– Guys, welcome to your first
weight loss video of 2020. Today we are doing a HIIT
workout for weight loss to burn calories and torch
off those extra goodies that we ate at Christmas. I’m a huge believer in HIIT and it’s really helped me
slim down all over my body. So this workout is gonna
combine some killer cardio moves and toning to help you lose weight. Now this workout video
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result orientated women. I’ve made sure that the app is efficient and simple to use, guys. So if you are serious about your health and fitness for 2020, make
sure to click on the link below for more information to become a member. (techno music) Okay guys, so for circuit one, the first workout move that
you’re gonna be going into today is floor shuffle taps. So all I want you to do
is shuffle to the side as quick as you can and then make sure you are tapping the
floor every single time you are going to the side. So I like to do about
three or four shuffles in between each one, and
I go as quick as I can for the 30 seconds. (techno music) Excellent, the next workout
is gonna be squat floor taps. So all I want you to
do is do a jump squat. Make sure every single
time your feet are apart, you’re squatting down
and touching the floor. So you wanna go as quick
as you can here, guys. Make sure you’re really jumping and bringing your feet together and you are squatting
down as low as you can because we really wanna
get that heart rate up. Remember this is 30 seconds per exercise, you wanna give it your
all because we wanna burn as much fat as possible. Excellent, now we’re
gonna go down to the floor and we’re gonna do abduction abs. So all I want you to
do is place your hands by the side of your bum, not behind you. And make sure that you’re
just tapping your feet to the floor and tapping
them together at the top. Keep that core engaged and make sure you’re sucking the naval to the spine. (techno music) Great work guys, now we’re
just gonna do rope pulls. So all I want you to do is imagine that you are climbing up a rope. Bring your knees up as far as you can and just pull down with your arms. (techno music) Great work guys, you have
a 30 second rest here. So have some water if you guys need to. Just have a bit of a breather and we’re gonna go in and repeat
the circuit all over again. ♪ It’s where I’m alone ♪ ♪ Out here on my own ♪ ♪ Alone with no one ♪ ♪ It’s where I’m alone ♪ Remember the first
exercise we’re going into is those floor shuffle taps. So let’s go, shuffle to the side, tap, shuffle, shuffle, tap. Remember guys, go as fast as you can. We wanna get that heart rate up so you need to really pick up
the pace and push yourself. (techno music) Remember if you guys wanna see any changes you’ve gotta go as intense as you can and really, really push yourself. ♪ Out here on my own ♪ ♪ Alone with no one ♪ ♪ It’s where I’m alone ♪ Do your breathing, don’t hold you breath. Let’s go into those squat floor taps. So squat, feet together,
squat, feet together. Make sure you’re touching the floor every single time you’re going down. (techno music) Again remember to breathe,
exhale as you’ll come up. (techno music) Excellent, let’s go back onto the floor, do the abduction abs. So remember, feet touch the floor, touch together at the top. Remember, make sure those
hands are by your bum, do not put them behind
’cause it’s gonna challenge your core a lot more. (techno music) If you do want an extra challenge, you can bring your hands
up like I’m doing as well. (techno music) Remember to exhale once
your feet come together. And the final one is that rope pull down, so let’s go for it guys,
let’s bring the cardio back. Go for it, push it, pull the
rope down, bring the knees up. Remember to keep the core engaged. (techno music) Excellent, again we’ve
got a 30 second rest here, so if you guys wanna have
some water, grab some now. Take a breather and we’re
gonna repeat that circuit all over again for the final time before we go into circuit two. (techno music) I love doing these type of cardio sessions ’cause I really just like to push myself and I find when you do
exercises back to back, it really burns out the body
and it makes you so breathless but it’s great because
it’s done very quickly. So let’s get ready for those shuffle taps. That’s it, side shuffle, touch
the floor, touch the floor. Remember, go as fast as
you can, push yourself. If you have the space make
sure you’re traveling. If you only have a limited
amount of space like I do, try and go as quickly
as you can in-between. (techno music) Excellent, let’s go into
those squat floor taps. So squat down, touch the floor. (techno music) Make sure you’re breathing,
suck that naval into the spine. Squeeze your glutes every
single time you are coming up. (techno music) Excellent, let’s go back to
the floor to hit those abs. Remember, get your feet to touch the floor and then make sure they’re
