we're thrilled by fitness in New York City you guys and I'm here with the one the only Brandon and my girl best and you guys we're coming to you with the ten minutes hip hop dance work yeah listen we gotta turn on some superstars in ten it's all about ah there we go there we go there we go there we go let's go now watch me do you guys got that first one all right this bedroom is really simple we're gonna pop it out all right and I want you to get really low okay are you guys ready there we go and three gonna pop it out right here let's go pop yes beautiful keep it in nice and low bring those arms all the way out punch them out there we go again I got ready to eat it up right here come on and your quads are last honey it burns but it's okay when it burns it feels good okay yes y'all beautiful enough kappa dies now we're gonna go ahead we're gonna put any beats together just live in that moment alright y'all here we go in four and three and two blankets eat it up Hey haha pop it out let's go again I guess Hey yes coming out let's go let's go now y'all give me some face expression let them know you everybody let's go okay here we go oh hey yeah gonna tap it out right here that one Bobby just got one more move we don't break it down for you enough you must be a very familiar moves like the Nene i'ma show you today okay ready four three two gonna take it watch me down hey let's go let's go hey there we go there we go there we go now they don't how you feel we don't put it all together are you ready now remember this is the bootylicious part of the workout okay all the confidence honey bring it on back okay in four and three we're gonna take it around right here let's go let's go hey shake it out shake it up hey last time right here shake it up ahahaha there we go maybe I got the off [Applause] number part one we had to put it away I want you to bring it back okay don't put a part 1 and part 2 together y'all ready – lets go come on hey right here now let's go yeah shake it off okay hey here we go pump it out yes you guys look amazing taking them out oh look back at it here we go there we go named meow oh I got let's go Hey pump it out there we go take it around let's go hey there you go take it around listen honey sometimes I get excited you got to skip them all because you're just feeling it okay but if I'm proud of you okay now listen we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna walk out to the side bring that confidence honey at war yeah beautiful give me four hoses there we go I can walk it out I feel hello there again again let's go beautiful I want you to work it out right here let's go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that's right take it up yeah there we go mean I want you to step it out how we feel do you need to tie yourself down you better pull that thing out honey there we go now we're gonna walk it out again right here walk it out yes beautiful this is your honey you all chose whatever you're doing okay all that confidence don't let nobody tell you otherwise hello there yeah I get again beautiful now we're gonna tap it out y'all nothing we're having so much fun so much fun and I just with a little twerk okay a little tour I need you to go my turn to the side and live your best life are you ready in four and three let's go let's go [Applause] Twitter Instagram subscribe to our YouTube channel and we gonna be here working all day [Applause]