Hello friends, I Sanjeev Pandey once again welcome you to Health Khajana (Treasure) and friends today we will talk about Bone Health Bones in our body Bones are the ones on which the whole body is based which is the framework of our body and you must have heard people saying that my child is not growing tall or I have to increase my height So, your height can grow only till your bones grow not beyond that Therefore, you don’t have to think about anything else, take care of your bones There are so many problems like that which have there solution in the bones So let’s start the talk Friends Everyday you will require 800 miligrams of Calcium, each day of your life Which ever way you take From food, from bevrages, from suppliments… It’s your lookout In our country, girls or women from the age of 12 years to 30 years 1000 miligrames of Calcium is required per day Once again they fulfill it by any means or source By any means it should go inside the body When you are choosing the suppliment which means you are trying to take Calcium from a source other then food, that is suppliment then make sure that Calcium Carbonate is the best form Calcium Carbonate is the best suited form of calcium for your body But If your age is above 50 or your digestive system is not functioning properly then Calcium Citrate will be the best available form for you For keeping your bone health at optimum level everyday you will need 400 miligrames of Magnesium Magnesium which helps Calcium to get absored into the bones Without Magnesium any quantity of Calcium you take, will be of no use Everyday go in the sun for minimum 20 minutes What do you get from there ? From there you get sun shine vitamin That is vitamin D Vitamin D is an important player of this team That team which gives strength to your bones That is Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D Make a rule to exercise every day Either dance or walk, or do weight lifting, or aerobics Do anything because doing something is always better then doing nothing Avoid all kinds of soda, carbonated drinks, soft drinks and cold drinks They contain Phosphorus which promotes Calcium excretion Avoid excess of sugar & salt Both of them promote mineral excretion from our body, pushing all the minerals out because of which your bones become weak Make sure that in your everyday food there is adequate quantity of Vitamin C, Folic Acid & B Vitamins, especially B6 I know, there is a question arising in your mind How will I do all this ? On this I will talk to you in the end of this video I’ll give you the solution in just on minute If you are 40 plus, that is beyond the age of 40 then get yourself tested for bone density So that you know the status of your bones Don’t restrict yourself to Calcium & Magnesium Boron, Silicon, Manganese, Zinc & Copper are also necessary for bone health Therefore, choose your mineral supplement very carefully so that all your needs are fulfilled Avoid water containing Fluoride It makes your bones devoid of Calcium and makes them brittle because of which bones get fractured even on very little pressure Boycott Aluminum at all cost Listen very carefully, boycott Aluminum May it be frying pan, plate or pressure cooker Don’t let anything get you in contact with this poisonous metal It not only invites Alzheimer’s disease but also makes your bones prone to Osteoporosis For digestion don’t use antacids as they have been found to contain Aluminum And the last precaution If you are taking medicine for thyroid hormons then stay regularly in supervision of your docter because excess of it also makes your bones thin & weak Hence, the danger of bones getting fractured in old age becomes very high So these were the precautions Now let’s talk about the solution If you want to fulfill your requirement of the minerals which I named in the video then you know I prescribe Amway’s Nutrilite food supplements So, if you need optimal health for your bones then you can take Nutrilite Alfalfa Cailcium Plus In which you will get Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium & Vitamin D All three of them in the best quality Other then this what you heard and all these minerals for fulfilling this requirement you can take Nutrilite Daily Which has all the 13 Vitamins & 11 Minerals recommended by medical science as daily need Using these two supplements you can maintain optimal bone health With this I come to the end of my talk See you in the next episode, till then Be healthy, be joyful Goodbye !