This story is called “The Way She Tortures Me”. Hello. I’m in my 20s. I find my house uncomfortable. She’s blunt about the way she refers to her home. She must hate it very much. I always walk on eggshells at home because of my sensitive sister who’s always on a diet. – My sister always says… / – “If I try to eat,” “please stop me. You must stop me no matter what.” As she asked, I’d tell her, “You’re on a diet.” “Did you finish 600g of pork neck alone?” (Is it zero calorie if it’s delicious?) – 600g is about four servings. / – It’s four servings. – 150g is 1 serving. / – It’s about 3.5 servings. “I endured so long. Why do you give me so much stress?” If I remain silent… “Hey, I told you to stop me.” – “Don’t you care even if I get fat?” / – How annoying. (How annoying.) When I skip a meal because I don’t feel like eating, “Sister, I really want to eat meat right now.” “Can you eat it for me instead?” “I don’t want to eat anything right now.” “Won’t you eat it for me?” “Don’t ever talk to me again!” I ended up eating until my stomach was upset. What’s that? Due to my sister who’s been on a diet for 16 years, I’ve also been worried for 16 years. Please set me free. (Please stop my sister.) I also made my sister eat the food I wanted to have. – Really? / – Yes. It’s because seeing others eat… As a vicarious satisfaction? – It makes me happy when I’m hungry. / – Right. I think women will empathize with me. – Even just smelling makes me feel good. / – Then, don’t you end up eating as well? No. You must restrain from eating, as you’re on a diet. That’s why you have no choice but to become sensitive. Do you show your irritation like her? I don’t think I showed my irritation. To overcome your hunger, you make your sister fat. Ayoung, how do you lose weight? When I exercise, I get more appetite. So I was the heaviest when I worked out the most. – Exercise made you eat more. / – Right. So I don’t exercise. I just starve myself. Kim Hyesoo has never exercised in her whole life. – Really? / – She doesn’t exercise to lose weight. – She controls her weight with what she eats. / – Yes. (Her secret is controlling the diet.) You won’t believe it, but I exercised until I lost my toenail. – She’s telling the truth. / – I’m telling the truth. – But… / – You can guess how much she eats. (This is her being in good shape.) She exercises unbelievably hard to keep that shape. He’s right. I gain weight easily. You look like you lost some weight. – It’s because she lost her toenail. / – Me? (She lost her toenail, not weight.) Let’s bring in the guest. Please come on out. (Who’s the girl with a weight-conscious sister?) (Ko Ara) (She’s really thin.) Has your sister really been on a diet for 16 years? My sister weighs about 82kg – right now. / – You didn’t have to reveal that. – She’s about 163cm tall. / – I see. Since middle school, she’s been going to oriental doctors and diet clinics. She’s been doing different exercises, too. She tried going to the gym, swimming, yoga, taekwondo, boxing, – dancing… / – Goodness. She sometimes eats one sweet potato for a whole day. – That’s too much. / – There are times when she only eats once in every eight hours. She’s trying so hard. Has she never been successful? You said she’s been on a diet for 16 years. – But if what you said is true / – Yes. – she must / – You can’t weigh more than 80kg – when you eat one potato a day. / – have succeeded. (Yeongja speaks from experience.) – That doesn’t make sense. / – Yes. Of course, she has succeeded. She once lost more than 10kg. There was a time when she lost almost 20kg. That took her six months to one year. But when she hits her goal weight, she thinks – she can eat again. / – She eats again. – She loses it. / – In one or two months, she gains it back. When she starts eating, she does grocery shopping. – How much does she spend? / – About 100 dollars. She gets 600g of pork belly, 600g of pork neck, tteokbokki, fried chicken, chocolate, ice cream, and – No way. / – chips. Then she eats them all in one day. (That’s one meal for her sister.) After eating those, she throws up and sleeps. – That’s exhausting. / – Her sister must feel bad. If she gets fat with her, she would feel not as bad. – Right. / – You’re thin, but she’s heavy. I think she would feel jealous as a girl. I’ve been on a diet too. That’s why I can understand her. But she tortures me. – She must be very grumpy. / – She’s angry. By ventilating her anger on the family, she feels bad, and she gets into fights with the family. Let’s meet her sister. