Hey guys, it’s Dean, welcome to Man Flow
Yoga. Welcome to your Guyoga bonus routines. This routine is our back pain
relief routine. So the way this routine works we’re going to go through both
strengthening and stretching so we’re gonna work on strengthening the muscles
that support the spine so that’s going to help draw attention away from the
lower back or the spine and then we’re going to go into stretching the muscles
that connect to the spine to further reduce tension in the lower back.
You will need a strap for this routine if you don’t have a strap you can also
use a belt a rope or a dog leash. Alright let’s get straight into it. So I’m
gonna have you start on your back and the first thing we’re gonna do is is
just kind of pull your knees in toward your shoulders, keep your lower back flat
on the ground, you can bring your hands to the tops of your knees and tighten
your abs, you pull your belly button down again keeping the back flat on the
ground so this is going to help you straighten your spine what we tend to do
during the day is rounding the back so I want you to keep your back flat on the
ground, maybe tuck your chin in toward your throat a little bit more than you
usually would and again just lightly pull the knees up
toward the shoulders while keeping your lower back flat on the ground.
Deep breath in and out of your nose while squeezing your abs so just kind of
working on getting those muscles in your core working again that’s going to help
draw pressure away from the low back. Alright now single leg reverse crunches.
Grab your right knee with both hands bring your left leg straight out in
front of you now you might want to start with it higher off the ground if it
doesn’t hurt you can bring that leg lower toward the ground kind of to hover
about 6 inches off the ground so now we’re strengthening the core a little
bit more actively and then you can go ahead and switch sides so bring your
left knee in and bring the right leg out again start it up high and then bring it
lower. Over time you can get it lower without as much warm-up but you might
have to start high for now, and then again switch…so we’re just spending 5 to
10 seconds per side on this dynamic single leg reverse
crunch or chest or die to chest whatever you want to call this. Again one more
each side so just kind of a relaxing core exercise actively releasing tension
from the lower back and then bring both legs in toward your chest once more and
now bring your knees over your hips push your hands into your thighs, pretend like
you’re holding something between your thighs so squeeze your inner thighs
toward one another while pushing your hands into your thighs, your thighs back
into your hands and your neck is relaxed on the ground…push as hard as you can
for 10 seconds so really focusing on the hip flexors here and your transverse
abdominals, that’s the deep layer of muscle tissue that makes up your
abdominal wall and then relax bring your arms out to the sides and from here
moving into a reclined twist. So bring your legs over toward the right, try to
get your hips facing all the way to the right if your left shoulder comes off
the ground a little bit that’s okay bring your right hand on top of your
left knee, look straight up at the ceiling and then drive your left knee
the outside of your left knee into your right hand while keeping your abs tight
and trying to open up your chest to face up so we are working on strengthening
your core here but also on stretching your spine, we’ve got a nice twist going
on so we are simultaneously strengthening your body and also
reducing tension body at the same time, so this is a really cool, not a compound,
but a very cool movement that that satisfies or has multiple purposes what
I’m trying to say… deep breaths…and this is one of the
go-to stretches that I use for anybody who’s experiencing low back pain or back
pain in general. Alright now go ahead and switch so bring your legs back to
the middle bring your legs all the way over to the left now again hips now face
to the left, left hand goes on top of the right knee, reach your right arm out to
the right pull your ribs down so don’t let your chest puff out I want you to
pull your right ribcage down to the floor and again looking straight up at
the ceiling if you want to get a little bit more of a twist here you can look
all the way over to the right, that’s going to add a little bit more of a neck
mobility element to this and now pushing your right knee into your left hand
that’s going to help add a little more strength or active strength building
element to this and that’s going to help further reduce tension, so the theme for
this workout so far is building strength while as a way to kind of reduce tension.
