– Guess what? We’re swapping diets. – Wait, what?
– What? – Really? Two can play at that game. (yelling)
– No! – That watermelon sorbet sounds nasty. – Are you insulting my taste? – Possibly.
– Yes. – I don’t like pistachio. – It’s a dad flavor. – [Mom] Mr. David Williams,
you get to eat this. – Are you kidding me? Are you serious? – [Mom] That’s like the teenage diet. (laughing) (upbeat music) All right, good morning TOA squad. Thanks for joining us
on The Ohana Adventure. – Thank you.
– We’re all alone. – No, we’re not.
– We’re not! Look at these crazy people.
– Hi! – [All Together] Hi! – All right, we are hanging out with. – [Everyone] That YouTub3 Family! Woo! – They were spread out, it was hard to get them all together,
but they don’t know yet, we’re gonna do something really crazy. – What?
– [Mom] Go ahead, order your food.
– What did you say? – Nothing, nothing, nothing. Order your food. – Order your breakfast like normal. – [Mom] Go ahead, everyone order. Are you guys ready to order? – [Kids] No! – What is this, a prank? – Okay. – We’re not pranking anybody.
– No pranks. We’re just saying order your food. – [David] Are there
cameras on us or something? – Yeah, what’s going on? – No cameras.
– You guys are acting weird. – No cameras, I promise. – [Girl] There’s a lot. – Mom has… she’s a little stressed out. – I have twinking Tourette. – She’s twitching out on
us a little bit right now. – I’m getting the breakfast
sandwich with sausage. – Can I get the coconut milk french toast? – [Waitress] French toast. – Did you wanna get the smoothie as well? – [Rachel] What’d you get? You got waffles? – I just got a waffle, I was gonna get- – So interesting. – I’ll get the lemon ricotta pancakes. – [Waitress] Lemon ricotta pancakes. – Yes, they sound yummy. – Omelet and I’ll just do that. (upbeat music) – [Mom] That looks really good, Klai. Ooh, stop it. Stop. – Yes! I love waffles. – Thank you.
– Oh. – [Mom] Is that yours? – You might eat it, who knows. I might eat that. (speakers drown out each other) – All right guys, before
you eat, guess what? We’re swapping diets. – Wait what?
– What? – Wait, what? – No.
– What do you mean? – [Mom] That’s right, okay,
I have all of our names here. – [Kids] You had papers in your cup? No! – [Mom] I have papers in my cup. – [Girl] What? I just want a waffle! – What does this mean? – [Mom] You have to trade plates with whoever’s on the paper.
– Whoever’s name I draw– I just want my waffle.
– Okay I got two people. – [Mom] So you give your
plate to that person. – Oh, Rykel, wait a
second, where’s her food? – [Mom] You actually just give it to her and so each person gives
theirs to someone else, ready? You’re giving yours to Rykel.
– [Klai] No! You were supposed to choose mine. – [Jace] All she gets is a smoothie now? – That’s my food.
– No, no, no, okay. Okay, who’d you get? – I got Klai. – [Mom] Okay, you got
to give yours to Klai. – Come on.
– Klai’s like, “No!” – I got so excited, I was like,
“Yay, I’m giving it to her!” – [Rachel] Oh, but you don’t get, Klai. Ready? (laughing) – Rachel. – [Mom] Yay! Okay let’s see. – Myself. (screaming)
– [All] What? – Does she get to keep it? – I think so. – [Mom] Dang! What? – You didn’t make any rule for that. What? No rules? – Jordan, you get my smoothie. – [Mom] That’s all you get, Jordan. – [Jace] That’s all you get.
– Love it. – It looks good.
– All right. Mine goes to Katie! – [Katie] I’ll enjoy this.
This looks good, too. – [Mom] Okay.
– I want David’s pancakes. – Get your own. (gasps)
– Pancakes for me! – No! – [Jace] Yeah! – Mr. Jace’s omelet. – I’m gonna let you have mine. (laughing) – What? I was so hungry! Now I just get a smoothie. – Don’t ruin, it’s like you’re murdering my meal when you put ketchup all over it. – [mom] Oh, he’s gonna do it. – [Jase] No! – [Mom] David Williams is gonna do it. – You gotta put ketchup on your omelet, doesn’t everybody do that? – Okay, there’s a comment. Do you guys put ketchup on your omelet? – No! You put Tabasco, Cholula,
habanero sauce, or salsa. – I would do that, but this
is the next best thing. – My smoothie. – It’s my smoothie now. – [Mom] Nice smoothie, Jordan. – Is this all for me?
– Oh! Good choice, Rykel. – Rachel, your fruit is yummy. – Wait, are you kidding me? Oh my gosh. – She just got all my whipped- – [Mom] They just brought in strawberries. – No! I love strawberries. My waffle! – It’s really good, just saying. – [Klai] Ah lucky! – Next meal we’re going
to make them really swap. – [Klai] This is good though. – [Mom] How’s yours? – Since I’m getting pancakes, – [Mom] Oh, my butter, oh! – Ew!
