so I just did a thousand push-ups a day for 30 day and what do I get in return a shoulder ache oh man my shoulder some put some ice on it what the ice is really cold oh man cold I got my shirt wet my doctor she see me walking there she says me Jerry you need to get in shape and like brother I am a shape I've expecting chains cuz that's what the people on the end that be promising me amazing these promises and then keeping it nice being no hands I'll give myself a chip for every pushup I do I saw on the screen five chips right here 4105 let another side and another side another side till my whole days over slider work 20 hours last week so I could pay Hey so this fitness program I've spent money on you doesn't just sit there after my mom bought his house she made me move out of her house I need does anybody care about me at all what's up everybody Lukas here so there's two lessons to be learned from this stupid video number one far too often I see nowadays people putting themselves in the challenges doing certain things that they don't necessarily want to do with the mindset that they're already going to fail and they want to fail why do they want to fail because they want people to feel sorry for them for failing so maybe another problem here is numbers we want numbers numbers numbers thousand push-ups it sounds wonderful a thousand you know if that's motivating to you and drives you to do the challenge then that's good I want you to keep that and do that however if it's overwhelming to you and you're compromising your form doing the push-ups start lower five push-ups ten push-ups 20 push-ups something like that and take a break take a rest of 60 seconds come back you know do 20 more do this maybe five times do a hundred push-ups one day then the next day maybe do 110 push-ups slowly increase over time also it would be a good idea not only to do push-ups but to do other exercises such as you know pull-ups because you don't want to become imbalanced however the push-up is a nice very nice compound movement that works a lot more muscles than you would expect so it is actually great for a challenge but I would recommend if you're going to be doing a huge challenge like a thousand push-ups a day don't just on sit on that you know after 30 days and just be like that's it fitness career is over I mean unless you want to be sedentary everything is up to you it's all up to you you can do whatever you want to do just make sure you're aware of what you're doing I hope this video makes sense thanks so much for watching don't forget to subscribe I got daily uploads Monday through Friday so turn your notifications on and I'll see you all in the next video for those of you out there looking for a full body challenge check out my 12-week el esthetics program body weight beast it is structured it is balanced it is progressive it'll take you from beginner to beast in 12 weeks on sale right now on only cage fitness comp hard copies and digital downloads available is one guy he's a real idiot I watches the video he tells me promises me I could do anything what you gotta focus everybody's to get that one side