hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope y'all having a very very lovely day today's video is going to be me without social media for two week I'm going to film this in a similar way as my closet clean out minimalism video link it down below Havenstein is also I did a video about like how social media impacted me in the bad way probably like a year ago on my blog channel and I really liked that video and I think a lot of you guys really loved it as well so link that down below I made that video I wanted to kind of get away from social media a little because I felt like social media was molding me into someone that I'm not and I was just kind of confused as to who I am and I felt like social media was just confusing me even more don't have that problem anymore I just spend way too much time on social media now and a huge part of that is that this is my job literally social media is my job for the longest time I was like I can do this for a long time because obviously then I'm going to neglect my daughter but I can't do that so I'm going to do this a little bit differently and obviously still going to post videos on YouTube I'm going to post on Twitter and my Instagram story whenever I upload a new video and I'm going to post on Instagram like daily as I do now but what's going to be different is that I'm just going to post and then exit the app so I'm going to delete all of my social media apps right now so basically why I'm doing this I want to first of all have more time for myself and just time for my life basically I had this realization a while ago and I was like I spent a huge portion of my days looking at other people's lives instead of living my own and that's just terrifying to think and sad to think about and I just want to start doing cool things in my free time instead of spending it looking at other people's lives and what they're doing with their free time like I want to lick my own free time so I want to read more I already have two books that I want to read and also probably the biggest reasons as to why I want to do this is to be more creative I I'm a very creative person I think but now that I spend so much time online in all social media I get like creative ideas and I'm like oh I can't wait to do this and draw this and take a picture of that and blah blah blah but they just end up just being ideas because I don't actually do that because I spent all my free time on social media basically I just want to spend my free time more efficiently and do more creative things and not spend it looking at how other people are doing that so those are all my thoughts and why I want to do this and how and I left I deployed to let you know that I'm really enjoying this so far I've just been listening to some music and I went to the store and got these things that I'm now taping to my closet because I hate the color of this closet and I want to have a white closet and then draw on it but yeah I finally went to the store and got this and I'm now doing it which I definitely wouldn't have done is iowa's on social media today because I would just be laying in my bed right now on YouTube or Instagram or tumblr and now I'm taping my closet and I'm so excited we've come to the part of the night where I don't know what the fuck to do I have really bad insomnia I can't sleep and not get sleep for the next at least five hours what am I going to do I don't know at this point I would start watching YouTube videos we're going tumblr or something I can't do that now I don't know what I'll do probably just really a book I know but I'm kind of struggling your tiny bit right now so that's my update okay so I'm really enjoying this so far I'm going to an art gallery right now and then when I come home I'm gonna work on my closet a little more but I find myself especially last night because I couldn't sleep as per usual instead of reading a book or something I was texting and that's just not what I want because like that wasn't the point of this my point wasn't to find other alternative ways on how other people can entertain me that wasn't all I wanted to do this I wanted to be more creative and live life more so I definitely need to stop doing that I feel like nighttime is the hardest for me because that's when I would usually go on social media that I can't sleep but I just need to pick up a book and like read or write or do something which I'm so much more creative I don't procrastinate as much I did flip a few times like my whole thing with social media is definitely not addiction but it's such a habit go on Instagram and I close and then I just scroll and I'm like oh shit it's not supposed to do that I also have a problem with like people wanting to show me stuff and then I like just forget to say like sorry not supposed to be on social media and then they show me like YouTube videos and it's just a cycle but yeah I am loving this it's honestly so so great okay so it's now at the end of my two weeks without social media and I've noticed so many like awesome changes and I just wanted to share them so this might hopefully inspire some of you to do that I'm going to share all benefits with you because I wrote them down because there's so many and I'm so like I don't know I just love that I did this it's great okay so the first like very very obvious perk I'm not having social media for two weeks was that I had so much more time because I didn't spend hours on social media because time just flies by when you're scrolling or watching YouTube videos and things like that and also I wasn't procrastinating so I had a lot more time and my free time was spent a lot more efficiently and it was a lot more fulfilling if that makes sense and I spent my free time being very creative I painted a lot I wrote a lot I started dealing with my closet situation and also I read a lot and I just really really enjoyed it and also with the arts that I made whether it was writing or painting or drawing anything I enjoyed it so much more as it came from me it came from like my feelings and my thoughts and all that the inspiration didn't come from an outside source because for example before I would draw something because I saw a really cool picture of it on tumblr and I was like oh that would be really cool to draw but it didn't really come from me and now all of the art that I made I felt like really really came from me and my thoughts and all that okay the next huge perk was that I felt a lot more like myself and I enjoyed myself so much more and it's probably because I wasn't being constantly like influenced by the social media people and I didn't see how their lives are so great and feel bad about my life you know it was just it was just me and my life and my friends lives and it was great honestly so great and I felt like I knew more of like what I actually liked and what I want and things like that all I worked on myself a lot more I did a lot of like different therapies and things like that because I had more time and I love doing that and before I just wouldn't find it and also I feel like my mind is so much less cluttered because it's not being filled with random useless information that has nothing to do with me or what I like or what I want or anything it just it like comes in and stays in for a little bit and leaves and it doesn't change anything it's just there and it's clutter and I don't like it and I really felt like my mind was less cluttered and because of that I felt like I was a lot more calm and like my world my life was a lot less cluttered it was a lot more simple and fulfilling I don't know I really liked it okay the last perk that I have to share is that I talked to people a lot more I am never really on social media when I'm with people but I am already really busy and then I spend my free time being on social media and doing all that that I didn't find the time to interact with people more which is really stupid so I felt like I was really talking to a lot more people I for example started conversations at the bus station and on the bus which I never do and I talked to like three really lovely strangers and it was great so I really enjoy them those are all the perks that I think are so worth it and so amazing so I really recommend to tried it but the only thing that I did miss was constantly being informed with the information that matters to me so I kind of missed that and that's the only thing that I missed so yeah it's amazing so we are going forward I really want to continue living life this way and not spending my time um being informed about how other people spend my free time because it doesn't really change anything doesn't make me feel different it just fills my time which is stupid so I'm really excited to continue living this way I'm definitely gonna be on social media more than I was these two weeks I'm not going to go completely without it because as I said I missed the information the cool information and all that so yeah I'm really happy that I did this and I really really hope that some of you will do this and if you do you can use the hashtag happiness you're yourself and how it's going in on that and I'll definitely like and comment and do all that so hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope you find that interesting and if you want me to do more challenges find it and definitely let me know what you want to see and I'll talk to you soon bye