okay we're going to work out we're going to work out for just about 15 minutes let's grab a thera-band a Dyna ban some sort of elastic tubing and we'll see what we can accomplish in just a short amount of time you might be surprised so standing behind your band feet slightly apart think about yourself as if you were hanging from the ceiling right you're just easy in your body but still with a lot of space shift your body weight forward just like you're blowing in the wind shift your body weight back yeah I'll get that 15 minutes in relax take a deep breath in and just fill up bringing the air in raising up lifting your chest let go of any unnecessary tension what we know about Pilates keep going inhale is that the less tension you go into a workout with no matter what you're doing probably true for life the more efficient you're going to be so let's try and get rid of that if you've got to shake it out do in fact I'm going to do it for us so take a deep breath in really reach up you can even shrug your shoulders and then just drop bending knees inhale stretch up and exhale just really letting go it's not mechanical and there's nothing precise about this it's supposed to feel good it's supposed to just remind you that we can bring energy into our body simply by thinking about it and by letting go last one reach tall hold it up and as you exhale let the arms drop let your head fall forward draw the abdominals in we're going to reach down and pick up that band and when you do you're still folded forward your head is released your shoulders relaxed but they're still on your back grab onto your band white just a little wider than your shoulders probably and as we roll back up you might want to bend your knees to do that roll back up stacking your spine lifting tall again now I have an exceptionally long band here so I'm going to wrap mine up because I want to be able to have some tension again not a precise thing I may have to undo it depending on the exercise but what I want to do is have my hands a little wider than my hips where I can pull on the band and have some constant resistance not much more I'm going to do with that right away here we are tall we're just going to reach the arms up right up overhead now where you don't get to shrug anymore push back down just a few breaths like that spine stays aligned as best you can in that neutral place again pushing the air up and away and then pushing the air down in a way so you're working both way so you don't get a break when we're only working 15 minutes and next time you go up please stay up there and from here just without moving your hips you're going to lift the rib cage that left rib cage is lifting up and out to the side let it flare open exhale pull yourself back the right side is going to lengthen up first pour itself out and over flaring the right side and back up a couple more like that lift just waking up the spine a bit exhale Center and exhale I set a couple more so I'll call this the second one noticing that your head stays framed between your upper arms all right that's cool from here walk the feet together this will make a little more interesting now don't move your arms press the hips out the arms are going to accommodate right you got a balance but you're not trying to move the arms then push your hips back to Center to be tall let the hips reach to the right as you counterbalance with the arms that's what I should have said and pull Center the breath helps inhale expand like the wind is here at your right side blowing you to the left and then you lift yourself up reaching for a nice long side stretch try not to rotate and I'm going to do two more going for it both feet are flat right that matters that'll help the stretch and up one more time reach and okay I think I'm good with my resistance I might have to unwrap once but we'll see we're going to go over again take it over then you hold that top arm where it is but from under your armpit or your lat pull the right side down or press it down pick it back up and lift up hips go first arms counterbalance lock yourself there and press it down not from the hand from underneath that arm it's a different feel see if you can feel the difference press it over it's not I don't think about the band I think about that arm hit leading the way contract and track contract and up a little faster it's over and press and lift to the center and over press lift and center how long can you be even though you're curved to the side last to make them good reach remember we don't need neck tension here sometimes you just have to think is there neck tension if so loosen it up and there we go release the arms just for a moment I'm going to come back to something there in a minute but let's warm up a little bit more separate your feet bit good use the legs a little put that resistance back in your band I'm not pulling hard I've just been having awareness particularly at the back of the shoulders and my upper back sitting back I'll go slow at first so that you could lift your toes or at least wiggle them so your knees aren't jetting forward you're more in the heel for this one when you come up straighten your legs press the band into your thighs and the arms further back so there's some good resistance inhale as you sit back exhale up as tall as you can and continue those straight arms pressing back as a band wraps around your thighs again inhale and exhale keeping it slow for a moment thinking about the air as a solid so even as I go forward it's like the top of my shoulders are pushing through a thick solid and then when I get to the top it's about the upper back more than everything now a little quicker inhale and so gosh you know you're getting a lot in right here you get your gluts get your quads get your triceps if you really work in there but you can and what I hope you're looking for is your upper back okay doesn't mean you have to arch it just means think tall as you press back and I bet you're going to feel an opening through the front of the chest or even some tightening up near those shoulder blades I'm going to do five more one breathe now that was it so come up we're