ready to work your upper body well today I'll be tracking my calories and my heart rate with my samsung gear sport let's go all right guys let's get started I am gonna begin my workout now let's come down to the floor with our warmup and first we're going to just start with a push up walk all right so remember whether you're at home or you're on vacation you can do this workout all right I want you to come down onto your elbows and then up onto your hands here now remember here you can modify it as well so if you feel like your body weight is a little bit heavy for the shoulder press on the way up here we're just warming up the shoulder girdle and we're really getting ourselves to kind of push through those hands getting the chest shoulders triceps everything now you can switch directions come down the other way so guys today you also really don't need to worry about if you have weights great you can also grab water bottles either one is going to work for you today okay cause we're not going to burn super super heavy and then we're gonna come down and walk all the way back up onto our feet now we're gonna go into a nice reverse fly okay so here I want you bent over no weights for this one and we're just gonna work on warming up the back all right middle back is so important when you're doing an upper body workout so pinch those shoulder blades back and bring them together so today you guys it's a really good idea here think about staying accountable to your health and fitness and what I love about this Samsung gear sport is that I can track my heart rate my calories my steps to live that healthiest life and it allows me to keep track right you can really kind of benefit because you get that nice objective feedback right keep track of your health good pinch and squeeze one more nice little extension good shake it out and grab your weights or your water bottles alright and we're gonna go into a Travolta so you're here you're up at 90 degrees you're gonna come across your body down to your hip and just coming across the body and breathing out up and down good so here we're again working the shoulders rotator cuff muscles I'm doing all these warm-ups because we're working the upper body today right my heart rate is probably already spiking and I'm gonna be really be able to work on chest shoulders back and really feel good and warm so that we don't strain that's the most important thing when you're exercising the upper body is that you give it a good warm up not just shoulder circles sometimes you got to do a little bit extra good two more go up you should start to feel a good burn here even without weights I can feel a good burn here last one boom awesome job you guys so what I want to do is just shake out the shoulders the second we're gonna keep those weights in hand and we're gonna stay standing for a nice little first circuit which is going to include the triceps and the back and shoulders a little bit of the lats so in a nice little bent knee position I want you to get your elbows up high and you're gonna kick back right so it's a nice little tricep extension here working on the back of the arms now how many of you know your mother's want those nice triceps you want the triceps so it's a good time right now to help your mom keep track of her health and fitness you can grab her a Samsung gear sport so she can track all the heart rate calories and steps that she wants to to help her keep track of her health and fitness goals and she can stay connected with you by email text all that stuff good last two and we're gonna go into a straight arm extension so here yup shake it out a second and you're gonna go into that same bent knee position and you're gonna go back squeeze at the top and then let it release so here now I'm still working triceps and working my back and shoulders and this is a really good burn right so only go up as far as you feel comfortable don't strain don't start to hunch your neck as your arms go up if your weights too heavy drop your weight a little bit and you're breathing out right one more good stand so in between each move give your legs a little bit of a shake out your back a little shake you're gonna feel it in your low back a little bit as well now you're betting those elbows kicking back again beautiful the gear sport also makes an awesome gift you guys because the band's are interchangeable so it has different colors to match your different outfits good keep breathing one more and we're gonna go into those straight arm extensions oh my gosh it's burning alright straight arms let's do this I know your arms are totally burning up like mine good extend it back nice job good breeze it out so you should really feel this not only in your shoulders but also your triceps and a little bit in your lats right a lot of us do the pulldown moves and it's important to work those shoulders and back as well good let's go one more bring it up awesome now you might be feeling it a little bit in your glutes a little bit in your low back but that's okay we're working those muscles as long as your back is straight right so go back down one more set up to the triceps and remember I'm using light weights because we're doing a lot of repetitions here and we're really kind of super setting it so I'm not eating really any rest of my triceps right good good breathe it out you guys and remember if you have water bottles it's gonna be just as effective and look at this you can be at home you can be in a hotel room I have not left my mat right but I bet you my heart rate is kicked up a lot so I can't jacket keep going one more good all right last one with the straight arm oh my gosh it's burning you're not the only one here we go lift it up squeeze now notice how when I extend my arms I'm trying to pause at the top that's really important that's where you're really gonna feel the arms working and you're gonna get that nice hold a little isometric burn there so you're not just living them like you're not trying to swing them and blend them up right you're controlled bringing it back and forth one more exhale all right Wow okay fried let's switch up the routine here come down onto the floor we're going to go into a combination of a shoulder press with a push up so here I just want you on your knees okay if you need a little bit of a towel or a pillow you can kneel on that double up your mat maybe but right here we're just kind of coming down to the shoulders up over the head give it a little kiss at the top so I'm doing a little bit of that adduction right working the shoulders good breathing it out nice job we're gonna go two more here and then we're gonna combine this with a nice little wide grip narrow push a wide grip push up to start so set it down walk out into your push-up position keep your arms pretty wide for this one and you're going down and up to the push-up so remember exhale on the way up inhale on the way down go with your own pace right you're working shoulders you're working chest you're working back and if you get all the way to the floor man are you getting an awesome range of motion through the chest and shoulders good walk it back grab your weights go back for your shoulder press so your arm should be on fire right now you're doing awesome don't give up remember this is a short workout so you're gonna really maximize your time here there's not a lot of rest keep your engagement in the core nice straight back good one more press drop it down walk it out now I want you to go with a narrow grip push up so keep your elbows in tight now your triceps are already really worked right so this is gonna be a little harder I'm on my knees though getting a lot of reps in I'm trying to keep the pace consistent right so just keep working through it breathe give me one more then we're gonna come up for our last step press it out oh good walk it in grab your weights oh how are you doing how's your heart rate is it spiked mine certainly is and breathing heavy in just a quick little short arm circuit we are working almost every muscle in the upper body all right so really squeeze those weights keep your arms engaged you're doing great breathing it out that's it last one good now wide grip push-ups again walk it out go wide oh my gosh my arms are about to fall off you guys they are burning so good this is such an awesome routine that you can get in any time you need that quick arm burn maybe you're getting into one of those nice summer dresses or crop tops breathe one more the only thing that's all we have good and walk it back awesome job with that now please stick with me for just a quick little stretch right so definitely triceps and shoulders so let's take our arms one arm across the body and let's just do a good shoulder release here also catching our breath right let it come down nice and easy breathe he then takes deep breath I loved oh my gosh yeah my heart rate is at 107 so that's what I'm doing a cardio workout right so I hope you guys also got to track your heart rate breathe now we're going to go into a tricep extension here open it up tricep really big stretch so here I'm trying to reach my hand back to the middle of my spine so I really get the extension and I'm giving it a little bit of a pull other side this feels so good right now I love it good and extending awesome breathing it out now that heart rate is coming down a little bit good last one we're gonna do is a nice shoulder stretch so heart rate is still up there at 108 I almost burned over 50 calories here with just a nice quick upper body circuit right so here we go stretch out that chest open it up nice open bring it open roll those shoulder blades back feel that nice stretch oh you guys awesome job keep up the good work keep tracking your progress let me know what your heart rate was during that workout or how you like that one I'll see you next time