she's a world-renowned preacher she sought after all over the world and I had the privilege last year of going to color conference for my first time in Australia and when I heard her it was like my hair blew back and I just went oh my gosh this is the most phenomenal woman preacher I've ever heard in my life I've got to get her in and I found out her daughter goes to school at Pepperdine I thought I think I haven't had and Pastor couldn´t was like I want a book at our conference – would you put in a good word for me and so we beeline her husband or like hey how can we make this happen but I know that our church has you may not have heard of her and I thought well I need to bring her in early so you guys can hear and recognize what a gift she has and I really believe it's a timely word we love our church where pastors we absolutely love you and this message is going to help you live a life whole and healed so I want you to stand up and give a warm in his presence Church welcome to dr. Caroline leave her awesome husband Mack [Applause] you may be seated thank you pastor Mullin Desiree that's real honor to stand on the stage and we'd like to honor them as well because Susan Thessalonians one of those who labor hard after you and they've really they got such a caring heart I'm Big Mac I've been married to the brain for 26 years so if you want to buy any of the books on the subject of most of the books outside there I'm the experimenter and just to get you relaxed always like to tell a funny and you all know that we're all assembled in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and he's present he's always present it reminds me of the burglar who broke in the house and wanted to steal the DVDs and the CDs and he was shining a torch in the corner and he heard a voice saying Jesus is watching you and he got a Friday thought I've got to get out of this profession so he looks around and shines of torture in a corner and sees a parrot he says to the parrot did you say that the parrot says yes this is what's your name the parent says my name is Moses this is what kind of stupid people will call their parent mothers and the parent says the same people call their rottweiler Jesus so Jesus is watching you we're just trying to get the slide said he looked up and saw my slide show disappeared so while it's rebooting me I'm gonna introduce myself and I'm going to talk for a few moments without slides and then I'm gonna give you some brain slides so you all ready for some brain surgery today amen okay so I'm a cognitive neuroscientist and I go around the world teaching and preaching about brain science in the Bible I don't know how to ever land up in a church preaching on Sundays on most Sundays I'm in churches preaching and as a scientist that's quite an unusual thing is it really though because God made everything than me so science is actually simply what I always like to say is a description of the everything so it's the most normal thing that we are actually admiring God through science so we should have science in the church because science is a very tangible way of actually understanding his glorious creation how amazing he is and having a little bit more understanding of how we work because the way our brains work and our bodies work and the way the world works that's all science all those fields or science that God has created so all research that is being revealed is all God's revelation sure most of the people that a lot of the scientists on Christian and when they interpret they don't always bring God into the equation which they should so that's why it's so important to bring God back into the equation and I've made it my life's mission to teach this concept and to bring science back into the church so that people can see God admire God and recognize he is truly the creator of everything now you're probably wondering why I've got trees on the stage oh good here's my presentation it came back cows doing some praying under my breath see listen you need an internal dialogue with God constant internal dialogue with God all the time it says in the Bible pray continuously as a brain scientist one of the most exciting things that I found in my research was that our brain is designed for an internal dialogue with God we have networks deep down inside the depths of our brain that are called that basically the default mode Network it's a whole bunch of networks in the depths of our hugely complex brain and when we are very focused when we direct our attention when we switch off to the external and we direct our attention to God our brain goes into the highest level of intellectual function that it possibly can go into and when we do that we connect with the Savior and we get a leading from the Holy Spirit when we are being led by the spirit when we are worshiping when we are praying in tongues when you're praying continuously when we are asking God hey lord please fix my presentation while I'm saying hello to these people there is good my internal networks were working so we can do that I've craved continuously that's what we designed for and it's so exciting because we think pray is just something we do not closet which is what we do do but we are supposed to pray continuously and they have shown and they've compared people that are Buddhists and people that are in all these spiritual thingies and they compare them to the real deal which is Christianity the real deal and they always show that when people are really praying to God really worshiping God that those internal networks fire up like nothing has ever been seen before the Christians come out top of the pops every single time and as we worship God we go grow extra brain cells I don't even