hi guys welcome to Jim Ray Fitness this is milena today we're going to be doing a belly blaster workout ten moves hitting our core fifty seconds each with a ten second break you should be nice and warm before you get started let's go first we're gonna start off with a side elbow plank with a dip so you want to go ahead and get on one side you're gonna raise your hips up and all we're gonna do is dip our hips up and down make sure that shoulders over the elbow we're gonna be doing 25 seconds on each side okay so you're squeezing your obliques lifting those hips up and down up and down good alright let's go ahead and switch to the other side again make sure that shoulders over the elbow you want to make sure your body in a straight line lift up and drop those hips slowly and controlled squeezing your abs squeeze your obliques breathe try not to put all your weight into that arm you want to make sure you're lifting up those hips and core good alright awesome job moving on alright our next move is our side Bend combo so you're gonna lay down flat on your back hands behind your neck feet bent you're gonna come up into a crunch and you're just gonna lean to each side in a crunch position okay side Bend combo 50 seconds make sure your neck and your head are supported and gauging in that core as you squeeze to each side breathe control the movement you're leaning to each side all right you guys awesome job next exercise we're gonna go an alternating toe toe touch so in a crunch gonna go in the same position and as you crunch up you're gonna reach for your opposite toe okay here we go 50 seconds lots of oblique work today here in the belly blaster good awesome job 10 second break the next exercise we're gonna be doing is we're gonna lean back with the V extension so we're gonna be sitting a little bit upright on this next one I'm gonna place your hands behind you make sure that back stays straight and all you're gonna do is you're gonna extend your legs out and down up and down just like this 50 seconds okay take your on your hands not your elbows back straight chest open and extend those legs suck that belly in extend good extend the extensions your body should look like a V good point those toes really feel that core awesome job nice okay we're gonna go back to a crunch movement and do a cross-country the leg extension so you're gonna lay down put its heads behind your head you just start with your leg pressed out and you're gonna crunch cross the body and extend the leg back out we're gonna do 25 seconds on each leg here we go so you're twisting cross crunch good nice switch sides here we go breathe control the movement squeeze across the body good nice job all right ten second break next exercise we're gonna do the spine twist so make sure we're not holding your head on this one as we twist so make sure you really lift your neck and shoulders off the ground as high as you feel like you can by controlling your neck so you're gonna cross your arms across the chest and all you're gonna do is twist just like that okay spine twist all right guys next exercise we're gonna do is a leg drop with a hip circle so we're gonna lay down flat on our back hands are at your side or underneath your back for some support neck and shoulders stay on the ground so you're gonna do a basic leg drop you're gonna open and do a hip circle all right and bring them back up to the top here we go drop open and to the top 50 seconds keep those toes pointed good drop open wide squeeze it up inhale an exhale keep that breathing going keep that blood flow going good working our hips really trimmed down that belly all right take a break we're gonna stay here the next exercise we're gonna do a wide leg job so from the leg drop from the hip circle all we're gonna do is get those legs out like a V and drop and up rock and make the leg drop a little bit harder by going wider you're feeling it in those hips more okay now if this is too hard you can always bend the knees and bring it in right you can drop bend the knees bring it up drop bend the knees bring it up if you feel if you hear some popping and your hips that's okay means you need to work them warming them up waking them up a little bit down and so either way is fine wide leg drop all right bring those knees in take a break next we're gonna go into some high crunches we're gonna go back down on our on our backs just go as high as you can you don't need to work miracles here just get a nice crunch reaching up so arms start above the chest you're gonna reach for that sky or that ceiling right up and down take your time 50 seconds if you want to go faster you can you want to go slower you can up to you what you feel like doing today we got two more moves after this or almost there alright hey we're gonna come up into a blank now we're gonna do little plank walks okay you don't need to move too far on these I'm just gonna kind of move our hands around so in our plank position now if it's too hard for you to go in plank you can always stay on all fours and walk like this just make sure that your spine is an arch it's nice and flat you can also go them up into high plank and just walk forward and back little moves D seconds or you can even just put one leg down up to you what you feel like doing today how your body's feeling little walks you want to make sure that your hips aren't too high and they're not sinking too low okay they're level with your chest breathe almost there awesome job last exercise you guys how's our core feeling that's moving around that's all right okay crunch kicks kind of like our V extension but this time we're gonna go into a crunch that you're gonna go down on your elbows belly sucked in lower back it's tucked it on the mat ready extend and down so you're just kicking those legs out in a crunch kick kick breathe really feeling that burn today breaking a little sweat should be breaking a sweat when you're working that core whole body's fired up breathe ending our belly blaster here with these kicks burn it out for me good last you all right awesome job sit up nice and tall you guys come back take your breather cool your body down get some water don't forget to join us here with Jim row with more belly blasting workouts and ab workouts for you and get the results that you're looking for thank you so much for joining me see you next time what's up Jim Ray is Laura Myron we just finished filming our good morning Salutation 15 minutes of yoga you cannot tell me that you don't have 15 minutes get your butt out of bed 15 minutes earlier it makes a huge difference in how you feel and your focus and your energy and your body 15 minutes a day I know you can do this I can't wait to see you on when you first log in you will be asked about your connection speed to ensure that you have the smoothest viewing experience click on settings to adjust your connection at any time on the workout page you'll find a difficulty slider that allows 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