One more breath here…alright and then back to the middle last strengthening
pose here…plant your feet in front of your hips, make sure that your toes are
facing straight forward squeeze your butt muscles pull your heels toward your
shoulders and now drive your hips up toward the ceiling. Keep your chest drawn
in don’t puff your chest out don’t use your spine to lift, use your core use
your hips use your thighs here legs squeeze toward one another, but muscles
are squeezing again pulling the heel pulling your shoulders forward using
your heels and you can bring your arms along your sides or straight out to the
outsides laterally…keep your chin relaxed again focusing on your abs, your
glutes, and your thighs…squeeze your butt muscles as much as you can take a couple
more breaths here…exhale you can drive up a little bit higher and this is a
really good one to relieve back pain because it’s kind of the opposite of
what you do during the day if you’re sitting at a desk usually our hips are
not in this extended position and also our spine is not in this position
and so we’re working muscles that get tight and weak while sitting and also
helping to strengthen your core and move your spine, and then go ahead and release
down alright first kind of stretch here…
cross your right ankle over your left thigh for a figure four, grab the back of
your left thigh flex your right toes back toward the shin externally rotate
your right hip so we’re turning the right knee to face to the outside and
then just light pressure here to stretch the outer right hip and this is a really
good one for relieving low back pain because low back pain is caused by hip
tightness it’s not caused just by back weakness or a lack of strength but also
by tightness in the hips, so this is stretching one of the larger muscles of
your body if not the largest muscle in your body to help with releasing tension
in the back…you can hold this for 30 seconds minimum and up to 60 seconds , alright let’s go ahead and switch sides so now the left ankle crosses over the
right thigh grab the back of your right thigh pull it in again turning the left
knee to face out, you shouldn’t feel tension in the knee here your goal here
is to feel a stretch in the outer left hip, kind of in that outer left waist
area…and one thing that’s cool about this routine is you don’t have to do the
full routine to get the benefits it’s possible that you just do one or two
stretches or even just one stretch to help with relieving back pain, pay
attention to how the stretches uniquely affect your body and then you can choose
what stretches you want to do with the availability that you have. alright go
ahead and release that and then we’re going to grab the strap and go through
some strap stretches here, so what you do bring the strap around your right foot
aim the right leg straight up in the air keep your left leg flat on the ground
and pull the strap toward you until you feel stretch through the back of your
right thigh, so a hamstring stretch here flex your toes down if you want to get a
calf stretch out of this as well I do recommend doing that, and you can
work on kind of squeezing the front of your right thigh
you’re doing this for a little bit more release…I’d hold this one for a minimum
of 30 seconds and up to 90 seconds if you can…as you exhale maybe you go a
little bit deeper into this and you can bend your knee here you don’t have to
straighten the leg all the way straightening the leg will make it more
intense but you can also bend the knee bring it slightly more forward if it’s
too tight for you. Alright and then switch sides so I’m just gonna have you
bring your left leg up now bring the right leg down again squeeze your left
thigh toward your chest drive your heel up reach your toes down again left thigh
squeezes toward you back of the knee presses away from you, and the great
thing about stretching your hamstrings is this is a huge factor in lower back
pain so tight hamstrings leads to a tight or pain in the lower back, so this
is something that I recommend you would do every day hold it for at least 60
seconds up to 90 even 120 seconds and focus on breathing to go deeper and inhaling to maintain. Alright go ahead and release we’ve got one more stretch
to help with relieving back pain…that is the lizard. So I’m gonna have you flip
over onto your chest bring your right foot outside your right hand, get a block
if you don’t have a block that’s okay you can also place your hand on top of
your right thigh and then lift your chest up right, allow your hips to sink
forward, and we’re gonna get a really nice groin stretch here, so stretching
your groin also stretching through the front of your left hip, your hip flexors.
Keep your left toes tucked for a little bit more engagement and if you have any
sensitivity in the knee here you can put a towel underneath that knee you can
also lift the knee away from the ground entirely that’s going to make this a
more a much more active pose but you do have options here if your knee hurts
don’t just you know let it sit there and hurt…
put a cushion under it or lift it off the ground. Again minimum of 30 seconds
for this stretch just like the other ones and you can hold it for up to 90
seconds. Alright let’s go ahead and switch so now left leg comes up right
knee is back again tuck the toes for a little bit more support lift your chest
up right allow your hips to sink forward so the big inhale get a little taller…
exhale allow your hips to sink forward so you’re not pushing your hips forward
you’re just allowing them to sink forward. If our goal were to increase
flexibility we would add a little bit more of a pushing element to this but
since the goal here is back pain relief just allow your hips to naturally sink
forward, use your breath to get there and depending on how your back feels maybe
you lean forward a little bit more or maybe you lift up a little bit more
and get into more extension so that’s kind of up to you if you’ve been sitting
a lot during the day I would recommend lifting your chest up, if you’re trying
to go to sleep then I would kind of let your chest fall forward a little bit
more. Alright and then go ahead and release, so that’s it just a quick little
routine for you to use to help relieving back pain, again you don’t have to do
this entire routine you can pick and choose some of the exercises that we did
the first half was devoted to strengthening your core and then the
second part was focused on stretching the muscles that connect to your spine
so that’s a really good combination just in general if you’re ever looking to
really back pain, again part strengthening part stretching so I hope
you enjoyed this routine hope you found it useful. Again if you’re watching this
on the online Guyoga portal, make sure to check out the rest of the resources
there. If you’re watching this on the DVD there are some tutorials and routines
here but there are more online so make sure to check that out. Again hope you
guys found this useful and I’ll see you on the next video.