With all the distractions of modern life,
sometimes it feels extremely difficult to think straight or to get some peace and quiet. We’re constantly under pressure from work
and all our other daily complications, and often we forget to sit still and take a deep
breath. With high-pressure jobs it can also sometimes
be difficult to get a consistent seven or eight hours sleep per night, which is the
recommended time scale. A well-rested brain is pivotal to a day of
efficient and high-standard work. Hi everyone, I’m Rhonda lee, and I’ll be your
host for this video. Here are 10 Pod Beds and Sleep Chambers that
could improve your health and wellbeing. From the outside, this “Perceptual Pod” looks
like a futuristic egg capsule, but inside it is so much more. The Transport is fitted with a comfy temperature-controlled
waterbed, as well as subwoofers for sound vibration. The waterbed creates a weightless and stress-free
environment for your body, with the speakers providing some peaceful background noise to
your rest. The design is a mixture of the infinite space
found in the desert, and a womb-like space. This environment, along with the comfort,
temperature, sound, and colourful light, the Transport will send you into the most blissful
of sleeps. The Pod is designed for one or two people,
and comes with optional custom features such as mobile lighting control, hidden compartments
and a memory foam bed. The CocoOne is designed to be the first-class
version of the sleep chambers. The exterior looks like a beautiful sea shell,
and the designers call it ‘like protective hands’ surrounding you as you rest. The panels on either side can open to uncover
two thirds of the reclining area within, if you desire to open yourself up to the elements. However, when closed, the doors provide shade,
privacy, and an element of noise reduction for a peaceful sleep, read, or just relaxation. The CocoOne is designed as a relaxation lounge
fit for one or two people. Relaxing in style! You can see why this one has first-class in
the title! Have you ever been stuck in the airport waiting
for your flight for hours? Maybe they announced a huge delay to take
off as soon as you arrived? The GoSleep Sleep Pods are designed to comfort
you in these particular times of need. A sleek and simple design, the Pods are perfect
for comfortable seating, or private sleeping chambers for passing the time away. Much preferred to the old-fashioned ‘curl
up in a ball on the floor on top of a coat’ method. These relaxation solutions have already been
rolled out in Tallinn Airport, Helsinki, and Abu Dhabi. Prepare to see them pop up in airports near
you, as the designs, have proved very popular. I’m Allie and it’s Mind’s Eye Trivia time. Are you looking at just these images? Do you know what this is, or where it’s from? Leave the correct answer, or you’re best guess in the comment section below. Imagine sunbathing in the shallow ocean in
a warm, toasty foreign island. Now imagine that without the huge yearly costs
and annoying children running around the hotel. The exterior looks like a space ship from
the future, and the interior creates a polished, varnished calming white vessel for warmth
and relaxation. Just add water, hop in, and bathe the time
away with the top open, or closed for privacy. The I-Sopod was first launched in 2009, and
it was the first of its kind to be called a pod, to have an all-white interior, a wide
easy access entrance, colour therapy LED lighting, 1 micron filtration and a flow through heater. The I-Sopod paved the way for a new kind of
water-based pod design, and has inspired many different brands and inventions to this day. An upgrade on the usual Dream Pod design,
the Stealth version incorporates a cool black polished finish to absorb 97.5% of the visible
light spectrum. Once filled with water, the Stealth provides
a light-free relaxation experience, perfect for those lazy days where sunlight prevents
you from napping comfortably. The Pod is built in with a hidden passive
air circulation system, as well as anti-slip flooring, temperature retention, and sound
proofing technology. Other versions of the Dream Pod are available,
including the Flagship, one of the most popular on the market; the Max, for multiple people;
the Sport, for health care; and the Floatcabin, a huge rectangular version. It’s fair to say that The Dream Pod have
just about your every need covered with their wide range of products. What are your thoughts on these Pod Beds? Which Sleep Chambers intrique you the most? Let us know in the comments below! The NeoQi – Dream is a spaceship design aimed
at rehabilitation and health improvements. The Dream was designed specifically for classical