tapping at the top. (techno music) Remember to breathe. Exhale as your feet come together. (techno music) Let’s go to the last
one, the rope pull down. So let’s really go for it
here on the last 30 seconds. The last time you’re doing this exercise. So get those legs going,
let’s pull those arms down, let’s start toning the entire body. (techno music) That’s it guys, you’ve got
this, come on not long. Keep going, keep going. (techno music) Okay guys, now we’re gonna
go into the next circuit. So we’re switching up the exercises. The first one that you’re
gonna be going into is football sprints. So just catch your breath before
we go into it in a second. (techno music) And run as quick as you
can with those feet, arms out in front. Turn to the left. Front. Turn to the right. Front. Move to the left, move to the
right, back into the middle. Let’s turn again, guys, to the left. Front. Turn to the right, keep going,
quicker than that, front. Excellent job, guys, onto the
floor now for some crunches. So you want your feet flat on the floor. You wanna crunch up and down. With this movement make
sure you’re exhaling as you come up in the crunch position and you’re really contracting those abs. So breathe out, inhale in. Out, in. (techno music) Fab work, guys, straight up into ab kicks. So all you wanna do is
kick out to the side. You want your arms flat on
the floor and you wanna bring that bum as close to
the floor as possible. This is gonna use every muscle in the body and it’s gonna really
help to burn you out. So twist round, front, twist round. That’s it, keep going, keep breathing. (techno music) Excellent guys, up now for plie pulses. So you wanna come down into a plie and you just wanna squat up and down. You want your feet turning outwards. Naval sucked in. Really squeeze those
thighs and those glutes. (techno music) That’s it, keep going. If you wanna make this harder you can bring that squat down lower. So keep going, this is the
last exercise in this circuit. Excellent, 30 second break,
grab some water here guys if you need to. (techno music) Okay guys, let’s get into
position to repeat that all over again. (techno music) And run, football sprints guys. Arms out in front of you, move those feet as quick as possible. (techno music) That’s it, keep going, turn to the left. Front. Turn to the right. That’s it, come on, quicker. Front. Move to the left. Right. Back to center. Great work guys, onto the floor, let’s go into those crunches. Feet on the floor, bring
it up and take it down. Crunch those abs, really suck
the naval into the spine. That’s it, exhale up, inhale down. (techno music) Do keep breathing, guys. Up and down. (techno music) Back into that position guys for ab kicks. So you wanna kick the leg
out to the other side. That’s it, keep going, I
know this move is tough, it works every single muscle. And it’s gonna really help
to burn those shoulders. But you really gotta
make sure that you are twisting the body, kicking those legs out to the side for me. (techno music) That’s it, keep going, keep breathing. You wanna exhale as you kick
out, inhale as you come in. Straight back up into
those plie pulses, guys. Remember, feet out, bring
it down into a squat and pulse up and down,
keep that core contracted. Come on, you can go lower than that, let’s bring it down further, let’s burn out those legs and glutes. (techno music) Excellent job, guys,
just take a breather here for 30 seconds. (techno music) Let’s go again guys, football sprints. Arms out in front of you,
pick up the pace now, this is the final time you’re doing this. Come on, faster. Turn to the left. Front. Turn to the right. Back to the front. Move left. Move right. Back to the center, come on pick it up. Quicker pace. (techno music) Back down to those crunches,
guys, you know the move. Bring it up and down. Crunch those abs, you
really wanna make sure that you’re curling in the abs and sucking that naval into the spine. (techno music) Excellent work, guys, back
into the next killer move. Those ab kicks, so make sure
you are twisting the body here. Make sure you kick those
legs out as far as you can and bring that bum as close
to the floor as possible. That’s it, come on, keep going. This is only 30 seconds guys, the last time you’re performing this. Kick it out and back. Out and back, that’s it, amazing guys. And back up for the final
exercises, plie pulses. Come on, bring it down
as far as you can here, keep the naval contracted. Feet pointing out. Squeeze, squeeze. Make sure every muscle
is engaged here, guys. Don’t be sloppy, I need
you to squeeze those legs, squeeze the glutes, squeeze the abs. (techno music) Excellent job, guys, that is it. Well done for completing this routine. That is the end of the HIIT
weight loss workout today. I hope you enjoyed this routine with me and that you loved the video. Make sure to join Pink
Dragon by clicking on the link below in the description box. You won’t find an app
like this anywhere else. (techno music)