know that but do you grow extra brain cells that protect you against oppression God has laid down in the networks of our brain special genetic codes that when we are stressed because he knew he would make some bad decisions he built all the stuff into our brain that enables and empowers us to deal with stress and when we worship Him those are activated we grow extra brain cells that protect us against oppression now guess who found the stuff out well who God revealed it to non-christians he's revealing truths to scientists across the world so every time they exclude him he actually includes himself by revealing something more that you can only but attribute to intelligent design amen one of my favorite scientists that I follow and I follow a lot of them is actually an anesthetist and he's also a quantum physicist which is just like super Bates I'm reading you want to read some good some bedtime reading in quantum physics it's fantastic stuff I'm going to share some with you today and if you want to know more and you think I'm crazy I read the brain science in the Bible that's my passion and that's the passion that brings me close to God you don't have to go read brain science to find God okay but find your passion because whatever your passion is will bring you close to God I love brain science my bedtime reading my relaxation is brain science in the Bible quantum physics whatever I may sound completely abnormal and weird but that's how God and I connect find your connection it doesn't matter what it is it's incredible whatever it is it's come from God and it's good and if you are developing that you will find a different level of internal dialogue with your Savior if you want to know more about quantum physics and the stuff I'm teaching on today this is my latest book it's a it's a great book my books are great because God wrote them I didn't the stuffs too difficult for me to write okay so he helped me I got a whole bunch of books out there that will help you to do this thing called renewing of your mind it will help you develop this internal dialogue with God because as the scriptures say as a man thinks in his heart so easy okay so what you are putting inside your heart is so important the heart is the mind okay the heart doubles up and there's a brain in your heart too and see a little bit on that as well but essentially God is talking a lot about how we deal with our mind so I'm gonna talk about on mind today how it works the link between brain science in the Bible so that we can develop this internal dialogue with God we can recognize that we designed to actually change our brain that we designed to be Victor's that we are designed to be victims that we are not victims of our biology we are victors over our biology you control your brain you even control your genetic code you are not controlled by the gene for this and the gene for that that meat the media loves to play on and it's incorrect science anyway the way that they always play on it it just gives us all fears you get the gene for Alzheimer's you at the gene for this it takes it breaks people down it takes hope away it takes off faith away because it comes from science people think it's the gospel well let me tell you God made science and he did not make science to scare us he made science to enlighten us so we need to reinterpret and look at things correctly and if you don't keep asking God we will get thrown and buffeted by all the things that are in this crazy world today you see it says trust in the Lord with all your heart rely not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths if God's not directing your path while the enemy is there is no gray zone you are the lead by the spirit or you led by the enemy and that's that's a choice that you make you have the freedom to choose on the stage you'll see some plants the big one represents God the little one represents you okay and in this little pathetic looking thing is a toxic tree okay so this side of the stage with the little pathetic toxic trees I had a bigger one I lost it somewhere in a hotel someone threw my toxic tree away by this great toxic tree some of you may have seen it on TV why would they throw that away anyway I have to go find another one so in the meantime I had to bring something today so I bought this one so this this represents the fear zone this is the abnormal zone let me say that again this is the abnormal zone where the enemy resides it's not truth it's lies it's probabilities it's the evil zone it's really don't want to be okay this over here is the healthy zone the God so in the love zone this is the normal this is your natural this is who you are this is the I ate for love zone you are perfect made in His image and the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 7:29 that I made them perfect but they choose to go down their own pathway when we choose to go down our own pathway unfortunately we're make a huge big mess in our brain which makes a huge big mess in our body which makes a huge big mess in our lives our emotions the lives of our loved ones in the world that we live in and we have wire in all this negativity and we then start wiring negativity around on normal and unnatural we have a love power and a sound mind made in God's image which is phenomenal you have a love love power and sound mind you do not have a fear and sound and weak mind but we walk around as though depression anxiety worry fear etc irritation all this stuff discouragement and whatever is normal and we make stupid statements like oh well I'm not perfect you know it's okay not to be perfect it's not okay to say those things anymore in the church because we are giving ourselves excuses to not take responsibility