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us solve diffrentiation.See chapter 5 diffrentation 5.2 Which is very easy and it
is not hard, okay..and from the type I willsolve the diffrentiation, you will see the people
being concretized, and this will help you Friends, the video which is going to tell
diffrentiation. Diffrentiation there are two differentiation solves in it. One is the chain rule and. second is alternate way, then it will be solved
by OK, then you can solve it easily and go ahead Alternatives only work, let’s start
the NCERT 5.1 write number of exercise on the number one. Ok first, first question is sign x squire
plus 5 NCERT book in your friends see sinx, cos x, tan x, sec x, cosec x, cot xa differentiation
you have to say yourself, ok let me tell you a basic thing. is the basic thing, differntiation, if you
want to say that the diffrentiation x is the power given, how do we do it,What happens
in diffrentiation and not the power in which it will decrease will be one which will be
negative (negative 1) – 1 and the value of n, whatever it will be, will be forwarded
to x, it will be multiply isse, and it Power n – 1 (n minus 1) will be OK, this is a basic
concept of diffrentiation and what is the diffrentiation of sign? Friends know you do not know, so I tell you
cos would be okay, you have to remember it. OK, if you do diffrentiation of sign then
cos and then same Cos ko phir se differentfrentiation, then he will return to sin but he will go
back to sin, then he
will be converted into negative (-) and will be converted,There is diffrentiation of cos
x -sin x OK, now let’s gradually get better understanding, so let’s solve it, then our
first question is sin
x squared + 5, so as we just explained sin diffrentiation of x simply what is
the way to do diffrentiation of sin x, here it is in the relation of X, then write dy
/ dx is equal to
sin x then it will be cos x okay, and
if cos x here, its diffrentiation -sin x will
be OK