– Let’s go crazy. – [Klai] Wow. (laughter) – Really? Two can play at that game. – [Dad] No! (screaming) – I couldn’t have that much
ketchup, that’s way too much. – This is so fun. – [Mom] Okay, all right
let’s see, do you like yours? – Yes. – [Mom] Did you not want an omelet? Or potatoes? – I don’t know. – [Jordan] I think she was
expecting a mango smoothie. – I don’t know if I like my
berries on my french toast. I actually like to not have
my fruit mixed with my. Because that’s why I
put my fruit in a bowl. – Can I get some pancakes on that butter? – This is nasty. Who puts berries on their french toast? (laughing) I’m sorry. I don’t think I’m gonna like
breakfast very much today. It is lunch time, we are still hanging out with That YouTub3 Family! – Woo! – Okay, we’ve all ordered some food, let’s see what everyone got. – For lunch, I got some nachos, and we’re eating by
the pool for lunch, so. I really don’t wanna trade. I really like nachos. – We got quesadillas and chips. – And onions. – We got chicken quesadilla. – We are doing a crazy
swap where we’re gonna just spin the table and
you get whatever you get. Here it goes. – I got sour cream and tomatoes. – [Mom] Okay, but that’s
not what you’re gonna eat. – Aww. – So I just spinned the
table and this is what I got. Are you kidding me? It’s only sour cream and tomatoes. There’s nothing else. – You sure that’s not poke? – No, how am I supposed to eat this? This is not a meal. Guys, are you, aw. – I got spicy nachos. I don’t want spicy nachos. – [Audrey] They’re so good! – I’ll take you up on a jalapeno. There you go. – I got quesadillas. I don’t like quesadillas. I wanted the nachos. The nachos look so good.
– [Girl] I know right? – I guess he liked it. – That’s so good. I’m glad I got quesadillas. – Okay, it is too hot outside, you guys. And so we’ve come to
come and get some gelato. – [Girls] Yum! – And we’re gonna swap, because
all the kids are swimming. But we are like melting. – Yeah, it’s so hot.
– We really wanna get gelato. – Get something that I like, okay? – Oh, no. That’s, no. There are no rules.
– I’m going to do whatever I want. – [Mom] No, no. There’s
no swapping like that. Everyone get what you want. – Yeah. – I think I’m going to
get something chocolatey. – Oh!
– [Girl] chocolate. – I’m really feeling passion fruit, maybe. – No that’s what I was gonna get. – We’re sisters. – I’m feeling some watermelon-y. – Watermelon? Yeah. It’s like sorbet. – That watermelon sorbet sounds nasty. I hope I don’t have to swap with her. – Are you insulting my taste? – Possibly.
– Yes, yes. (laughs)
Let’s go order. (rhythmic rock music) – Do I eat it? – [Mom] No, you can’t
eat, we’re gonna swap. – Pause. – [Girl] Oh, no. – She wants her watermelon sorbet. That took so much work to
get out of the container. – [Mom] It did, that took
like 10 minutes just to- – Seriously. – [Mom] He worked so hard for you. – Yes. – I have not been a fan of
watermelon flavored things, so I hope I don’t get that. (rhythmic rock music) I saw the pistachio and I have to get it. I have to get it, it looks so yummy. (rhythmic rock music) – I’m actually so excited. – I wanna eat it.
– Stop! It’s time to swap, guys okay. – No! I love the passion fruit. – [Mom] Close your eyes,
Jordan, close your eyes. – Okay, are we putting them on the table? – [Mom] Okay, we’re
gonna put them all down. Okay. – Okay come on Jordan,
passion fruit, passion fruit. – [Mom] Everybody touch one. Ready, and grab it. Okay, that’s what you get. – You do not like pistachio.
– Pistachio! No, I don’t like pistachio. – Our dad loves pistachio. – I mean it’s still ice cream. I’ll still eat it but…
– It’s a Dad flavor. (laughing) – That’s so true, it’s such a Dad flavor. Audrey’s turn, close your
eyes, close your eyes. Okay, let’s see which one she grabs. Go!
– [Audrey] It’s the claw. – [Rachel] Oh, snap. – No, the watermelon sorbet. I had two chances of getting
my thing that I wanted. – [Mom] And you didn’t want. – Hey, I have to take a spoon
so I can eat my pistachio. – Okay, okay, okay. – [Jace] My pistachio.
– [Rachel] Let’s see it girls. – He took off with my pistachio! – [Mom] Jason Bennett. He’s sneakily eating in the corner. – He’s eating the pistachio
behind the curtain. – [Mom] Bring that back. I would say thumbs down
this video for Jay stealing, but don’t do that. We get to thumbs up if he returns it. – You need to get your own spoon. I’ll go get you a spoon. – [Mom] You take one of Audrey’s. Okay Audrey, how’s the watermelon? – Very watermelon-y. – Really?
