I’m just going to look at a couple of
really basic exercises you can do to help your recovery from a disc bulge
they’re really simple and I have a lot more of an extensive program but this is
just a real quick first aid so if you’ve watched my video on disc bulges
hopefully you’ll understand that a disc can bulge in any direction it can bulge
backwards forwards sideways diagonally it can hit a nerve it can miss a nerve
so it’s a it’s quite important that you understand which way your Disqus bulge
if you’ve had an MRI scan you will hopefully know that so to correct and
heal a disc gold we basically want to push the bolt back into the centre of
the spine so as you banned for words the disc will
bulge backwards so if you have a backward bulging disc and you do forward
bends you are essentially going to exacerbate and increase the bolt and
you’re going to inhibit the healing and inhibit the correction so it’s really
important in that situation that you do extensions you take your spine backwards
and you push that bulge back into position if however your bulge is
bulging forwards and you do backbends you can see it’s not black it’s not
difficult as black and white your disc will bulge forwards and accentuate that
rip so in which case you need to do flexion so I’m presuming that you need
to find out by hook or by crook by scan or by assessment with an osteopath or a
doctor or physio or a chiropractor you need to find out which direction your
bulge is bulging and do the correct exercises so I’m just going to show you
two exercises now so should you find out that your disc is moved backwards then
I’d like you to do this exercise you need to do extension you need to push
the disc forward so Sarah if you can just bring your hands underneath and I
want you to bring your thumbs in line with your eyes and then just push down
through your hands bring the elbows in in towards your body bring your elbows
in towards your body and raise the head okay so this is just a really good great
first stage it’s a simple extension through the spine through the lumbar
spine and the thoracic and the neck so if your bulge is in the neck upper back
or the lower back you’ll start correcting that it’s very gentle and
it’ll have a certain effect but if you want to increase the effect of an
extension on a disc bulge then you want to increase that raise so just uncurl
down Sarah that’s it move your hands back and your shoulders and then push
down and you’re going to raise up into the full what we call the coupe with a
hanging Cobra that’s lovely so you’re getting a really strong extension here
and if you just gently raise the head up that gets into the neck as well okay and
gently on car down you can hold that for about 10 seconds you can repeat it 10
times basically the more often you do it the more it will push that disc back
into position now the only thing you will have to watch with this is with a
disc herniation and Discworld you do get a
a back spasm so when you do an extension like this it can make that spasm wise
and it can tighten those muscles in the low back so that is why this is a great
first day to exercise but what you really need is my desk rehabilitation
program so basically it takes you through six weeks where you will do
stretches and sideburns are to the low back to enable you to do these extension
movements without making that back pain much worse it’s it’s a very fine balance
managing a discworld but it’s very very simple and straightforward when you know
how so if you are managing a dispose trying get hold of my program it will
really help you so say you’re bald is going forward in the spine I want you
just to do forward bends so raise the hips up Sarah lets it drop the hips back
onto the floor there we go and you can see here drop your head down you can see
here that Sarah is in full flexion you can’t take a spine into any more flexion
than that this is just one position you can take there are many many yoga
postures that you can do that will put your spine in this position but if your
if your disc has moved forward this is the best one for you okay so that’s it
nice and simple nice and easy obviously there’s loads of other movements you can
do but these two will give you a very very quick fast mediate relief to get
the disc back in position but they’re not the full picture and they won’t get
you full healing and full correction for that you need a much longer program