get ready to tone your core with this 10 minutes super Tabata ab workout no equipment necessary okay guys let's get into it today with a standing cross crunch to warm up these abdominals hands to the side of the ears opposite elbow to knee really focus on control rather than speed here now some of you may be wondering what is this man talking about when he said a super tabata that is not a thing I know Renier pollard likes to bend the rules what that means is that as opposed to the traditional Tabata where it's 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest some of our movements today will be 40 seconds just like this one is right here and then you get a longer resting period after so I want you to go 14 more seconds of this exercise keep it rotate and keep it controlled little element of balance that comes from the ABS too it's all part of the master plan standing tall driving those knees up and rest nicely done so our next exercise it's gonna be in a nice plie squat we're staying low we're gonna be here for 20 seconds hands right back where they were and give me some nice side bends little oblique crunch here getting low now you may notice that there are some hearts behind my head and that's because I plan on killing your abdominals in the next 10 minutes but I'm doing it with love you understand also extra credit if you laugh at any of my jokes today that's also part of the ab workout rest okay stand tall we get right back down you might be feeling these guys warming up good because we're going to use them today get low and side to side let's get it one more 20 second interval here and we are on the floor working these abdominals get a little fire in these legs because you know the quads have to work pretty hard if you want to work these abdominals so get them warm it's all a part of the territory last a little bit here and let's take it to the ground our first floor exercise today is going to be a six-inch hole now we say that meaning ideally your legs or knees locked six inches right the ground now if that is not available to you I don't care where these legs are as long as they are not completely perpendicular to the floor a little bit low 45 degrees you're gonna be working these apps 20 seconds at a time let's get our first interval here hold it out lock it out now as you noticed I'm pushing my belly button into the ground raising my shoulder blades trying to create a nice hollow body nice and long if you want to up the ante hands to the side of the ears are gonna make it a little bit harder make your upper body a little bit heavier or arms overhead if you really want to show it off rest it's the first interval you got one more of those to go and it happens in five seconds on your mark get set fly it back go so again if you need to modify this exercise if you are not over here trying to look like a full-out hollow body gymnast you can have those legs up high I still want these needs to be locked out you can have your hands to the side of your thighs really reducing the amount of pressure on the upper body and on that lower back and rest very nice now we're going to follow that up with one of those super Tabata intervals we're getting ourselves some bicycles we're gonna get those knees driving all the way in and push those heels all the way out so let's get it here 40 seconds rotating that upper body I always like to think of it it's like shimmying your shoulder blades you're moving your shoulders side to side and driving those legs all the way forward again if it's too hard to drive them nice and low you can drive them high up here I don't want it to be too much about the speed I want it to be more about the knee drive and the control last moments here less than 10 seconds get all the way through the motion four three two and rest very nice okay we're getting a little fire in the tummy that's called warming up it's all good it's all a part of the plan we're going back to those six inch holes wherever you can have those knees blocked out and I want a little flutter kicks join me here whoo I feel at a fee laughs so feeder long arms can go overhead for those of you looking for that extra credit move ooh remember engage if your neck is hurting that probably means you need to put more energy into those abdominals rest the more that you engage that core push that belly button down into the floor and raise those shoulder blades the less pressure that's gonna be on your neck and your lower back go last set here what are you gonna do I mean I could show off and make it look really hard right now but you know what I want to show off the modified level I'm doing that for you guys okay I want to have realistic standards in the video that's the only reason and rest in other words I'm not trying to just save myself because I've had a long weekend I don't want you to assume that or last but not least exercising you're gonna have some pullout scissor kicks it's just like the bicycles but with long legs so if this is too high of a level for you go back to those bicycles with the knees bent join me here everybody again I'm rotating it side to side I'm not pulling on my neck my hands out to the side of my ears not behind my head trying to help in this motion your hands are not here to help they are actually here to hinder you want to put your hands