Friends Anyone can be a patient of kidney problems. Friends Anyone can be a patient of kidney problems. And if it is not diagnosed on time. Then the circumstances will be so bad like kidney failure But if you get to know about it at the right time Then we can do some changes in our sound eating regimen can save our kidneys and make then healthy. To keep our kidneys healthy, we should stop eating those things In which sodium and potassium phosphorus and other sorts of these substances are available in a high amount because it is not for the damaged kidneys to filter these substances due to which the kidneys feel too much pressure on the kidneys. It may harm your already damaged kidneys so, let’s see some of the food products which we should avoid consuming to provide our kidneys a healthy life If you still not subscribed our channel then subscribe our channel and press the ball icon to get all new notifications related to our channel. to get all new notifications related to our channel. do not forget to press the icon for notification. do not forget to press the icon for notification. Number 1. Salt is an essential part of our food But the amount of sodium is high in salt that is why you may need to limit the amount of salt in your food due to the amount of less salt you can control your high blood pressure Number 2. Black cold drink It is filled with calories and sugar but phosphorus is also available in high amount and this synthetic phosphorous can be easily observed by a human and not allow the kidneys to work in a way, they should be Phosphorus is available in a high amount in a black color soda which helps this drink to stay safe for long and also helps the drink to change its taste Number 3. Ready-made food products manufactured sealed packed foods you may see in the market and in the shopping mall plenty of types of ready to eat packets of food products which you can take at home and cook it in microwave and the food is ready But maybe shocked to know that in all these packed products the amount of sodium is higher than non-manufactured foods which save these kinds of food products for a long time Number. 4 Brown Bread Brown bread is much healthier instead of white bread but if you have kidney-related problems , then the brown bread is bad for you because in this wheat made bread the amount of fiber, phosphorous and potassium is high due to which kidneys are not able to filter blood Number. 5 Banana’s are known for because of the amount of potassium is too high in them. A small banana can provide you with 400ml/gram of potassium in your body Number. 6 Milk and Milk products Every Doctor appreciate milk because it is profitable for our body and bones But milk is the best source for phosphorus potassium and protein In kidney damage all of these things can thin and weaken your bones Number.7 Orange is a source of vitamin C and on the other side the amount of potassium is high in it that is why orange and orange juice should be avoided by a person with kidney problem Number. 8 Pickels During the manufacture of pickles the people put a high amount of salt in them to save them for a long time but we already informed you that the quantity of sodium is high in salt. Number. 9 Potato and sweet potato both of them are a source of potassium but the potassium in both veggies can be reduced by practicing some of the things If you cut potatoes in small pieces and boiled them till 10 minutes then, its potassium can be reduced to 50 percent Number. 10 Tomato You can consume tomato directly or by cooking it or by consuming it in the form of tomato catchup but the amount of potassium in tomato cannot be reduced in any form and still, stay hazardous for the kidneys. Then you see how you do some changes in your eating regimen you can keep your kidneys healthy but there is one more way Ayurveda Everyone around the world is aware of Ayurvedic benefits and due to the miracle of Karma Ayurveda You can by consuming Ayurvedic medications keep your kidneys healthy so that you can stay away from all sorts of a kidney- related problems Karma Ayurveda from last 80 years has been successfully cured thousands of kidney patients If you want to know more details about this drop your comments below and give your like and share to this video On the other side stay connected to physical health activities to see more video like this one. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Stay healthy and happy forever.