't feeling it is your car all right this still burns your shoulders down good other side watch take it out now two heads double hop take it out out two heads double product get high if you can grapevine good you know plyometrics are said to burn well at least help you burn more calories gonna pop it right here – gonna hair other side from the top here we go remember those are movements take it around I'm like a little you go right leg your left take it around left leg you were right take it around same thing to your left nice two heads there's that head again take it laughs Taylor whoo whoo take advantage of the highs and lows grapevine good pop it up whoo yeah yeah uh-huh four here we go one good feel that rhythm this is truly your break in a way turn the top same thing take it around good last one more just as I'm starting to get it Jason we're done it Nick you're done we all need to do this yeah yeah all right here we go I hope you guys are with me I gave you a little break I want your heart rates to go down and now I went down the spike I'm nervous now we're gonna start with the right ah ah ah notice I'm on the ground right now this is your modification again modify same thing get off the ground up Oh reach try to get both feet off the ground good so your hands are on your thighs pup right Harry do a body roll oh yeah calling about three go come on go viral Oh em see you from the top poor cute guys got it yeah same thing yeah here we go hey sometimes it helps to ask them with a little hey hey oh god water these body rolls feel great when you're jumping huh Oh totally oh it's gonna work on my roll hey yous are bad ah reach through the ceiling get off the ground come on rare that's he's going yeah I noticed it's challenging just put yourself push push push that's what I'm trying to say that's life said it three times yeah I said it three times but it's true wrong two three four oh nice here we go hey hey oh boy two three four five six home stretch guys hum oh baby love it aren't you good that's it we're gonna owe money on me we're calling Oh Vic that right leg hello it's just your path oh that all those jumping this a stretch feels incredible it's great you know and you guys at home we're doing such short stretch but please you want to stretch this stuff out for at least 30 seconds on each side oh yeah um because this with this type of workout because it incorporates plyometrics it's so important plus I want you guys to burn a lot of calories so I'm expecting you're gonna do this video more than once yeah probably share it maybe practicing every day too I get everywh ooh dad yeah that's the other side out so you probably burned 80 350 calories in 20 minutes a normal hour burns between 750 and 900 press play again and you double that right and throw music that you like yeah try to stretch out your inner thighs other side this is hard on my quads even my quads are shaking roll up slowly again do a longer workout stretch out your arms a little bit that helps ya good nice breath up cuz that's what dancers do great job thank you guys so much thank you guys I'm just about dad