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Do you understand what she’s worried about? She helps me a lot, so I was thankful to her. I never thought it would be tough for her. Ara must’ve never complained, I guess. – What’s your weight loss goal? / – I want to lose – a minimum of 10kg. / – Minimum of 10kg. When was the time you lost the most weight? It was when I weighed 67kg. – She’s beautiful. / – She was beautiful. (She was thin.) She looks lovely. Are there more? (She looks confident.) The one on the left is filtered. How did you feel when you lost 20kg? – You must’ve been very thrilled. / – I was thrilled. I bought clothes from a street shop for the first time. They all fit me well. I was so thrilled. – It was slightly big, too. / – Right. Why couldn’t you maintain that perfect weight? I wanted to be compensated for my hard work. – You wanted to give yourself a gift. / – Yes. But when I start eating, I can’t stop and I get out of control. You just need to maintain it. You have to eat slow. She doesn’t only go on a binge but also eats fast. When you eat fast, you don’t – feel full easily. / -You don’t get the signal. – Is that what happens to you? / – Yes. – Do you eat fast? / – Yes. How fast can you eat 600g of pork belly? – In 30 to 40 minutes. / – She’s slower than me. Can you finish 600g in that time? It takes exactly 25 minutes for me. How much have you eaten in a day? I once went to Busan. I ate for nine straight hours. – Is that without a break? / – Right. Didn’t you go to the bathroom? – How much did you eat then? / – Wait. – Stop. / – Yes, stop. I had pork gukbap upon arrival and drank coffee. I went to eat spicy tteokbokki – You need to eat that. / – and ate that. I had another cup of coffee and ate sashimi. – That’s Busan. / – Then, we went to a pub and ate fried ham. – Fried ham. / – Yes. It’s really delicious. We then ate beef… – It’s good even as it is. / – Beef salad. – It’s really good. / – It has to be good. After eating beef salad, we ate Nakgopsae. – Nakgopsae. / – We ate fried rice too. – Did you eat that? / – After that, we drank alcohol. Then, we went to Kkangtong Market – and ate multteok and bibim naengmyeon. / – In a day? – Then, we ate parfait. / – You ate parfait too. – We then ate nuts hotteok. / – It’s amazing – that she remembers everything. / – Hey. – Hey. / – She’s amazing. How can you memorize everything? We had a list of things to eat. – She wrote down what to eat. / – Right. She managed to eat them all. I can understand her love for food. But I don’t understand why she forces her sister to eat. She thinks you get vicarious satisfaction from it. Because I can’t eat, when my sister eats, I feel satisfied. I don’t feel sorry though. She eats well. Your sister says you eat well. We’re six years apart. – We’re six years apart. / – Please speak up a little. We’re six years apart. (There’s hair on her face.) She… (Sweet Taejoon takes care of it.) (I don’t want her to be uncomfortable.) Please fix her bangs too. (Her heart flutters.) Her heart is pounding. Please fix her bangs too. (There’s unexpected sweetness in the air.) (Look at these two.) (Chanwoo fixes her hair too.) Why are you doing this to me? (She hates it.) She said, “Why are you doing this to me?” (Oh, dear.) I was just being sweet. (I was too nervous.) She was in high school when I was in elementary school. I tried talking back and fighting, but I couldn’t do anything when she’s upset. She forces me to exercise with her. – She forces you to work out. / – Yes. – She forces you to work out. / – I’d hate that. She takes me to her yoga class. She has to go to work, so we have to leave for yoga class at 6 a.m. – Is that to go to yoga class? / – Yes. There’s no bus, so we walk 30 minutes to get there. Then, we do yoga for two hours. – You do it for two hours. / – It’s really boring. My shoulders got too big now. – You gained muscles. / – You made her a warrior. (It’s the reward of her hard work.) Usually, when a guest is worried, – people around the guest are also worried. / – Yes. – My mother is worried. / – Is she? She’s as worried as I am. – Is that right? / – Yes. I have three children. But we can’t eat together. Why can’t you eat together? What happens? She always gets too much rice, and her spoon is as big as a shovel. I’m sorry, dear. She’s very unmoved. I tell her, “Don’t scoop too much rice.” (Then, she gives her mother this look.) She does this. Then, she says I should stop stressing her out because it makes her eat more and get fatter. It’s not comfortable to eat with her. It not only destroyed our family’s harmony but also our family’s finance. She goes to all sorts of clinics to lose weight, and it all comes out of my pocket. – You pay for everything. / – I see. I’m on my own. So it was hard for me to raise three children. – It must’ve been tough. / – They’ve been students most of the time. She’s been on a diet for 16 years. Approximately how much did you spend on her? It would amount to more than 15,000 dollars. Yes, it would. You