SPA rituals and body shape correction. The pod can improve blood circulation, cellulite
reduction, stress relief and rejuvenation. It is also said to have a positive impact
on the user’s overall health. Relaxation with added health benefits, the
NeoQi Dream was aimed at body care treatments in beauty salons or spas. It includes an infrared sauna, steam sauna,
aroma therapy, Vichy shower, vibrating treatment table, colored lights, music system, face
cooling fan, and a hand shower. The Orrb Pod was designed by Lee McCormack,
with the aim to sell units to airports, universities and public spaces. The Orrb is a disk-shaped capsule with a single
lounge seat within. Fresh air is filtered through the pod for
a relaxing feel, as well as noise cancellation to reduce outside disturbance. The Orrb is fitted with a screen directly
in front of the seated user, and displays a series of exercises and meditation. Users are required to set up an online account
through which they can choose their personal relaxation/exercise program. The Orrb also offers a variety of self-development
and learning modules. Designers say the Pod is made to train your
brain to perform at its best, including improved focus, impulse control, responses, and efficiency
under stress. The Somadome is – A state-of-the-art sleep
chamber combined with color therapy. The Somadome uses the color spectrum, as well
as a feeling of infinite space to promote healing within your body and mind. The Somadome is unique to many other pods
on the market, as it revolves around the science of color. For example, the color white is said to promote
balance, increase harmony, and contribute towards overall
healing. Violet stimulates immunity and transformation,
green inner peace, dark blue cooling and calming, and turquoise promotes balance and relaxation. Colors create electrical impulses in our brains
which can trigger, thoughts, feelings and bodily reactions. The Somadome uses that to provide a unique
relaxation experience for the user. Externally, the ITW is based on a futuristic-looking
cocoon of the silkworm, which already promotes a feeling of peace and comfort. The lightweight dome is elegant and completely
surrounds the inner wellness lounge for privacy and relaxation away from the outside world. The designers say the Cocoon itself promotes
an atmosphere of seclusion, and an almost weightless feeling of comfort. The ITW includes a water mattress to create
this floating feeling, as well as relieving your muscles form any stress. Gentle lighting is included on the inner membrane
once closed to create a therapeutic experience for the user. The Cocoon is designed to whisk you away from
your stressful day-to-day life and to float you above the clouds as a relaxing escape. The Sleepbox, much like one of our earlier
pods, began life as a rentable relaxation zone for people waiting for long durations
in airports. However, before long, the Sleepbox grew a
life of its own and proved to be popular in many different locations. You pay $30 per hour to rest within the confines
of the comfy mini bedroom, or you can pay $100 to stay the entire night, which isn’t
a bad price depending on your location and situation. Much like a hotel, you can make an online
reservation and check in upon arrival. The individual rooms cover 40 square feet
each, and come in single or double bed variations. You also receive shared access to bathroom
and shower facilities, making this quite a unique design. The beauty about this particular pod is, as
the name suggests, the box can pretty much be set up anywhere. So far, units have been set up in Moscow’s
Sheremetyevo Airport, Stockholm, and more will open soon in Washington Dulles Airport,
downtown Boston with plans for Atlanta. The designers have now rolled out the Office
Sleepbox too, featuring a different, more compact and basic design with a space to sleep
and even a desk to work at. This could be a solution to those office all-nighters. There you have it, ten remarkably unique and amazing Pod Beds and Sleep Chambers for improved health and well being. Whether its isolation, peace and quiet, a different experience, or a helpful hotel alternative. These inventions can supply you with some of the best night sleeps you’ve ever had. I’m Rhonda Lee, and until next time. – Touch your heart; Close your eyes; Make
a wish and say good night! Hi everyone, if you enjoy this video, leave a comment about what you found the most interesting and why. Also, to get notified when a new video is posted, hit the bell icon below, right next to the subscribe button. Thank you for watching Mind’s Eye Design.