okay so we're in my kitchen and normally when I'm doing my like health-related videos I like to do a loft style but since I'm going to be like handling stuff kinda I'm just going to go ahead and do it this way so let me give you a little bit of background on when I take this I take my shot in the morning when I wake up after I take a glass of water above water or or and I'll take it at night before I go to sleep so my purpose in taking this is that it cleanses me and I feel like I've always talked about being cleansed and going like number two but let me tell you after I take this and I like do other stuff around the house or like you know like walking around or like you know do stuff for the kids or for drill or like whatever so after like 15 minutes of taking it I use better and you know I feel like I've talked about that too much like seriously when you get your digestion moving when your digestion is intact then you're clearing your body out so that you can actually absorb good nutrients from eating food did you know that you can actually eat food and really not absorb the nutrients really it's just going through you and you're not even benefiting so you need to cleanse your body so you could actually benefit from the food and so that you can actually start to really lose weight you can lose – now just remember everbody I'll try oh yes literally after like 15 minutes I'm going over doing it never fails me it never fails me I mean everyone is different but this never fails me so there's no like real rules to this the only thing I would say is don't use this don't go to the grocery store and just get whatever apple cider vinegar okay it's just not going to work this is a PV shot apple cider vinegar shot okay and it works because it's real this is actually living those it looks Nancy it looks sick it looks disgusting but really I don't really it tastes good it's strong you're going to hear some of the background it's strong but I guess I broke kind of like it so in there it's thick and it's kind of money looking but if those are enzymes okay they're connecting a little strand likes figures and that's just the enzyme okay so this is actually living this is going to help your digestion this is going to help your body's it's going to help your skin okay oh actually I use this like one cotton ball pad and you throw my skin and I had pretty bad acne and that helps too okay so this is just all around a big bottles miracle okay I can't tell you much about this except for it's not going to work like this is going to work for you I don't know but don't use this if you're going to take shots this is not going to give you all the benefits that you're looking for I mean some people like to dilute it with water I don't some people like you honey I've done that but most the time I don't if I use anything I like to use show them to Eric I'm not a big fan of American I know I like to use turmeric and maybe like a lemon but today I'm just going to show you how simply it is just easy peasy okay we're just going to throw this in a shop knife and drink it so soon and after this is my second time building this because the first one digital over so low so we stopped playing and we're just gonna boom baby okay just a shot word just a shot work and that's it it's strong I don't want you taking a sing it a little if you maybe look cuter it's gonna be easy no my Isaac fields pitching it's a strong shot okay but if you could take a shot of other things I'm so you can take a shot of it okay Somerset yeah okay so this is to weight loss to use the bathroom so boost of energy to love and light love in your body so cleaning out your body to have a good digestion okay love you guys