Hello, I’m a kitten on a kitten diet.
Today we’re following the last Gorgonzola pizza recipe, and we’re going to have almost no carbohydrates or sugars. No, I brought you a pizza recipe that doesn’t worry about blood sugar and insulin irritation.
It’s not a pizza for chatting. It’s a pizza for a real diet. Toppings are perfectly delicious with two ingredients.
And the process is really, really easy, and we don’t need an oven, so we don’t have any preheating time. I don’t need it.
I just need one frying pan, and most of all, it’s really, really crazy. It’s delicious.
I don’t know what to say, but I made it and it was so delicious. I think it was more delicious than any recipe I’ve ever introduced.
You can’t compare it to a bulgogi pizza. Sweet, fresh and rich taste, cheongyang red pepper all greasy taste
He’s got her. He’s got her. He’s got you. I don’t want to eat alone. It’s more precious for you two.
And after I introduce you to all the diet cheongyang bulgogi pizza recipes, I’m gonna give you a minute’s recipe for a piece of unhelpful pizza, so focus on it.
I want you to keep an eye on me through Well, I’ll start right away. As I said when I started, the toppings of this diet, cheongyang bulgogi pizza,
I just need two things, cheongyang red pepper and bulgogi. The super-short diet of beef that we made and put to sleep in the last hour is a recipe for a fan’s.
I’ll fry it without oil until it’s drained. This Bulgogi recipe can be used as a pizza like this and last time,
You can use it to make bulgogi. So, put it to sleep. I think it’s really convenient to let go.
I think that’s enough. I’m ready to help. I’m going to use Julien Bakery low-carbohydrate tortilla that I showed you in the last Gorgonzola pizza today. If you feel pressured to buy a tortilla like this, or you have a little time, you can do this at home.
For those of you who want to make and use tortillas, in the next video, it’s very easy. I’ll show you how to make low-carbohydrate tortillas, so wait for that video.
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They’ll turn it upside down and blow the water out of the fire. You can’t do it on a high fire, it can burn you up. very much
Thin. And then I’m going to put some tomato sauce on it after making the fire is very low.
You can’t use any pizza and tomato sauce. Most of the products on the market have sugar or syrup.
So, what kind of product do you have to buy? You need to buy a tomato puree. Among tomato purees, 100% tomato or tomato and salt only
It’s best to buy a product. I did a search at Coupang, and it’s 99.8 percent tomato.
The rest was salt. Like this, I spread a spoon based on the rice spoon and applied it like this.
Then, prepare pizza cheese and put it on top of it as much as you like. I love cheese so much, so I put a lot of it Some people ask me what kind of cheese I should eat.
Any cheese is fine with natural cheese. It says processed cheese, or if you look at the component list, it’s plant-based.
There’s a lot of cheese in there. And I was really surprised to see a lot of kids’ cheeses at the supermarket.
It’s selling. But even the children’s systems often contain vegetable oil in them. So I was really surprised. So even if it’s a little bit cumbersome, check the component chart to see if it’s natural cheese or not.
Make sure you check, eat yourself, and take care of your family. Once I went to an Internet shopping mall and searched for mozzarella cheese, I found a variety of things.
There are products. Among them, it says recommended. The first product that comes out is just one.
I clicked on it. I think it’s probably a recommendation from Amazon that says something like Amazon’s Choice.
I thought it was. But I liked the explanation here.
It says natural cheese without plant maintenance. I haven’t seen the exact component yet, but if it’s really natural,
I think it’s a good product. On top of Bulgogi, which I made delicious stir-fried with
Put it on. I’m not good at chopsticks, so I keep dropping it. Last time I heard that you were going to buy me a chopstick braces, and I couldn’t contact you.
I don’t think you’ve been posting a lot of comments lately. Please contact me. I put some bulgogi on it and then added some more cheese.
The more cheese, the better. And you said you’d get two toppings.
I’ll put one of them on top of it. I didn’t put much on it. I just put one little cheongyang pepper on it.
And I’ll give you cheese again. So far, tomato puree, mozzarella cheese, bulgogi,
You just put the cheongyang pepper on top of Cheongyang. But you might be wondering what it’s like.
It’s more delicious than the Bulgogi pizza we usually buy at the store. But I’m so sad because I can’t show you the taste.
When you’re done topping up, you have to cover the frying pan. I’m sorry. As I said, there’s nothing in my house.
That’s almost why I’ll just cover it up with a bowl at home. In a certain amount of time, you’ll hear this.
Can you hear me? When you start hearing this, turn off the lights in the frying pan.
Please wait one or two minutes. Then, the cheese melts well and tastes good. The pizza is done. And put it on a plate. This is a very, very easy way to do it, but it’s better than buying it.
The pizza is ready. I don’t need pickles because this pizza is very greasy.
If there’s some parmesan cheese powder at home, Sprinkle, and if you have parsley powder, sprinkle parsley.
And that’s what I was talking about at Gorgonzola Pizza last time. If you have Galic Powder, you can spray it.
Oh, it looks really good. I’ll try it now. Tomato sauce on the market, so pizza sauce has a lot of sugar and syrup.
I told you it’s in there. But this tomato puree doesn’t have sugar, so it tastes a little less sweet.
The fresh taste of tomatoes is very strong, but with bulgogi added to it, That’s it.
the sweet and salty taste of bulgogi, the fresh taste of tomato sauce, and the cheese It’s a really, really fantastic mix of rich flavors, and there’s a whole lot of them.
It’s not greasy because it’s got chili peppers on it. It’s really good, so I’d like to give it to you guys one by one. If you just put the bulgogi in the refrigerator, it doesn’t take much time to think of it.
You can try it without too much effort. And bulgogi can be stored in the refrigerator for more than a week.
I think it’s good. And from now on, we’re going to have a one-minute pizza recipe that we can make without help.
I’ll let you know. It’s really simple. It’s a tomato puree on a plate that you can use in a microwave.
Can I have a spoonful? Raise the pizza cheese as much as you like.
Let me emphasize once again that you must use natural cheese. Then, put the bulgogi on top of it.
I used chopsticks before. The reason was that I walked up and down on the pan with my hands. burned in the street
I’ve had a lot of enemies. But now you don’t have to be burned. So I’m just going to make it like this way.
It’s here. And I ate some bulgogi while I was making it. It was so delicious. And lastly, put the pepper on.
I just need one small pepper. It’s over. I’ll let you heat it up in the microwave for a minute.
It’s done in a minute. And here’s some parmesan cheese. It’s okay to have it sprinkled with kali powder and parsley powder.
It’s okay to just eat. Of course, I’m a little sad that I don’t have any help,
It’s refreshing and spicy. I hope you guys can try it at home.
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