here everybody coach Kozak here from hasit for my 10-minute balance workout before you begin this workout I’d like you to go ahead and click the link right here that’s going to send you over to our dynamic warm-up routine it’s very important that you warm up before completing this balanced workout now the great thing about this family routine is it’s easily accommodate able for people of all fitness levels from athletes all the way to seniors and the way that we’re going to adjust a difficulty level is twofold first the resistance level and the second way is the surface in which you’re standing on so for the resistance beginners you can go ahead use a really light dumbbell or even a lot of bottom will work for this work workout and then the more advanced trainees are going to need to need a heavier dumbbell anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds and the second way we’re going to just a difficulty level for this routine is the surface you’re standing on beginners go ahead and stand right on the ground how to work great for you with a more advanced training I’d like you to go ahead and grab a pillow and we’re going to use this to stand on to make your surface less stable it works similar to like a BOSU ball but without having to go out and buy ok I’m going to do this entire routine with you I hope you’re ready to go let’s get started okay so you can see I have to go lay down on the ground those who that are going to use it I’m most I’m going to start with it just to show you how we’re going to use it but don’t feel obligated to do something so the first moment we’re going to do is call the weight ship if you are using the bill make sure you stand directly in the center of the bill while you do these this is a really easy one we’re going to start with a little bend your knee you’re going to pop your opposite leg out and you’re going to lean to the side of the leg that you’re standing down we’re going to hold this position for 15 seconds keep them a little bend in your knee and something really important of all these movements is you find a focal point for your eyes find a point for your eyes to focus on okay now the second half we’re going to do without the pillow we’re going to switch legs and we’re going to hold 15 seconds on your opposite leg we’re going to hold out breathe keep it a little better than that knee then entire time good keep breathing keep holding just a few more seconds and great so if you want to go ahead and continue to use a pillow feel free to do so just to share with you I have a sprained ankle today so I’m not looking for any added resistance okay so pick it up your gumbo for the next one we’re going to do a shoulder raise with your one leg out so put one leg up little bend your knee holding your dumbbell or water bottle we’re going to slowly do some lateral childrenís now this is not a strength workout so we’re not looking to complete bunch of rats or get a big burn going in our for body this is just add added difficult into the balance three two one okay switch inside little bend your knee opposite leg out and here we go with the shoulder is crackin here’s Dumbo or water bottle up parallel to the ground nice controlled movements and breathe there we go three two one and relax one set the dumbbell down that’s going to do an isometric cat raise we’re going to come up on the balls of your feet keeping a little bend in your knees and we’re just going to hold they want to find if also your feet the whole time not coming down for a break make sure you both legs equally don’t have the weight on evenly distribute good this whole whole whole stand up on the balls of those feet just a few more seconds and five four three two one okay go ahead grab that dumbbell again we’re going to pop one up a little bit the opposite leg and we’re going to do a shoulder press all the way up all the way down again nice controlled movements keeping your eyes centered i focal point over please help me keep balance an entire time good there we go just a couple more three two one all right and switch and now we’re going on the opposite side good all the way up all the way down full range of motion and keep it bending that knee open you can see this is my sprained ankle side here we go keep it up and five four three two one setting it down on the ground next we’re going to do an isometric stiff leg deadlift so there’s a little harder you’re going to see me go all the way down don’t feel the need to go all the way down like I am if you’re not quite there yet every time you come back and just work out you go a little further so on one leg little bending knee and keep the opposite like that keep your head up and this leg works as a counterbalance we get down to the point where you ideally you want to draw the body parallel to the ground but it’s going to try to take you some time to get there keep your head up and we’re just going to hold and three two one great okay so I’m s I’m going to show you what it might look like if you’re not quite that advanced ship you know so just a 45-degree angle coming back and holding here is just fine and again put this top on this one we’re getting our hamstrings and our butter stretching good and 5 4 3 2 1 reps very good now if we’re going to need a gun on to the next one kick leg out to the side this time and with your outside arm we’re going to curve okay we’re not going crazy on the girls throughout this amount sprint workout so all about balance holding breathing staying focused good and five four three two one switch it up opposite leg up all the way up all the way down very good and it’s okay if you have to touch a