Lee To Kki Today’s main is Bench Press!^^! When I weighed in the morning, I lost a lot of weight. (Bw 54.9kg) I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to lift barbells. For warm up, I did 2 sets of 30kg×10, and then 1 set of 50kg. When I do this at gym, I set safety bar at rack, and don’t use Lock Jaw. I don’t use Lock Jaw, so If I get pressed by barbell, I can remove them right away! Reminds me the movie, the Exorcist(1973). I’m practicing with a dead stop bench press in accordance with the competition rules. There’s a blockage everywhere. lol Tips: If you grab the chair, you can gather your shoulder well. I can challenge the PR(Personal Record) if I lift this weight safely today…! Fortunately, it was OK! Finally it’s PR set!! Can I succeed in PR despite losing weight!??! Successful dead stop bench press!! It was successful, so I do Backoff set. For the last, I do single set. And that’s it for today! the Ring…? Subscribe for more clips!