for our choices okay so and there's consequences because it says in Deuteronomy 30:19 I lay before you life and death choose life so that not only you but your descendants may live the Bible also says the iniquity of the father's will reach through to the third and the fourth generation and the Bible also says if you're not responsible for our father's son the Bible says that you have a love power in a sound mind in other words all these things put together with a lot more scriptures obviously shows us that we have the ability as incredibly powerful human beings with sound minds to make choices that this is not the normal that this is the normal and this is who we become when we make bad choices science confirms what scripture says scripture says that you have the ability to choose you have the freedom to choose you have a free will science has debated this for years so stupidly and the debate is so stupid because they chose to debate so they have a free will chosen not to debate the issue but they chose to debate that we don't have free will or do we have free will and all we predetermine and all these stupid things but really what it is is that we have free will we can choose to get up sit down come to church Weinman rejoice whatever you have a choice moment by moment of every single day you are as a thinking being made in His image making choices the greatest gift that God has given us is his son the other greatest gift that he has given us is the ability to think okay the ability to think and choose when you think you are evaluating you are dis intellectualizing you are making choices I mean you choose guess what your powerful mind creates physical substance your brain captures the results of your thinking and your choosing as a physical substance inside of your brain as a physical substrate I should say inside of your brain made of proteins you'll see images in a moment these trees kind of represent that because the thoughts in your brain are real they occupy mental real estate and they look like trees in your brain they have an arbor like structure arbor means tree like structure so you have the freedom to choose you have freewill I cannot emphasize that enough because I come from a world where I practice for 25 years and I've been doing this for the last six years traveling around the globe I don't practice anymore please don't send me an email saying can you see my whatever can you fix my head can't fix your head okay you and the Holy Spirit can fix your head I don't practice anymore because I teach you how to do this because the God showed me and revealed to me that I can reach a few thousand in my practice I can reach millions teaching this through our TV show now we reach millions across the globe with this message and what is the message you can choose you can change you can design the landscape of your brain which means you can design the landscape of your life and you can decide to either make your landscape ugly or you can desire to make it beautiful that is the normal you need a tall walk around saying hey I'm perfect I'm perfect but I chose wrong so I wired toxicity into my brain that's why I got irritated with you sorry you can shorten that version but that's kind of what you need say it distresses me terribly when people talk around saying walk around saying it's okay to be not perfect or to say I'm not perfect you are insulting God every time you say you're not perfect because God said I made you in my image he made us in His image his love his power his sound and that is the image that we are created in look at yourselves differently the world is there to break out you down self-esteem is the biggest problem in the world today and that is because we are listening to the lie of the enemy that we are not that and that this is the normal and that you can't actually do anything about the success compensates and medicate which is not the truth because your powerful mind can change and all the research is saying and showing that as you are thinking you are generating a quantum signal to your brain that is causing genetic expression which is making proteins and you're growing stuff in your brain right now at 400 billion actions per second right now you are growing branches in your brain to hold the words that I'm telling you okay so let's have a look at a slide to see how this thing works okay so here's a brain and here's a brain on a plate it's coming up and this brain is doing absolutely nothing I don't know where my brain is okay I don't know where my brain is either while we waiting for the brain to come up this is a female brain okay and this is a male brain okay guys it's not true the male brains slightly bigger than the female brain just slightly bigger and it's got nothing to do with size it's only bigger cuz you're generally bigger than what we are that's got everything to do with connections how you choose to use your brain whether you are male or female will impact how your brain health looks and how you'll thank you and thank you Clara he fixes that you see took a male brain to fix the computer you know what I have to tell you this everywhere we go in the world we always have taken on technological issues we come in early we have everything we can we do everything we can to prevent it but the enemy doesn't want this message going out so we pray have to pray very hard over audio-visual will work for everyone else the minute I get on the stage something will maybe start going wrong and we know that and so we pray against it every time and we always get it right we always fix it and I mean I've been in front of crowds of 1727 and suddenly my my presentation will just disappear and we just pray it back again and