– How would you like to start to manifest using your own sexual energy? (upbeat music) Yep, it’s possible. Let’s get into this. And make sure you like, comment, subscribe if you want to see more videos like this. Let’s get started. You are created in the creator’s image, which means that the
creator, which we cannot see, but we can feel spirit. Now as we know, when we die, we have spirit inside of us. And when you look in that casket crying over that body that
was once your loved one, you’re only crying over the
vessel, but not the spirit because the spirit is now gone, which means the energy is
not lost, nor destroyed, but it’s transferred from
one object to the next. So we know we are full of energy and we are living in a
society that is heavily over-sexualized because why? Sex is one of the biggest,
if not the biggest energy that we constantly
feel almost everyday, sometimes when we’re around something that attracts us, which
is why they put on TV’s all menu of things, porn, and sexualize. Everything’s sexualized,
because that is a strong, one of the strongest energies
I have ever felt in my life. Now, when a man sees a woman or when a woman sees a man, you feel energy going
through you, which is called sexual energy. Now when you have a thought so powerful, you have got to have it, you start to move with rapid action to get it. The thought congates in your mind. (man inhaling) You feel it, energy flowing. You have to satisfy the sexual urge. The physical has to let go of this energy. What if you learned how
to focus that energy and trans-mutate it somewhere else? Think about that. What if you wanted to have
something in your life and what if you were
using law of attraction, because you’re using it
whether you like it or not. So you might as well control
it, because you’re an expert at it anyway, just in the
wrong way for many of you. If you were to take this
sexual energy you feel for your spouse, your
girlfriend, or just somebody you want to see and
harnessed it somewhere else. Wait a second, hold on real quick. I’m lookin’ at my computer, and it says that 53.3% of y’all are not subscribed. That’s a problem. Now, here’s the thing. If you like my videos and you
like the content that I bring, I would appreciate if you subscribe. Stay tuned, and hit the notification bell. All right, I’m done, back to the video. Now, if you’re somebody
who’s highly promiscuous and this society is heavily demonized, but we’re over-sexualized
anyway, so a lot of us are going to be promiscuous
because we’re forced to go to sex, but those
who are a little bit stronger have more will-power,
they don’t do that. They may use it somewhere else and they don’t even realize how. Now, studies show that some of the most successful people in the world have the highest sex drives. Now whether they like it or not, or know it or not, they are actually using their sexual energy to obtain more success and bring more to them by
trans-mutating that energy into something else. What if you did that? What if you learn how to do that? What if you were sitting next to your wife and you guys were touching each other and you both had this
information and knowledge or you’re sitting next to your boyfriend or your girlfriend or whatever you may be, and you both understood that energy was permeate pointing
your body, it’s surging, flowing through your body. And what if you both got
focused on the different task that you wanted to get
accomplished, such as reading, comprehending more information,
and use that sexual energy to do that because you can, you can do many things with your body and the energy flowing through it, just like you’re doing something now by moving your hands with
your spirit controlling your mind and your mind
controlling your body. That’s how it works. One thing leads to another. If you learn how to
control your sexual energy and harness it somewhere else, try it for 30 days and
tell me how your life looks after that, because
sexual energy is strong and you can bring and pull things to you even faster by using the sexual energy already flowing through your body. Simple concept, very
challenging to accomplish because many of you living in society with all the love on R&B
a lot of us grew up with that we were singing and
we didn’t even understand what it was, we are using sexual energy to accomplish sex on a lower level, on the primal level, and I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong with sex, I’m saying that you’re not
supposed to be having it everyday and releasing
everyday, as we talked about in the previous video that
you might want to check out. But if you learn how to
control these desires going through your body, you
will learn how to control other realms of your life and they will start to
come together because you will start to focus this strong energy flowing through your system
and have more rapid action, laws, everything’s around us. You are a part of the creator,
start acting like one. Unlock and activate the inner god in you. Knowledge of self is powerful, and wake up a lot earlier. Creativity, between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m., your creativity is at an all time high, but you’re sleeping through it. I love y’all. If you like this video and if you wanna leave a comment in the comment section and you wanna see more videos like this, or you wanna comment on somethin’ I said, make sure you leave it
in the comments section. Like, comment, subscribe. I love you all, we’ll see y’all soon. Until the next one, peace. (upbeat music)