We will be working on the lateral side using the barrel We will be doing Single Leg Lift, Double Leg Lift,
Scissor and Teaser Let’s start with the Single Leg Lift Place your pelvis in the middle of the barrel
and the arm on the ladder Hold onto the ladder depending on the height of the person Lift up the leg while exhaling and try to maintain the balance Make sure pelvis up right and resist from rotating Let’s continue with the Double Leg Lift You would be lifting both the legs together so
adductors will be used as well Keep your head steady with assist of the hand This is the most difficult the Scissor exercise You would be lying on the side and making a walking motion Spread your legs keeping each steps the same It is very hard to keep the balance as the legs
are constantly moving Balance your trunk with your lateral side
and arm strength Adjust your hand position for the Teaser While exhaling lift both the upper and lower body
making a V-shape Lower the arm underneath the shoulder
that is holding the ladder Since you are leaning only one side of the pelvis
you would be using more of the oblique muscles and strengthens the arm and muscles around shoulder Be Lovely with Yeovely