make your booty look hmm like a peach girl everyone's gonna be like okay back to my house today we were doing around her booty workout why am I doing this with my hands it's to emphasize how round and plump it's gonna be giant told me that I should show up my office chair but really he's too lazy to lower the tripod so I'm doing the intro for my office chair today so for today's workout we are going to using ANCA weight and resistance band using weight is crucial especially if you want to grow muscles so we're going to be doing some exercises that target all three of the main loop muscles to really have a nice balance you know what else is important to your muscle growth not just using wave but also making sure you get enough protein in your diet my favorite protein supplement is a protein bar which is amazing especially one from women's fest because it is so freakin delicious it's got 15 grams of protein tons of fiber it is super convenient and easy to take with you on the go to have 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that little ball so you're notified you my fans and we can keep working out together okay hit the bell do it do it so let's go ahead and get into the workout make sure you go ahead into a quick warm-up sashka activation I'll put it up on screen just something to get your body moving at your boots Freddie and then we're going to go into the first exercise so the first exercise you don't need any equipment we're going to go ahead and get down on all fours on the floor and we are doing bench knee circles 15 on each side okay so for this one this action you want to haven't done it before for you guys like under video so you're gonna bend at the knee like this you're gonna go up and then you're going to go out to do a circle with your knee come back in doing to be doing 50 on each side so go up back down so try to keep the rest of your body still so don't let the other hip move too much most of the motion should be coming from your gluts this also helps you with stretching and opening up the hips so keep your back straight your core it tight oh my god I already lost count all right I think we're out ten five more and fifteen now let's go to the other side so when you go up make sure you really go high enough that your glute fuels in it's squeezing other side let's go fifteen let's go this is ten Oh feel the word on this one and 15 all right so now we're going to be doing the same thing but reversing the direction so the first one we did we're going out like this and now we're going to start going up like this and back down to 15 tap you might hit missing five more and 15 Mel's do the other side right go up and back and tenth buy more oh the bird it burns so good oh my god no all right we got this damn last one wowsers for using lifts no way that'll burn it's like a mother all right it's going to get our anklets on baby next a exercise all right so we've got our ankle weights on we're going to be doing some angle of the kickbacks there's just a nice good stable exercise I included an almost only booty where it goes it's just so damn good so take me how your night behind you you're going to go up squeeze at the top come back down try keep your core tight so bring your belly button into your spine not too much I go back you but just you know don't like let it all hang out you know try to keep it like this back should be straight and when you go up try not to open up your hips to the side like that so try to keep them facing to the ground and just keeping your hands here make sure the weight is equally distributed but up squeeze back down doing a little squeeze the top of the boots will just give it that extra pump that it needs yeah so go up my gosh we're doing big time each side Oh keep going squeeze this is ten just five more oh and 15 all right other side ready keep going all the way up squeeze your glutes keep your hips facing down let's go come on we're at time five more Oh almost there and 16 huh right take a little break if you need it next we're doing kick outs so it's kind of like a similar exercise for this aren't cheating a little diagonal and then shoot this side so it's not straight back should I go behind you and now move it so that you're kind of diagonal so for this one sometimes it helps to actually get on one of your elbows gives you like a better balance I guess this is gonna target the glute muscle looks right by the top of your glutes so ready up back down remember keep your back straight also play around with the positioning of your hip here so sometimes that might work better for you to be a little forward sometimes it might work better for you to be a little back what matters some also that you really feel it in your glutes we're on eight so the more lean feel it in your glutes the more you're actually working the muscle and the better results you will have and you're not here to waste your time neither am i so we really want to do the most effective thing possible whoa – mark can't get over I did too many for this one okay other side oh and for this one make sure you flex your life should have said that in the beginning but dick pointing it you don't get the same kind of feeding as when you flex your muscles so ready go up back down squeeze the top keep going yeah six and ten just five more keep going you got this Oh everybody's gonna look so snot come on let's go to mark and 15 oh my god hurts it hurts so good all right now we've got one more exercise the ink weights and then we've got the last exercise climb shout with sorry there is since bad so just hang in there we're almost almost at the end so next time we've got donkey takes I love this once it helps kind of like lift your booty and I feel like lifting it just host it give it much more more round shape you know what I mean just kind of like that's it up there stuff Oh for the donkey kicks I don't know how to quote that some very strange things but you can go ahead and get on your elbows gives you more range of motion you're gonna bend at the knee and you're gonna kick straight up with your heel specs as if you're pressing something into the ceiling so imagine that you really try to press through with your heel oh my god the more you try to send that energy up through the heel more you'll feel it in your boot so don't be pointing your toes like this it's just a little straight to your quads so we're trying to grow a moody here so flex here your foot go up back down try to squeeze the top as well like squeeze for a second 2:15 hole come on let's go keep flexing back more and 15 oh I'm sweating like crazy all right now let's go ahead and do the other side okay right bend at the knee remember to flex your foot the whole way through up back down your back straight oh my god keep going find hard to go we're almost at the end flex your foot and come back down whoo all right so we're gonna go ahead and take these anyways oh it's summer you go ahead and put on the assistance BAM for the last exercise which is a clam shell this one really targets the gluteus minimus I think this the ones like right in between and right in the middle of your other two muscles and that kind of helps it round out just a little bit so we're gonna go ahead and get down around and um this is a very nice comfortable position but trust me you're going to feeling the burn so try to make sure that your systems aren't too close to your hips because then that makes it too easy so the closer they are to your knees the better so you're gonna go up to do a clam shell come back down holy crap this rates go up back down you're doing 15 on each side make sure your feet stay together I caught you this time to go around six right side five more try to make sure this bottom leg stays on the ground and 15 whoo let's switch a roof I'm so tired let's switch over to the other side Oh ready go up back down maybe make sure you're focusing on using your glute muscle – oh my gosh ten five more oh yeah let's go and 15 whoa that felt good alright guys so that was today's round your booty workout if you really want to get the full workout in and you really really want some results I was just repeating this for it got to two more times so you can do it for like three times total and also add in some compound exercises so if you can go to the gym and use some weights doing some deadlifts some squats some lunges things like that just to like really target your legs as a whole because for example in deadlifts and squats can go a lot heavier than these ankle weights and even though you're using many different muscles and still goes just like mix it up and do different things yeah I hope you enjoyed this workout don't forget to this video thumbs up and try it hit the notification button and I'll see you guys next time