people want to lose weight for various reasons but it’s not easy I have nothing but a good looking face So I should lose some weight Shitty diet food mukbang you guys should try it too First chicken breast dic.. pepper flavor you get tired of the regular flavor It doesn’t taste good if you eat long. you can see the little pieces of a pepper it’s not spicy at all it should taste a little better than the regular chicken breast next one Diet lunch box had different kind ones, they all taste similar but this one has a powder packet this is supposed to substitute nutrients that are not in this lunch box Idk what’s going on but this def makes it look cooler just eat well It’s not a lot Korean marinated beef w rice these are very simple to make Keep them in the freezer then microwave I try to eat slow but I always finish within 5 minutes the con is because you are thinking that you are eating to lose weight it may not taste as good it’s painful which makes me not happy oh well chicken breast steak it’s a lot different than a regular steak pumpkin flavor the grill mark to make it look like a steak I mean they obviously cooked ‘em on a grill same as before. Keep in freezer then microwave I don’t like this I mean who tf eats pumpkin flavored steaks? This makes me negative while eating like “is this really necessary” really got mad however, the pro is it’s cheap af steak & chicken breast are anywhere from $1-2 meaning you can have a meal for about $2 it’s very economical rice noodle / pho the noodle is made out of konjac so has low kcal konjac noodle this may look pretty good but it doesn’t taste like anything I’m just eating this for the soup tastes the same as an actual pho looks like a meat I must lose a lotta weight you guys maybe impressed but they have diet tteokbokki konjac + brown rice low kcal bc of konjac but has weird texture so they added brown rice very gummy you wanna be on a diet you want tteokbokki but you shouldn’t this should be able to help you healthy wise the lunch box should be better this is like a snack the sauce has the flavor konjac+brown rice will make you feel full it does taste like an actual tteokbokki they got a stir noodle too diet ver. konjac+ chickpea looks like flour noodle it taste like shit I’m just so used to non-diet food which makes these diet stuffs taste like shit to me makes me mad like mad asf Can you hear this ? it’s like rubber bands with sauce should feel the same but the sauce is pretty good I’m sure a lot of you guys never seen me doing this cabbage wrap balls chicken breast wrapped in a cabbage its like dumpplings wow.. so bad cabbages are very good for your body but not for your mental health finally, a snack (118kcal) not really a diet product but a low kcal product chicken breast chips has cheddar cheese on it ofc it does have a plain taste but I guess it can be a decent snack I should be able to lose weight right? Shout out to those who are trying to lose weight cheer up guys I’m sure you already know but you guys should NOT eat ‘em all at once one for each meal cheer up~