– The biggest supplement
brand in the world, Optimum Nutrition, have come out with an awesome fat-burner, Burn Complex. Now, this guy’s going crazy at Fat Burners Only for good reason. And I just wanted to explain
to you the ingredient profile, and how this product works. So, blue lid Burn Complex is
their caffeinated version. They start with a gram
and a half of carnitine, which is the best fat-burning ingredient ’cause it targets fat for fuel. They then put in 200 milligrams
of caffeine per serve. So, enough caffeine to give
you a really good energy and metabolic rate boost
so you’re burning calories, but not enough to give you the jitters. They also put in your
fat-burning ingredients green tea extract,
theanine, guarana as well. And they also put in your cayenne extract, which will heat up your
core body temperature and have you burning more calories. They go one step further however, and put in your B vitamin
complex to stop any crash that you might get from the stimulants. So, like everything with Optimum, a really smart product
that they put together for a fat-burning supplement. Now, Owen’s Burn Complex comes
in three awesome flavours. I have grape here, the
ever-popular Strawberry Kiwi, and the Orange Lemon Lime. So, there you go guys,
Owen’s Burn Complex, an awesome fat-burner put together by an awesome brand, Optimum Nutrition. Thanks for watching, and
catch you next time. Cheers!