we're here to save nning to support the extraordinary sinead came right behind me at the moment here in a dublin hotel sinead is taking on a phenomenal challenge nearly 12 hours ago Sinead stepped up on the treadmill here behind me and has decided to take on a world record everybody in aliens is really looking forward to congratulating Sinead on this her second challenge with alliances support this challenge is slightly different in that Sinead was was going for a record that was held by a person whatever disability we felt that we're using the treadmill we're Sinead wasn't relying on a goy or somebody else to help or to discredit a level playing field and allowed her to compete with somebody else we wouldn't have done or whatever the help of aliens and that's that's a fact this evening I broke a Guinness world record for the furthest distance for a female on a treadmill in 12 hours everybody sees the 30 seconds at the finish line whether you win or lose they don't see the 10,000 hours of hard work that you put in and Aliens Ireland took a chance on me and I'm so grateful it's a fantastic result here in Dublin today congratulations Sinead cane on behalf of Guinness World Records you are officially amazing