always comes the end this message is so important that the enemy can't do anything but he can sometimes interfere with certain things and things can happen and things can go wrong and it's not him doing it but he interferes and can cause things that we've got to keep on praying that constant internal dialogue was God believing that God can overcome sometimes the enemy is not even involved sometimes something just goes wrong and it happens to be their timing we have to keep on praying all the time once again I was doing internal dialogue that God would get this thing right I could show you these slides because it's so important for you to see so you know what it's just struck me right now that this is a very strong message for this group he is telling you this is a prophetic word I very seldom do this I'm very seldom stopped Midway and prophesy and prophesy over you right now there is a prophecy that is landing on each and every one if you eat now and I believe it's for it for this church you are going to lead the way when it comes to this constant prayer meditation this is a church that's gonna birth a new level of pray and internal dialogue and Men thank you Jesus okay so this call in this church there's a call on youth is a call on you to pray let's come back to the science okay so this brain of yours is from nominal its complex its outstanding but that brain has to be outstanding because it's housing and outstanding mind you see your mind controls your brain so your brain houses the results of your mind so these three things that you see over here they were housed inside the brain so if you have a look at another slide we're gonna understand this from a scriptural scientific point of view and then we gonna have a look at some other pictures inside the brain so you can understand this you're a triune being I know you know this just track with me your spirit your soul and your body your spirit is three things soul is three things body is three things okay they are all working in order the correct design is that the Holy Spirit leads your spirit your spirit beat your soul and your soul controls your body so your body of which your brain controls your body your brain is the main part of your body is subservient to the soul which is subservient to the spirit which is subservient to the Holy Spirit we live in a world that's got it all back to front I saw a world that worships the body and worships the soul does not understand the spirit and ignores the spirt when you are born again your spirit is regenerated when you not born again your spirit is unregenerate 'add here are three parts everyone whether you born again or not you are three parts when you are when you are not born again the spirit soul and body are there but the spirits and regenerated so your soul is being very influenced by the enemy it's vulnerable to the enemy vulnerable to the dangers of the lies of the enemy he's a defeated foe or power has been removed he comes at you with probabilities which are things that haven't yet happened but you are vulnerable as a Christian you are also vulnerable if you maybe you do not listen to your regenerate it's first if you do not nature it will be regenerated spurt be led by the spirit I've just said if you do not let you choose to be led by the spirit you choose to listen to God it's a choice that you make on a moment-by-moment basis and the choice that you make incorrectly will change you physically you will have you will have a manifestation and lay before you life and death blessing and choose life because if you don't choose life you choose death and what we see in science is what they say or is said in Scripture in James 1:13 through 15 where it talks about that we are not tempted by God ok it is the enemy that lays these probabilities and we choose do you know the enemy can't force anything in your head you are he lays the probability the lie at your feet and you choose to listen or not listen but when you listen please if you meditate on what the enemy is saying you generate a quantum signal through your brain and quantum signals move faster than the speed of light and those quantum signals hit the DNA unzip the DNA and you make proteins and those proteins capture that lie as a physical substrate and that is planted in your non conscious mind and then the non conscious mind now has a salt or a memory and as you are in a similar situation those thoughts and memories will pop from the non conscious into the conscious mind and then you are and there those influence your perception of the incoming event the implanted word will save your soul the implanted lie of the enemy will destroy your soul you choose between the two it is your choice this is the responsibility that we have and the choices that we make will go to the next generations in this format and will be they go to the next generation zipped up and less we unzip them how do we ends up them through your thinking and your choosing as a man thinks in his heart so is he so this if there's a history of cardiovascular issues in your family and you think in your and you think in your mind I'm gonna get a hug I'm gonna get hot issues too because my grandfather father whatever the whole lot headed that thinking is a signal thing thoughts are real don't think because you can't see it that it's not real when you are thinking you are generating quantum energy packages through your brain that are going to your DNA and there little unzip a greasing of cardiovascular issues that managed to slip through your family and into your head will then be activators that genetic thing will be activated by your fear to single that activates and it will Express and the chances of you getting cardiovascular