raised your three children alone. How did you manage to afford to pay everything? – I slept less than other people. / – Goodness. – I worked three jobs in a day. / – Oh, my. – She’s amazing. / – That’s how I managed. – I drove a motorcycle in snow during the winter. – You drove a motorcycle? – I delivered green vegetable juices. / – Goodness. (She’s done everything for her children.) You should’ve understood the financial struggle. Why did you burden your mother so much? I don’t spend money on other things. I’m thrifty. I know that she’s working hard to help me. So I make the most out of every exercise session. You tried hard, but you gained your weight back. You say you try hard, but you keep repeating to lose weight and to gain weight. It must be very frustrating for your mom. Why don’t you eat what you want to eat and relax a bit to make yourself happier? Wouldn’t that be better for both you and your family? Don’t you think so? I’ve tried giving up. But something happened. Last year when I lost weight, I went on a blind date. I ended up dating the man I met on the blind date. While dating for two to three months, we ate a lot. I ended up gaining weight. Then, the guy said I didn’t look like a woman when I got fat. – Goodness. / – He said that. He neglected me. (Her boyfriend hurt her feelings.) Then, we broke up. – Going on dates makes you eat. / – But if he’s someone who talks to you like that whether you’re fat or not, you’re better off without him. So it turned out well for you. Are you losing weight to date someone then? I wouldn’t say it’s just to date someone. – But I can’t deny it either. / – Right. My friends get picked up – by their boyfriends after we hang out. / – Right. But I go home alone, and that makes me depressed. It sounds like it’s not as simple as just losing weight. For me, food isn’t something that fills my stomach. For me, food fills my soul. My mother never cooked for me. She was busy working. We only got to eat after we closed our store. When we finally ate, we got sleepy and went to bed. It was a vicious cycle. I want to hear more about her. – Yes. / – Like what Yeongja said, perhaps there’s a different reason for wanting to lose weight. My dad always bullied me that I’m fat. – Your dad did. / – Yes. When we were eating, he used to tell me not to eat. – How old were you? / – Since you were young. – Since I was in primary school. / – Right. – He yelled at me. / – He told you not to eat. He took my table away when I was eating. – Goodness. / – That’s sad. – That’s so sad. / – She has a deep resentment. Do you think that made you eat more? Yes. I eat when I’m stressed. Also, my dad used to adore my sister. – You have a feeling of loss. / – I do. I think I thought of food as a means to relieve stress. When I’m eating, I feel happy. – I see. / – Right. (Her self-esteem hit rock bottom at an early age.) (It made her obsessed about weight.) (She’s losing herself and her happiness.) Now that you’ve heard her, do you understand her better? Of course, I do. That’s why I always feel sorry for her and I can never get too upset at her. Because of that, I can’t be too strict with her. – Goodness. / – Tell us what you remember. What happened when she was eating? Tell us when you felt sorry for her. I was busy working, so she took care of her siblings. They were very young. She changed their diapers. – How lovely she is. / – To compensate her for that, I didn’t cook for her but I ordered food for her. – I bought her galbi and pizza. / – Right. – You fed her delivery food. / – Yes. She must’ve starved while babysitting all day. So she would eat the food and fall asleep right away. That made her gain all the weight. On top of that, her dad kept telling her that she’s fat and she should stop eating. You told her to stop eating when she got fat. Yes. (She blames herself for everything.) (Ara becomes emotional too.) It hurts me that my mom feels sorry for my sister. She worked three jobs, and she did everything to raise us well. But now… – I’m sorry. / – It’s okay. (She feels sorry and gets overwhelmed.) It’s sad to think about what she has gone through. – Yes. / – You feel sorry. You raised your daughters well. They’re lovely. – I know. They’re very good. / – Goodness. One time, she collapsed while riding her motorcycle because of overworking. Her face collapsed, and she got a big surgery for that. She really did her best. But she still blames herself – that everything is her fault. / – Right. I feel so sorry. (She’s sorry to her mom as her child.) It seems like weight isn’t the only problem here. It looks like the problem is more complex. Don’t you think it’s unfair that your family has to suffer because you want to lose weight? I think I expected them to understand. – You expected it. / – Yes. They’re