to the side of the ears and get the upper body weighed down a little bit more make these bicycles or these scissor kicks a little bit more difficult if you want you can reach the hands whoo 10 seconds here finish it out feel it I feel I could get a little spiritual whenever my abs are burning I don't know what that associations about okay guys we're done with those and not a second too soon let's turn over and get ourselves a nice plank Tabata our first plank is just going to be that a normal plank nothing to it but to do it 40 seconds want you to hold tight now we got a little fire built in those abdominals already we're gonna feel it but I want you to engage your full body as much as you can here don't just leave one muscle group to work here on its own lock your knees and gauge that lower back engage the shoulder blades down the back I want you to get as many muscle groups to fire as you can to get you through this forty second plank and if you need to you could always lower your knees gently as long as you keep your hips supported and do a modified plank to take it all the way home we have another five four three two and rest nicely done so we're gonna follow up that forty second plank with two 20 second intervals where I want you to lower one knee at a time without letting your hips move whatsoever join me right here and try these out now if you need to be in a modified plank for all of these activities you can just stay on those knees you can actually keep the toes on the ground as well and just focus on staying in there with us for the full plank tabata which will be a full four minutes we're about to finish our first 20 second interval right now rest it up rest it up I always recommend getting off the hands getting off the shoulders shake them out we have our second 20 second interval one knee down at a time if you're joining me there go so as you can see my goal is to keep everything from my shoulders to my hips perfectly still as I drop one knee at a time last moments come here coming here good control good control rest nice now we're gonna go for another forty second plank want you to hold strong and we're gonna just swivel these hips side to side try to take our hips towards the ground let me see you shake it okay feet back block it out and side to side now if you do want to modify you don't want to go to the knees what you could do is actually just make your feet a little wider give yourself a little more base of support swiveling these hips side to side again you'll notice I'm not about speed it is about good control feeling it getting as much of a stretch as you can the bigger the stretch the bigger the contraction can you take those hips down to the ground just give the little castle wow look at that look wow there it is seven seconds let it time baby let it turn three two one and rest okay those of you that have taken my videos before no I can sweat at the drop of the Hat that is happening right now okay both knees down and up without the hips moving if you'd like that challenge or you can stick with one knee at a time ready go down and lock it out nice and easy just a gentle tap towards the ground nothing violent you definitely should not be able to hear your knees hit the floor OOP just like so last moments here three two and rest very nice okay go get through this last twenty second interval and we're gonna stretch it out okay three seconds to go low to high thanks I know you I know what you're thinking how could this almost be over you know you were just getting warmed up you were just hitting your stride well don't worry I have other videos on pops order that you can google right now you could go get a longer workout if you need to I'm there for you boo rest okay oh great job let's open back up these hips and these shoulders we're gonna get ourselves a nice reverse plank to start out I want your feet right in front of you just thrust those hips up so my hands fingertips are facing back I'm pushing through my heels squeezing my butt and blessed in my hips up nice and high Oh reverse flakes are very responsible to it involve in your core training regiment works the back of the body you want to have a nice well-rounded core training methodology you don't basically I'm saying don't just do sit-ups don't just do sit-ups please I'm asking as a friend okay the rest those hips a little bit higher you got this last eight seconds a high key keep it squeeze it up squeeze it up work that back body and rest very nice okay we're gonna get one more little interval there a nice hip thrust but we're gonna involve in alternating reach so you're gonna reach your hand over the opposite shoulder join me here I'm gonna take my right hand oh yes that feels good right down low to the ground I just taught my booty to the floor in between nice deep range of motion there that's bullying tap and a squeeze and reach we should have just done this for 10 minutes this feels good it's open back up your shoulders a little bit ooh feel that stretch all the way down the side of the body a little bit of the QL give me 15 more seconds here and we are all finished whoo I like breathing through exhaling as you come up high we got one more here reach it over reach it over ease down okay off that's all I got for you today thank you for joining me see you next time