events are very strong so you can activate or you can destroy you can say that's not gonna happen to me and that's also a signal and there happens to be a healthy signal and you you're gonna say that my god show you're all mine show me all my needs my god here whatever the Scriptures are when you are connected to the vine as you speak the Living Word of God over that situation in your mind in your life your children's lives you are generating life real energy those words those thoughts that are first words or first thoughts they generate this energy and it goes to the negative toxic thing and it breaks it down this is the power that we have in our mind are you getting this you can speak life or death and everything you speak we think you do a lot there's a lot of teachings on the power of the spoken word and being a rudder but it first it's the thought you can't speak unless you first thought brain science shows us that the root of words and actions is thinking and not only brain science brain sciences God stuff it's the tangible evidence of his word but it says it throughout the Scriptures as a man thinks in his heart so is he out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks in other words these tons of scriptures that show us that you think first and then you speak your thoughts are first formed by your thinking and your choosing and when you think and choose your thoughts and those thoughts are real and then you speak from the thoughts so this views talks this toxic words and toxic actions and that spewed net pulls out lovely healing health and life into into the world and you impact each other you impact yourself spreads all body and you impact the world around you okay so let's very quickly look at the breakdown your spirit is your intuition your communion your conscience and your communion intuition is where the Holy Spirit speaks to you being led by the spirit your conscience right or wrong and communion the highest part of man you are designed for worship okay you are designed for relationship with God but he wants the power in the relationship the power in the relationship is you choosing to follow Christ that's what it means to be born again you choose to follow Christ you choose to listen to the Holy Spirit you choose to pray and worship you choose to let the Holy Spirit lead you you choose to be led 24 hours a day by the Holy Spirit that's your design when you do that we see brain health we see body health we see mental health we see world health we see good stuff happening but when we don't we see bad stuff happening we choose that we choose ok we have the power of free will it is the most powerful thing in the universe after God so where does the choosing happen it happens in the soul realm the soul is the middle part of us the guard easy to understand it's the it's the brain and the body so when God made us he made spirit first and then he made the physical put the physical together and as soon as you breathe when God be the spirit of life into Adam then the foot when the spirit touches the physical you get Sol Sol Sol has one foot in the door of the spirit one foot in the door of the body what you do with your soul which is your mind which is your intellect your will and your emotions your ability to think feel and choose what you do with that will impact your physical health your brain health your physical health and your spiritual development you we that is the power God has invested in us how are you using your freedom today then you read your scripture Galatians 5:19 3:23 I'm gonna read it from the message Bible and I'm gonna stand here first Galatians 5:19 through 21 it is obvious what kind of life develops out of trying to get your own way all the time repetitive loveless cheap sex a stinking accumulation of mental and emotional garbage frenzied and joyless grabs for happiness trinket God's magic show religion paranoid loneliness cutthroat competition all-consuming yet never satisfied once a brutal temper and impotence to be loved to love or to be loved divided Homes divided lives small-minded and lopsided pursuits the vicious habit of D personalizing everyone into a rival and controlled and uncontrollable addictions ugly parodies of community I could go on this isn't the first time I have warned you you know you use your freedom that is in your soul which is your intellect your will and your emotions this way you will not inherit God's kingdom I added a little phrase in me I added the it's for its whole body but it says you will not inherit the kingdom yeah I'm standing in the middle this is the soul you choose and you can do the right thing you can go on and you can do the rest of the fruits of the spirit it's just jumped out of my phone I don't wanna waste time looking but the fruits of the spirit or the opposite of that that is the normal if you choose health health is gonna pour into your brain and into your body so let's have a look at some more pictures okay so over here here we go this is a slice through the brain sorry these are sliced through the brain let me see if it's gonna work now you may want to just get the remote going for me thank you okay this is a fly through the brain and as you're going deep down inside the depths of the brain these are the neural networks what you're seeing over there are trees inside of your brain these are the trees that I've got represented over here these are your thoughts thoughts are real can you see that thing growing that's what you doing right now as you listening to me you are growing at 400 billion actions per second you are causing genetic expression making proteins and growing your branches stirs which are called dendrites to hold this information that