Today, I want to share information about first part, how I had exercised when I was high obesity, and how I planned my diet. First of all, I’ll tell my physical strength before I start my workout. You do something like a physical test, when you’re in high school? If I do that, I’m always the lowest grade. Especially the one thing I didn’t do was run for a long time, uh, this really wasn’t too much. It was so hard, it was really depressing. Oh .. I have to walk again .. I have to run again .. like this? And then I had waist disk at the time. So I changed the chair to a wheeled one and dragged the chair. You know you’re pushing with your legs? I really hated moving so much. And in particular, the classroom was on 5th floor when I was 12th, the stairs. But to eat, you have to go down to the first floor, and there is snack bar next to it. Then when I have something I want to eat at the bar, I have to go down the stairs again. I hate that, so when lunch time is over I went to the store and bought everything I wanted to eat. I hated moving so much, I hated walking, and I was lazy. I was really lazy. But I decided to go on a diet, and at first I registered the gym. I started to exercise. The will was so great at that time, so I was able to do that exercise for a long time, but if your will isn’t so strong and motivated. It’s a good idea to apply diet methods that can melt into your life one by one. For example, if you walk down 1 bus stop before your destination, get up in the morning and stretch a bit, or change a little habits one by one like this. I recommend that you approach exercise in that way. I’ll tell you how JINI, a physical strength beggar, did the workout. First of all, I will speak on a weekly basis. I think I had been exercising for six days a week. Three days a week I did an aerobic workout, including strength training. The other three days I had just an hour of aerobic exercise. If you were exercising your upper body on Monday, you would have a lower body exercise on Wednesday, and your upper body exercise on Friday. I used alternate parts in this way. Go ahead and stretch. Then do aerobic exercise. First of all, aerobic exercise is given for about 10 minutes. After aerobic workout, I did a muscle workout, a muscle exercise called circuit training. combine anaerobic and aerobic exercise like two anaerobic and 1 aerobic exercises as one compound and three sets of these compounds. And abdominal exercise, and 1 hour aerobic exercise. I did it this way. Now the rest of the week just had an aerobic exercise for about an hour, and the rest of the day just relaxed. let’s make Mon,Wed,Fri for unaerobic day, and Tue,Thu,Sat for aerobic. Then, what kind of exercise did I do on M-W-F? If you had upper body exercise on Monday, lower body exercise on Wednesday, upper body exercise on Friday. I used alternate parts in this way. Go ahead and stretch. There’s a poster on the gym, or just your favorite stretch? I’ll give a signal for my body before you use your muscles to use your joints for about 10 minutes. JINI, you’re going to exercise now. You are going to use it here now. So let’s circulate blood. This way I’m giving a signal to my body, stretching. Then I do aerobic exercise. Why aerobic exercise? First of all, about 10 minutes of my aerobic workout, my body ‘I’m really going to exercise really, you should know! You can think of this as a signal, that too. And now, aerobic exercise is given priority so that it can help blood circulation. I took a treadmill. It’s okay if you don’t have a mil, and if you’re at home alone, jumping jacks are okay. Jumping jacks, arms wide open. like this. ‘Then how much should this be? At what speed? ” I don’t think the speed is fixed. My stamina and your stamina are different. Every person has the ability to perform his or her own exercises. Depending on his / her ability, his / her speed needs to be adjusted. I think I first walked at 5-6 km / h. But since I walked at 5km / h, you don’t have to walk 5km / h, to lose weight and it won’t work. suits your body, breathe a little bit, sweat a little bit, about 10 minutes, just that much, the speed at which the state is created. Try it several times and try to experiment through your body. It is a point to go through trial and find the right speed for yourself. So after doing aerobic exercises, I now have a strength exercise, and what I did with strength training is the strength training called circuit training. Here is a description of the circuit training, our PD will write down. Circuit training is a combination of anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise, two anaerobic exercise and one aerobic. When doing anaerobic exercise, I didn’t do weight training, I did a lot of exercise without weight. didn’t you ever do weight? It’s not like this. Sometimes I did, but the weight was much lower percent in the workout. For example, how did I do circuit training, aerobic exercise in two anaerobic exercises. Think of this as a compound, make three compounds, three compounds, and three sets of this compound. After that, I said I exercised every other day? However, I do abs everyday. bc I don’t know how to exercise, so I just use back then thigh muscles, I use the muscles of other parts in this way. I’m forcibly making the exercise posture, is there a risk of injury? So what I need is to improve my core strength, so I have been doing my abdominal exercises, but you know that I have been doing abdominal exercises. Crunch, Legrace, Flank. Three sets of this. When I continue exercising in that way, my physical strength is really go better even than normal male. You have to be steady, instead. I ended up doing all the strength exercises and did aerobic exercises for 30 ~ 40 minutes. When you exercise, your body will accumulate fat and lactic acid. But to release this lactic acid effectively, you have to exercise again. Lactic acid eventually makes my body old, and active oxygen is making my body old. But to get rid of it effectively, you have to do aerobic exercises and stretching. But, if, there are also these people. ‘ I don’t have time, so I don’t think I will be able to exercise aerobic exercise.’ And now you have to adjust to your life, in that part? That is why I did this exercise, Try any exercise, there must be a change. I said that I do muscle exercise 3 days a week? The other 3 day was just an hour or so of aerobic exercise, it doesn’t matter whether it was a cycle or a treadmill. Just an hour or so? Or take a walk, I did it that way, the rest of the day just relaxed. Now, this is how I told you how I was exercising in high altitude obesity. Of course, it’s not really that easy at first, but I’d like to spend some time with only 10 or 5 minutes of my favorite workout. I hope that your life will become more enriching and healthy. Thank you for watching the video today. plz make comment and I make a video or I reply if I can give you an immediate answer. I’m a student so I can’t receive all of your feedback, But I will work hard to become a more wonderful person and to be a person who can help you a little more. Thank you for watching the video today and plz subscribe and put like. Please press! goodbye ~