my family. It’s actually very frustrating. I say this sometimes. You’re desperate to lose weight, but you can’t. You keep blaming it on others. You lack self-love. I hope you’ll love yourself a little more. This is a new year. It would be nice to change for the better. – I don’t want to hate myself anymore. / – Right. I want to lose weight to stop torturing myself. I want to be a lovely daughter to my mom and an awesome big sister to my sister. Do you hate yourself for being fat? I don’t look at the mirror. – Really? / – Yes. (Does she want to deny herself?) – She lacks self-esteem. / – You have to look. – You’re lovely. / – Only then you can lose weight. You have to look at yourself to be lovelier. Right now, you give up on yourself. The problem is your negative mindset. From what we heard, it sounds like her life is focused on only two things. – They’re losing weight and eating. / – That’s right. Are you interested in any other things? I never thought about anything else. (It’s not too late.) Since you’ve been watching her, you must have something to say about her talent. She must be good at something. She dances well. – Does she? / – She sings well too. – She must have a sense of rhythm. / – Yes. – Does she sing well too? / – She does. Because she’s the first child, she has leadership. She majored in hotel cooking. – Hotel cooking. / – She must cook well. She even cooks well. She’s really good at cooking. She cooked too much for herself. – Why… / – She’s good at many things. What do you think your daughter’s good at? She maintains good relationships with people. She doesn’t have many flaws other than being chubby. She is very pretty. – Her eyes are big. / – She’s cute. I want to tell her this. You can’t date anyone long without your own charms. It’s the same whether you meet a guy or friends. For other people to see your charms, – you can’t be too daunted. / – Of course. You have to be confident. Don’t meet a guy who talks nonsense. – There are many nice guys out there. / – Yes. They will surely approach you. – What do you think about Yeongja? / – Hey. There are a few celebrities I like. They are Lee Gukjoo and her, and she’s my favorite. She’s a confident fatty. (That’s a compliment, right?) That’s right. She’s right. – She’s CF. / – Confident fatty. I think she’s amazing for not getting daunted by her looks and staying confident. She expresses her opinion confidently. Where do you think she gets the confidence from? I’m not sure. Please teach me, Yeongja. Teach her where you get your confidence. I’ve always blamed everything on my fat body and my ugly looks. I also have that victim mentality. I blame myself. I felt like I was a frog trapped in the well. I was really surprised one time. There are heavy comedians like Kim Minkyoung and Gukjoo. I thought they’d never get to date guys. But they were dating two men at the same time. What are you talking about? – We don’t want to know. / – Right. I was really surprised. I thought men would see me as a woman if I weigh about 58kg. But that was my standard. The most important thing is destroying your thoughts. Losing weight is not the important thing here. – You have to destroy your thoughts first. / – Yes. Your thinking is wrong. Everything evolves around your weight right now. Will you always be the victim of the sense of shame your father has given you? Will you live the life your father created for you? No. We’re not minors anymore. You can plan your own life. You have to shape yourself. I think I have to do what you said. Of course. – Will you begin now? / – Yes. I won’t rely on my mom anymore. I’ll take care of my finances. This year, I’ll make sure to lose weight so that we get to go swimming together in summer. (We’ll cheer for you!) What do you want to say to your sister? It hurts me to watch you having no self-esteem. I hope this year you’ll grow to love yourself more. – and become more confident. / – Of course. Happy New Year. (We hope to see you on Hello News later.) Ayoung, tell us if it’s a worry or not. I think she’s not psychologically well. She’s too worn off inside. I think it would take time to cure that. I think you can find happiness elsewhere. – So it’s not a worry. / – No. If she changes her way of thinking, she will succeed her diet this year. So I don’t think it is a worry. Kim Heeae’s wish is to eat a whole chocolate pie. How many times did that wish come true for us? Think positively. If you sympathize with her worry, press the button. (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one. – Stop. / – All right. Let’s see how many votes she got. Please reveal the results. “The Way She Tortures Me”. What’s the last number? (The last number is eight.) Is it over 100? There are 200 people here. She got 88 votes. (88 votes)