I'm sharing with you can you believe that look at that those are thoughts thoughts are real that shut that pulsating is you're thinking it's all your soul your intellect your will your emotions how you are reacting to the events and circumstances of life which are generating this energy that's a thought the little branches are called dendrites they hold the information the middle part is the cell body and as you are thinking this that firing that you sing over there is a signal and that can be either a healthy signal or an unhealthy signal and it hits the cell body and inside the cell body there's that the chromosomes those are chromosomes and the chromosomes unwind into the DNA and on the DNA there's the genetic code and the genetic code when it expresses makes amino acids which then group together to make proteins which is in group together to make these trees that's what you were doing so at those branches you were growing that's this these things expressing and proteins and and all this is this incredible these there's a huge complexity behind this I'm simplifying it for you so that you can get a feel for this but essentially your thoughts are real your thoughts are designed to be captured in your brain as these protein structures that have chemical and chemicals and energy and they phenomenal you know you have a hundred billion neurons in your brain 100 billion that's a lot of neurons okay and then you've got that's only 20% of your brain and each neuron is like one of these three things that you think that that yeah let me show you another image of a tree okay have a look at this you have a hundred billion of those the little branches that you see are called dendrites those dendrites you you have a hundred billion neurons each neuron can grow up to two hundred thousand-plus they even think it's more maybe even a million dendrites so you've got a hundred billion of these neurons each growing up to a million branches I listen to this inside each branch there's a million microtubules so inside each dendrite there's a million my ten million sorry ten million microtubules so these these little tubes inside they can you see they're like levels that God has taken a to what does this mean goes the the energy that your brain generates one brain generates more energy in a day than all the cell phones on the planet you have three million plus or is of space in your brain to build memories and the memories where are they built inside those little dendrites along those little microtubules which look like little railway tracks and the memories basically form over time as you push through as you run your race as you think things through you can't just hear this kind of message you can't hear any message once and think you'll remember at all no one does you're not designed like that God has designed you to meditate mindfully God has designed you to work out your salvation with fear and trembling you're not supposed to hear a scripture once and think you've got it you're supposed to think about it you supposed to think about the message that your pastors teach you and meditate and how long for a minimum a minimum of 63 days 63 days it's what science shows us it takes 21 days to build a new memory and it takes another 42 days to stabilize let's that memory so that it becomes part of your non conscious mind so that it is driving how you are seeing the world how you are focusing on what is going on in the world in other words you wanna plant good stuff inside of your brain the implanted word we'll saw will save your soul not the toxic world or save your soul that'll destroy your soul so if you spend sixty three days meditating on how that person did whatever they did to you well you have planted that in your non conscious mind and when it's in your non conscious mind it is driving your conscious mind you see your soul realm is broken down into the conscious and the unconscious and the conscious is where we do the work and the results of our work lands up in an unconscious and that non conscious influences the conscious so how we see the world we see through what we have planted in the non conscious mind for many years scientists have fought then that the non conscious mind has any value and they call the hard question of science what is consciousness but what they should be really looking at is what is non conscious what is the non conscious mind the non conscious mind is operating 24 hours a day it's always working your conscious mind is only operating when you're awake and it's only responsible for a point to say about 0.1% of of how you function so the conscious mind kind of receives the stuff but how you are hearing what I am saying now and how you are perceiving this message and what you do with this message is based on what you've actually stored in your non conscious mind so when we fix things when we renew our mind when we do Romans 12:2 what we have to do is be holy spirit lead because the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth and we have to let the Holy Spirit show us these things and science shows us that we can bring these from the non conscious to the conscious and when they come into the conscious mind that and we can work on them when they in the non conscious mind they are influencing us and in the non conscious mind you don't want these these things that look terrible in the brain these things are made of misfolded proteins they caused they were they they wiry and they're ugly and they inflamed and and they caused the whole body to go into an autoimmune response because your body sees us in the same he's a physical injury or it sees a virus in your body so your body is designed to reject the this is like a viral invasion so