In this video we’re gonna go over ten of
my favorite back exercises that I like to interchange into my back workout. All
right let’s do this. A mechanical drop set beginning with a
palms down shoulder width grip. As I bring the barbell up to my stomach I
bring my shoulder blades together and push my chest out to get a slightly
better range of motion. Then switch to the stronger palms up grip. Allow the bar to follow the path of your thighs again bringing it up to your stomach and bring
the elbows behind your body. Two things to keep in mind. One let your
arm hang down and in front of your face to get a stretch in the lat muscle and
also to bring the weight to your hip and not directly up into your armpit. Bringing
it to your hip uses less biceps. Another mechanical drop set have a wide
grip on a lat pulldown machine, think about bringing your elbows down into the
sides of your body. Lean back slightly but not enough to
build momentum Then just like with the first exercise
switch grips this time with an underhand grip. Bring the elbows down and
behind your body make sure each rep you’re letting your arms straighten
above your head to get the best stretch in the lat. A traditional seated row
you’ll notice I let the weight bring me forward slightly with each rep to get a
stretch in the back and then bring my elbows back. Each rep I think about
squeezing my shoulder blades together as I pause for a second. Use a high cable or a lat pulldown
machine. Keep the arms straight and bring the bar down to your thighs.
I get more range of motion by leaning forward during this exercise instead of
standing straight up. Sorry about the quality but place
one end of a barbell into a corner using a V bar attachment lean forward at the
hips and pull the bar up into your chest. Use smaller but more plates for this
exercise because the smaller diameter plates enables you to bring the bar
closer to your body. More of a definition exercise this will
target your mid traps and rhomboids. Lay face down on a bench and use a light
weight bringing your arms straight up to engage the mid traps. Then move your arms to your sides, keep
your thumb pointing up toward the ceiling and then squeeze the shoulder
blades to bring your arms straight up and out. This is a variation to the lat pulldown.
What’s nice about the handles is it lets you pull them apart at the bottom which
will allow your arms to go farther behind your back
which just makes for a better contraction. No different from the first
pull down and that you lean back slightly pulling the handles down but
not enough to create momentum. One of my all-time favorites because it
engages the entire posterior chain. I place a bar at or just below a knee
height hold on with a pronated slightly wider than shoulder width grip keep your
face and chest looking forward to avoid rounding the back then drive the hips
forward dragging the bar on your thighs and bring the shoulder blades back.
Return the bar back to the rack before the next rep. Another exercise for back definition and
to hit the rear delts at all at once. Place a pulley about chest height step
away and let your arms straighten split the rope as you pull and externally
rotate think about trying to get your hands to hit the wall behind you. I want to point out that I do not
recommend that you do all ten of these in one workout.
I suggest you splitting it up or take certain exercises add them into your
current routine, replace them. I don’t know, do what you want. But I would aim
for between 8-12 reps three to four sets to start out with. Now you
can always add more weight, you can add more sets or you can do intensity
techniques such as drop sets and super sets. I actually have a playlist that’s
dedicated strictly to superset workouts that I’m gonna put in the description
box below as well up here here. So I hope you enjoyed this video if you did make
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