THIS IS MY JOURNEY I had never been skinny. Ever. I was ashamed, but didn’t want to face my problem. One day I looked in the mirror, and I decided to make a change I started working out regularly, and lost weight. But I forgot something. NUTRITION. 15 YEARS OLD
SEPTEMBER 15 2015 This day, I decided to go for it. 110% This is my 1 year journey.. Always trained with a friend. It motivates you. tried to work out 7 days a week.+3 times cardio the “Muscle up”,my biggest goal.
“yeah that i am not able to do that yet,yet,but i’m gonna do it. someday” at this point i wasn’t ashamed of my body anymore but proud of what i had done 3 months progress first cheat muscle up,
i had the strength but not the technique 4 months earlier “yeah that, i’m not able to do that yet, yet, but i’m gonna do it someday first muscle up
ARJEN:”oh shit” ARJEN:”boom baby first 5. 4 months progress I found a new passion CALISTHENICS NEW GOALS
“the front lever is something that,its for us impossible but we know we can do it one day” ARJEN:”we hope so” we started making some motivational videos we also fail sometimes but we keep grindin’ not perfect, but i was getting there some people applauded 4.5 months progress a big goal, the pistol squat. achieved focussed on getting bigger and stronger 5+ months progress 6+ months progress we know we can do it one day the next weeks i focussed on calisthenics the backlever.. … 7.5 months progress went 100% for the front and backlever i failed A Lot but I never gave up 9 months progress FINALLY work hard for the things that you want I had the best holiday ever with my family
I felt confident and proud about my body 1 year progress 16 years old
august 20 2016 before | after work hard for the things that you want
and you will achieve your goal IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU. NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION? START TODAY My new goal is