you get inflammation and you get all kinds of things that your body's trying to fight this thing but if you don't if you don't get rid of that and you keep it there instead of it instead of the inflammation getting rid of that because that's kind of what the inflammation does it helps to to fight the disease and virus and then that goes away and then it gets recycled and so on but if you keep the bitterness and the unforgiveness and all that's their bad stuff inside again you don't deal with it when the Holy Spirit reveals the stuff to you then what will happen is that you put yourself in danger and vulnerability for illness because your brain and body are not designed for this you are made in His image you wired for love scientists show us that every structure every organ every chemical every part of you is wired for love you are designed only for that not for this so as soon as you do the bad choice as soon as you react incorrectly as soon as you build that in and you go into that zone your body is thrown into negative stress and there's inflammation and the longer you keep at the more vulnerable you are to disease science shows us that seventy five to ninety eight percent of current mental physical and emotional diseases that include your cardiovascular your cancers your diabetes your all these things come from these ugly toxic thoughts as a man thinks in his heart so easy when I shared this message some people think ah that's how can you say that it'll make people feel guilty know the guilt doesn't come from from God guilt and condemnation come from the enemy I am revealing truth to you this is what it says in the Bible Deuteronomy 30:19 choose live otherwise you choose death James the James scripture I quoted it's all over the Word of God and what science has shown is that you are wired for that so when you do have bitterness and unforgiveness when you do make bad choices they call that a learned fear response so this is the fear zone and fears all that negative stuff fears the root of all that negative stuff we are wired for love we learn to fear and when we learn to fear that causes all these negative responses in our body and we've on a vulnerable to illness and throw body into stages of stress but can overcome that we are designed to change we are neuro pest issues we are wired to change God has he knew that you would make mistakes he knew that how like the way I say you he knew that we would make bad choices okay you knew that we would choose wrong so he sent us his son sent the holy spirits in the word so that we could admit quit and beat say that off to me admitted quits it and beat it now I don't have time to teach us all look to all of you because I'm gonna end with the ministry thing but I'm gonna just in a few seconds I'm gonna show you what is in detail in my book it's called a 21 day detox program these it's described in the book it's in this online program we have a great online program we we are watching you on video every day like the joke Mac told you but this I walk you through on your mobile devices how to do this there's a whole science it's for 30 years I've researched how how do you change your brain I researched the science of thought what is the mind what is the soul what is the into the waters well what is emotions how do we change our brain and all of that I've put together into programs that I used to use use with my patients so everything I teach is scientifically based and what we've seen from science that your brain goes through five basic steps as it builds a thought and five basic steps as it breaks down a thought so I've captured that all into a scientifically very simply applied program that you do for a minimum of seven minutes a day because science shows us that if we remember science is God's tangible word helping us to understand his creation now what God wants us to do is go beyond just admitting we've got to quit and beat those bad behaviors so science provides a way of doing that it gives feats to the the whole concept of renewing of the mind so what we found from research is that at least seven minutes a day will make massive changes in your brain but those seven minutes a day what do you do you do these five steps I don't have time to tell you it's all in my book I take nine hours to teach this in a seminar but it's all there okay so you do five steps in seven minutes and then you do it for 21 days times three okay it's all in detail there most people give up at day three and day four that's what this the research shows most people hear a word start changing and they fall back into bad habits within day three therefore that's the danger zone and that by the way is the day we most people will get a revelation of the root of the problem because when we're dealing with the toxic issue there's always a root with multiple branches and the branches or the associations and the manifestations and this whole big ugly mess causes the depressions and the Oh CDs and the they manifest as that so I'm telling you that when you get rid of this you also get rid of the depressions and the Oh CDs and the the worries and the anxiety will go because those are attached to this so when we deal with this those go away and it's a it's not gonna happen overnight it is a running of the race for the rest of your life it is a lifestyle of renewing your mind but if you don't get your mind right nothing else will be right you will not grow deep seed you will have be like the you'll go to church and it will land on thorny ground you know the scriptures you don't want that you don't want it to just go away with the first but of you know the good word to go away with the first bit of problem you need to so deep and that takes 