Since young, I have been chubby. When I was in primary 3, my dad brought a computer home. Since then, instead of playing with my friends outside I became addicted in playing computer games. When I was in primary school, I was 52kg. In middle school, I was 54kg and then 58kg in secondary school. Plus, I was l eating sugary food as a living. It’s not true that I didn’t try dieting when I started university. I tried a lot and my weight were fluctuating. I lost a lot of weight when I lived in Seoul. But, when I went back to my home town and lived comfortably… I became the heaviest I have ever been. I exceeded 60kg for the first time in my life. My family even gave me a nickname and called me Penguin. The reason I diet is because everyone calls me an Ajumma when I’m fat. Since young, because I look mature, I often get mistaken for being older than I am. You can say I could just be confident. Of course, I tried to be confident but… the views and judgement from other people did not change. How can a human ignore all those and remain confident when you have feelings? I always feel like people are looking at my butt and my confidence went down. I always lowered my backpack to cover my butt. Like the photo, I was wearing a male padded jacket and it was tightly packed. So I lost 14kg. You may think I have a body type that loses weight easily, but… it took me 6 months of hard work to achieve it. How did I do it? Let’s talk about that now. My method is very simple. Instead of a perfect diet plan… it’s more effective to make a small change in habit and make it last for a long time. Just remember one thing. Habits makes your body. 2. I never ate until I am very full. I ate as much vegetables that I wanted, which are very low in calories. However, it’s hard to completely stop eating pizza, snacks, hamburger and chicken for long. So, in my diet I still ate those foods. Instead, when you feel slightly full, you have to put down your spoon and fork. If it’s hard to control your portions, place them in paper cups. Just remember to eat until you’re not hungry anymore instead of being too full. For me, when I don’t have a lot of money, I eat a lot and gain weight. Because, I thought I won’t be able to eat them in the future. So I ate as much as I could. I would eat my neighbour’s food. Also because I’m afraid I can’t eat later on, I ended up eating a lot. Mind control is important. Telling yourself you could eat it later on even if it’s not now. 3. I don’t eat after 7pm. After maintaining this habit for 6 months, whenever I ate after 7pm, I would feel bad. Is it just me? But seriously, just changing this one habit can help you control your weight. 4. Take pictures while wearing the same clothes and record your progress. But don’t do it too often. 5. Every week, at least five times, I walked at least 15 000 steps in a day. I didn’t do other exercises. With just exercise, it’s hard to lose weight. I just prioritise my health. 6. Use diet supplements accordingly. I’m not saying to rely on diet supplements. I drank ‘Hollywood 48 hours'(Diet drink), around once a month. I lost around 1.5kg But they returned after I ate some food. The diet drink was like my cheerleader. For two weeks, sometimes I don’t lose any weight.. it helped me lose 1.5kg this helped me continue on losing weight. Diet is really nothing much. If you don’t wish for a super thin body like a model or a perfect fit and toned body There’s no need to come up with a perfect diet plan. Also, you won’t wear some smaller sized clothes and then plan to gain back the weight. Not a lot of people would think this way and start dieting right? So, when starting a plan, plan one that you can last forever. And then, naturally, using your new habits, do your diet slowly without pressure. I also didn’t start all the steps in one day. I started with small habits then move on to making bigger changes. It may take long, but a sudden weight lost may not be good for your skin’s elasticity. It’s normal to lose around 1-2kg a month. So, everyone, take care of your weight this Winter then we can wear pretty swimsuits and rash guards this Summer!