Maybe you think you know the best cardio
exercise or exercises. However, cardio is evolving. In fact cardio
has evolved. Don’t get left behind. Any physical activity, like cardio, can be
overdone despite the best of intentions wishes and even willpower. Dr. Urban here.
I want to make the case for the new cardio exercises and principles where
you invest 12 minutes a day and work from home. Does that work for you? I thought so. New
research and clinical findings make the case that is time for an adjustment to
traditional cardiovascular aerobic exercises also known as cardio. Until
recently, we have been told the recommended path to good health goes through
aerobic training or cardio. Cardio still works. The old cardio emphasizes
sustained intensity for long periods (for example greater than 20 minutes) without
programmed breaks. Not anymore. An extreme example of intense cardio would be the marathon runner. Under the typical intense
conditions, cardio tends to make you sick, tired & old before your time. As you
burn muscle, crash the immune system, stress your joints, cause inflammation, diminish
your heart’s pumping power, shrink your lungs & zap your sex life. There is reputable science to back up
these findings. Long duration intense exercises increase your risk of heart
disease & death according to a Harvard study. Yes, during cardio, you burn fat stores, but
your body responds by storing fat! Exercising too much can be as bad or
worse than not exercising when it comes to your immune system. If your cardio workout is
too long and stressful, your risk of immune system breakdown becomes higher
than if you had not exercised. Cardio’s prolong intense workouts suppress the
immune system even after you finish exercising. The longer and more intense
your exercise, the longer your immune system is shut down with a broad
spectrum of potential harmful consequences. Why? It is because your body recognizes long
periods of exercise as stress. In this discussion, we’re talking about the>
than 20 minute cardio exercises. With long cardio, your body releases more stress
hormones which suppress the immune system. Your infection fighting white
cells drop during and after a prolonged cardio exercise. Still… no exercise is bad for everyone
and it’s certainly not the answer. So what is the answer? I want to
introduce you to a program called PACE or Progressively Accelerating
Cardiopulmonary Exertion. PACE is an example of what i call the
new cardio. With Pace, you exercise for a total of twelve minutes.However, your
body continues to bring fat for the ensuing 24 hours. I thought that might appeal to you. The
concept behind PACE is to use short duration intense aerobic exercises which are still
cardio in principle with the addition of definite rest periods over a period of 12 minutes total. Got it?
Shorter bursts of challenging exercises can slow down aging, lengthen your life,
& make you more disease-resistant, the trifecta of good health. Researchers
found rigorous short exercise bursts such as found in PACE lengthened chromosomal
telomeres by as much as the equivalent of nine years producing “de-aging” &
a biologically younger response when compared with groups getting too much
aerobic exercise or no exercise at all. Short duration rigorous exercises like PACE
birth new cellular mitochondria. Energy! PACE does not shrink your heart & lungs.
The old long duration cardio can cause lung drinkage which doubles your chance
of dying from all causes. Here’s an example of a starter exercise using PACE. Picture this: Lie on the floor on your stomach with
your arms extended in front of you & your legs extended behind you as if you
were parachuting through the air. Your chin should be slightly off the ground
as you are facedown. Now contract your back muscles arching and elevating everything
off the floor. You are raising your arms and legs a few
inches off the floor while you arch your back. Hold for 3 seconds. Then lower your
arms and legs & back to the starting position. Repeat several times until you
are slightly winded. Do three sets taking time to recover completely between each
set. This starter exercise will not take 12 minutes. So you need more information
about PACE to make this truly a full PACE workout. Increase the intensity with each
set either by increasing the number of Superman’s you do or by increasing the
amount of time you hold the position. Do you want to learn more about the other
PACE exercises, the full program, the new cardio? I’ll get to that in a moment. In
the description below this YouTube video is a link to more information about the
full quick PACE program. where you will find the PACE program listed along with a library of
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your health care regimen without first consulting your health care providers.
Consider showing your providers & others this informational video. Now you
know the best cardio exercise is the new cardio. Why not give it a try? Be well.