– Hello, my name is Shawnique Cotton. I am Miss Wheelchair Arizona 2019. I would like to ask you guys
to come on out and join me for the 10th Annual Ability360
Health and Wellness Fair. There will be more than 70 exhibitors. In addition to the 70 plus exhibitors, there will be presentations
and health screenings, such as mammograms,
diabetes, hearing, vision, and much more. Also, there will be free raffles, which will include the items or TVs, Amazon Echos, and much much more. Exciting news, the 50th
Street Light Rail Station is scheduled to open
for business on the day of the Ability360 Annual
Health and Wellness Fair. You will be able to ride the light rail that day directly to Ability 360. For more information, please go to wwww.ability360healthfair.com. For presentations, exhibitors, or other information,
please contact David Carey at (602) 443-0723. Accommodations as well as cart
services will be provided. This is a free event for the public. Please come on out, there’s
no registration required.