going to sit back reaching the arms out just like we did a moment ago legs stay where they are if you get tired just stand up reach the arms up overhead press them back down to the knees and back lift it up bring it down and press and up and down up and down next time we go up we stay up sit a little lower you back is on the diagonal okay so from here you're looking somewhere out of the floor just the upper arms pressing back so I'm not really pulling on the band anymore than I was there's some tension is just pull pull keep the lean forward otherwise you're going to work different muscles than we want let's get those back muscles working press press how your legs doing you're working them I am alright lower the arms hands above the knees roll yourself up and I promised you one more while we're standing so step wide a little more AB for you arms overhead the band isn't going to do anything this time let's lift up just like before only this time the hips don't move make sure your stance is wide you can feel hopefully aligned on the whole side of your body get the stretch then to come up start exhaling and these obliques are going to pull you back up the other way to the left and I love this one this is a great stretch but really good oblique work this is not a good oblique work if you just kind of bend and then take the arms and you think you're going further that's really all you are doing is thinking you're going further so if you're not sure keep your hands behind your head so you can feel am i actually bending my waist that matters when you're working the abdominals that's what they do they flex the spine they bend the spine extend the spine you got actually do those actions enough lecture here we go Wow my huffing and puffing day four must be nervous for more one big stretch keep that opposite foot anchored to there's three and finally four okay take the band behind your back I still want to that resistance so I'm just rewrapping just I don't have a bunch of extra hanging off it's about the same distance what we do here is reach the shoulders down first lift your arms up some I'm lifting them away from my body but I'm more interested in reaching them down so it's not as high as I can go necessarily because you can see why probably it's keeping the chest open but reaching from that place I pull apart getting that really the whole shoulder try not to pinch your shoulder blades it's a different exercise to pinch backwards right it's not that I'm already where I want to be and I just guide the arms down and away from each other are the hands down and away from each other press keep going keep going hasn't been 15 minutes yet maybe 10 so I'm told okay starting to feel the arms we could feel them more but I'll do it later let go of the band let's have a seat so we get a little more ABS wrapping the band around your feet so for those of you newer to this particular kind of exercise this is going to be an assist for those of you who are veterans of Pilates you are have the assignment of resisting against the band and you know what I mean holding close to your ankles your arms are to say stay straight sit tall as if you were pushing into the band but don't straighten your legs it's like your feet are trying to push into the band as you roll away from them to the middle of your back inhale hold on your exhale let your shoulder blades your armpits slide closer to your waist feeling the belly button press into the spine and then roll up when your shoulders are over here stack your spine big inhale exhale you'll feel the hips pull out from underneath you your head responds just by looking forward collar bones wide inhale feel the shrinking of the trunk and let it pull you back up and a lengthen your spine you can't just shrink you got to work both ways and down inhale exhale coming forward in kneel stack I'm just going to add a little row at the end of that next time and it's just to draw your awareness to your back extensors we've inhaled we exhale forward blow out all your air now as you extend your spine allow the upper arms or the elbows to bend to pull back back back do not thrust the ribs forward keep it all together and arms straight and body goes back a little quicker inhale exhale forward inhale grow tall bend elbows squeeze your butt so you don't arch the low back pull the hips back straighten the arms and down you go just feel your spine feel the energy moving through you and one more and up staying up here we're gonna take the tell you what let's put the band down for this last one my favorite exercise slight variation today sitting in what called diamond shape hands behind your head we're going to round forward first exhale to do that you just blow out your air you can squeeze your gluts a little bit for help then set your arms on your shins and stack your spine on the diagonal so I'm kind of pulling with my arms to get as long in the back as possible there was an exhale in there somewhere let go but keep the posture arms go back up overhead fold them behind and round to come up lots going on there inhale exhale round over it's like you're going to lifting up to go down let the hands release to the shins from your hips stick your tailbone out first are growing forward on the diagonal to feel those back muscles working you can press the knees little then inhale the straight arms go up alongside your ears keeping the posture refold the arms behind your head exhale to round forward and right away come back up to an upright position how about one more inhale exhale to round forward this is the good stuff folks this is the back extension especially right here feel the shoulders press down as you reach the hips forward if you're thinking of the front of the hips long neck you can either stay here because we're going to just gently pulse the chest not forward but on the diagonal or arms up overhead and just reach back for three it's pretty small two and one if your arms are in the air put them behind your head exhale and everybody just round forward and all the way we tapped into everything just a little bit keep the energy as you go throughout the day come back for more later