21 days times three it takes work it takes discipline it takes rigor we want no spiritual flabbiness these are Scripture I'm just gonna ask Mack to get it on my on my phone it's in Timothy 4 and it's basically it talks about the fact that we spend a lot of time at the gym which is important and we got to eat healthy and look after the body spurts our body I teach on that as well you got to do all of it ok but working we spend more time working on the physical than we do on the mental we don't spend time on our mind and we have physical we have spiritual flabbiness so the scripture says I'm just going to jump down stay clear of silly stories that get dressed up as religion exercise daily in God no spiritual flabbiness please workouts in the gymnasium are useful but a disciplined life and mind in God is far more so making you foot both today and forever ok and that's what science is showing that's what Scripture is showing that is our normal that is unnatural that is what we have been designed for when you choose healthy this is a slide of inside your brain an actual slide of inside your brain these are the thoughts this is just another angle of that though those trees that I showed you a moment ago this is like zooming in closer can you see in the top corner there's a more branched area so the more branches the more you think the more branches you grow the more connections you make the more wires you become the more you grow in Christ the more you grow in the good stuff the healthier you become the more you use your brain correctly the more you react correctly the healthier you are becoming the wiser you are becoming that's what God's design and the opposite is true we see in the brain people make toxic choices their glucose metabolism goes wrong this thing looks wrong it's all inflamed everything's upside-down everything's back to front everything's doing what it shouldn't do but it's there it's alive and it's causing ill health main ill mental health and physical health in your brain in your body it's not a black hole that is a shadow we took a bit of artistic license there but you can see a damaged brain on a scan okay you could see it and you can see a change you can see brains change when people change their thinking the brain changes back to health we do this you through renewing your mind you shift between these your choice you choose you choose I'm gonna just end off with that slide we're gonna do some ministry now I'd like you to stand up one of the things in my 21 day detox those of you that some of you are now already doing it but one of the things that I have that I do is I recommend before you start with seven minutes a day of doing of getting renewing your mind and why am i encouraging you to do this you don't have to do this to torture you can choose I'm just giving you tools if you want to get your mind right this is a scientifically proven clinically proven but more importantly it's scriptural it's a way that we renew our mind in the field that I'm that I've been in for all my life and the field that I've been in there ask lemon which I still do research a selection secular environments people are constantly battling with the mind it is the biggest problem self-esteem dealing with issues of the mind there isn't anyone anywhere in the world that is not packing with something in their mind it's a big problem but it's a very easy solution choose well admit it quit it and beat it and that's what we designed to do but in order to get our mind in order to help us to make good choices because some of you might be saying I get this but you know what I need to make a good choice you need to get back with God you need to put God where he should be which is first place so this is a little exercise that I've taught so many people hundreds of thousands around the globe doing this exercise I'm on TV and all over the place and it's simple it's something that I do myself you could do it in 3 minutes 3 hours 3 seconds it's a simple process it's Thanksgiving it's praise and it's worship it's a little exercise but some visual analogies you can build your own and I'm gonna walk it through you very quickly in just three minutes so just to help you and this is what you do first this is what I do first before I do and I'm always doing 21-day detoxes I first start with my Thanksgiving praise and worship for 3 minutes and then I do my 7 minutes working on whatever the Holy Spirit is revealed to me for that 21 days one thought for 21 days and that's a 10 minute commitment that I have made and then I will do my Bible study and do my day and very often I'll spend time late whatever whatever my day provides the point I'm making is that I put God first and I found an exercise that helps me maybe it will help you maybe it won't but when you thank God and praise Him and worship Him he always comes – he always shows up okay and then I give you some tools that you can get your mind renewed and then you go into your days sometimes the world's need is so great we feel overwhelmed what can we do that will impact the world for the cause of Christ pastors Mel and Desiree Ayers and the team at in his presence have created a global ministry outreach through accountability and tracking real time ministry results we developed opportunities that will allow your giving to make a real difference from planting new churches and supporting ministry leaders to preaching the gospel to the Muslim world and fighting sex trafficking you'll know that every dollar you give to this program is changing lives for the better pick up the phone right now or visit us on the web and send a gift of any size today that simple action will 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