– Yes. – [Mom] Is it worth the muscle? (laughing)
– What in the world!? Oh my goodness. Yes, it’s worth the muscles. – [Mom] Was the pistachio good? – Let’s try it. It’s okay, like I’ll still eat it. – Just kidding. I’ll leave it alone.
– Or Jace will eat it. – [Mom] Klai, it looks like
you get a passion fruit and I get a passion fruit. This is so sad. I’ll have to sacrifice
myself for the passion fruit. – You won’t have to ’cause it’s mine, too. – Dang it!
– Oh my gosh, he’s taken all of them. – [Mom] Ice cream thief! Bring it back! All right, I guess lunch was okay. The passion fruit was
great, but we’re gonna share this watermelon and fruit
cup so that we can– – Nope! That one’s mine!
– What the crap? – I’m tired of running I’m
just gonna eat it right here. – He is conniving. At dinner time, I think
we’re gonna have to get him back, you guys. – Yeah. – Get him really back.
– We all gotta team together, and get something Jace would not like- – Yeah. – So he has a greater chance.
– Like anchovies. – Yes! – Here you go.
– Thank you. – Sike! (laughing)
– What a butt. All right, it is dinner time,
and we are here at a buffet. So you get to choose anything you want. But later on we’re gonna swap. So let’s find all the food. – [Man] You guys aren’t hungry are you? – We are starving.
– Not at all. – [Mom] What’d you get, Jace? – I got the meatiest
marinara sauce they had. And this is the craziest
Caesar salad you’ve ever seen. Avocados, tomatoes, chicken. Look at this bacon. It’s like the most bacon-y
bacon bits you’ve ever seen. – Well guess what, you
don’t get to keep it, Dad. You have got to swap.
– [Dad] No! – Okay, so I got the carnivore
pasta, the non vegan. I got a roll and mashed it. And then I got a salad
with like everything on it cause everything sounded good. So I just made a big ol’ mosh of salad. – [Mom] That looks so
yummy, but guess what? You don’t get to eat it. – What? No. – [Mom] We’re swapping, again. – Again? Ah! – [Mom] Okay, what did
you get, Miss Jordan? – You know what, I got
a lot of yummy food. I don’t know, I was a little picky so I only went with some stuff, but yeah. – [Mom] You know what, that’s perfect. I think Mr. Jace is gonna love this. – [Jordan] Oh no, wait! – What is this, for a bird? This is like a seven-year-old meal. One fork, I’m gonna be starving. (screaming)
– And you get, you get Mr. Bennett’s hefty thing. – Oh the tomatoes! Oh I do not love tomatoes. – [David] She hates tomatoes.
– That’s a lot of food. – And you have to eat all of it. – I’m gonna be really full. (laughing) – [Mom] Ready, what did you get? – I got a roll and a bug. I mean, I got- – A roll and salad?
– Yep. – [Mom] Well guess what? Mr. David Williams, you get to eat this. – Are you kidding me? Are you serious? – [Mom] That’s like the teenage diet. (laughing)
– I guess I’ll call it a fast. – [Mom] And, Klai, you
get Mr. David William’s loaded salad and- – I’ll just eat the salad,
don’t worry about it. – Pushing butter inside the roll. This is gonna be the
heavy portion of my meal. Delicious. – This is so much pasta! Wow. – I’ll trade you some roll for that pasta. – It’s good but it’s a lot. – I’m so fulfilled. No I’m not. I’m gonna have to have like
30 of these to get filled. I’m eating as slow as I can so that it hopefully it makes me full? – David’s dinner was so
heavy, I could not finish it. I’m normally a salad person, sometimes like a little roll on the side. But him, having pasta, and salad… Is my teeth really bad? It was way too heavy, and
I could not handle it. – Guys, I’m so full,
literally that dinner was, like that was so much food. I’m like stuffed to supreme,
and Jace also got a Sprite so now I get a Sprite, too. – All right, we swapped
diets for 24 hours. What’d you guys think? – That was insane! – That was hard.
– It was crazy. – That was so hard.
– It was awesome. – I got lots of snacks at lunch time. – I loved it for the most part. – We go to try a lot of
different foods, but. – It was really weird, yeah,
I’m ready for my own food. – Me, too. – Salads every meal. – Oh, man.
– Maybe. Or wasn’t there gelato in there? – Yeah, but that’s like once in a while.
– I got lots of the gelato. – All right, well we had so
much fun and we wanna thank. – [All] That YouTub3 Family, woo! – For hanging out with us. Make sure you guys subscribe. We’ll link them down below. And we want to know if you want us to swap with any other YouTubers, or what other fun challenges we should do. So, if the comments aren’t working, make sure you go and
check out our Instagram @TheOhanaAdventure. Thanks for hanging out, everybody. – [All] Mahalo! (upbeat music)