foot down to the ground regain balance every time you come back and do this workout you will get a little bit better two-one-zero very good go and set that down all the way down next we’re doing isometric quarter squat fancy way of saying there put one leg up sit back on our buck so opposite leg up sit back in your bum that’s the whole charms up bounce anybody or relaxing on your side it’s up to you just don’t put on right here good sitting back and three two one zero good time from the front switch your legs and sitting back pulling weight back in your butt again good hold this one for 15 seconds that’s halfway weight your hips and three two one stand back up going to go ahead and dumbbell again next we’re going to do an upright row you’re going to bend your back knee kicking back and through opposite arm we’re going to do an upright row make sure that the lake that you’re standing on keeps a little bend that knee what did you do you’re hyper extend it and lock it out keep a little bit in there oh come tie on your rope three two one all right switch it up and last fifteen seconds head up good bounce again when you feel yourself start to jiggle a lot of times just because you don’t have a full deployment to rise makes you had a spot lead keep your eyes focused and three two one excellent that’s the end of the first round one more time through the center and start the shoulder raise so one leg out in front a little bend her knee and lateral raise to the side nice and controlled breathing the entire time and I can’t stress you enough how important it is we find a focal point of those eyes and break that switches the opposite side all the way up all the way down bringing that dumbbell or water bottle parallel to the ground good breathe this is you more in three two one all right next can set that down go to Daiso path raise up on the balls of feet and we’re just holding there make sure you keep a little bit in your knees and balance read the whole time I say breathing hold hold hold we’re doing this one for 30 seconds total so we have ten seconds to go if you guys are doing great so far every time you come back and do this workout your balance will group just a little bit and so small daily improvements that really add up in the end and that’s okay go ahead and grab that dumbbell next we’re going to bring one knee up and we’re going to do shoulder press opposite knee up and a leg that’s on the ground keeping a slight bend in that knee go all the way up all the way down remember it’s not about how many reps we complete it’s just about keeping our bounds while moving three two one good and switch it up and knees up all the way up all the way down that focal point under your eyes good you’re good button through it safe focus you lose focus you’re going to fall and three two one zero excellent set the dumbbell down moving into that isometric stiff leg deadlift a little bit of the knee you get that opposite leg up going over as far as you can you want put your arms up for balance or the heat being straight down it’s up to you make sure you have a slight Bend this knee I don’t want to lock out a little bit and hold good good good three two one switch it up front this time and remember on this one you need to determine how far you go over where you’re comfortable at whether or not Longway overtly up about us bill around hope you’re just I’ll have a 45 degree angle this is definitely a tough one might be the toughest one of the bunch three too long all right excellent one three more to go picking up your dumbbell legs out to the side and curve all the way up all the way down excellent work we’re doing this one for 15 seconds all together there we go and five four three two one switch it up and here we go 15 seconds on this up a little bit in your knee don’t want that knee locked out you’re an excellent and three two one zero setting it down weight back in your butt nice and Metra quarter squat find that your side your little up your balance if you’d like and we’re just sitting back I want you just only bending at the knee want that weight back in your hips as well good good good and five four three two one switch it up you can side leave this time really notice I break it my hips and put the weight back in my buff as I do a quarter swap call the quarter swap is wrongly sitting 25 percent of the way down good old and 5 4 3 2 1 alright good grab your dumbbells the last one and kick your leg back bend at your knee and upright row bring your elbow straight up to the air good on the whip all the way down good posture shoulders back and eyes are focused straight ahead find something to look at good good good 5 4 3 2 1 0 switch it up here we go home stretch last one for the day whew let’s see if I am can make it one more round for you guys all the way up all the way down to the e bent and focus there we go almost done all the way up all the way down and three two one zero excellent work you’re all done thanks for working with me today everyone make sure you come back and complete this workout two to three times per week to improve your balance if you did enjoy this workout make sure you check out a Spitz website for hundreds of additional workouts everything here is free from our meal plans to lose or gain weight as well as our complete thirty to ninety day fitness programs please give me a favor and subscribe to our YouTube channel like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the best daily motivation a water credit stop by our store pick up a t-shirt or a poster give you that edge and help you stay motivated I’m coach coach act from aspect and I’ll see it your next workout