Hello! I`m Hinata! Today, I`m going to share TWICE member`s diet plan! I made a video about other KPOP idol`s diet plan before so check that out as well! Some member never shared their diet plan so but some member did so I`m going to share that! The references are from TV shows, vlive and article. I think many ppl know already but first I`m going to introduce TWICE! like a basic information about them! TWICE is a girls group with 9 girls and they are from Korean survival audition TV show which was broadcast in 2015, called “SIXTEEN” all the 9 members win the competition and debuted as TWICE I`ve watched this 3,4 years ago but it was great! I love watching Korean audition program! it`s always great TWICE member was very young and cute at that time but during the audition, they become mature, better at showing their charms and it was really fun to watch them shine on stage! also the dance battle was high level! at that time, it was rare for Japanese or other nationality ppl to be in Korean audition show or in idol group. EXO had Chinese member in EXO M tho! TWICE was new to me because there was 3 Japanese girls in Korean group! Also they were from Kansai area and I`m living at Kansai so I remembered I cherished them more than ever haha Mina Sana Momo are Japanese and Tzuyu is from Taiwan. Also I was surprised when Chaeyeon from Izone and Chae-ryeong from Itzy debuted! because they were in Sixteen as well! unfortunately they couldn`t debut as TWICE but seeing them performing in other group makes me happy! Moving on to Twice diet plan! I heard lot of them likes to eat food and some member said eating is their hobby lol For Jeongyeon, she strict the eating and after that she said she`ll exercise. She said she often eats chicken breast and walk a lot! She said she integrate the exercise in her daily life. so she counts cleaning her house as exercise ! She said she had chubby figure before entering middle school. Next Dahyun I couldn`t find Dahyun talking about her diet plans or meals but she was saying when she was a trainee, JYP entertainment had measurement of body weight once a week I think its not just JYP tho! Trainee was told to lose weight and if they couldn`t lose weight, they can`t have a photo shoot or they can`t be on show case. also she said her staff took the snacks that fans gave it to her because she might gain weight from that. Entertainment agency will check every meal they ate.. its so strict.. Chaeyoung also didn`t share about her diet plans but I think most of idols have experienced on losing weight like stricting their eating and exercise Next Momo She talked about her extreme diet on Vlive I talked about this in ITZY diet plan video as well when she was a trainee, she was told that she have to lose 7kg in 1 week to be on stage at that time, she said the only thing she ate for a week was one piece of ice cube.. she said she felt guilty eating that ice cube..she thought that might gain her weight thats crazy I don`t think Agency should strict their weight that much its gonna hurt trainees mental health she also worked out at that moment its very dangerous and I feel like she might get serious illness from that this tells KPOP industry is pretty extreme.. sorry its out of focus Momo shared her workout in tv show she said she does plank twist for her abs I`ve done the same workout in my ITZY ICY and BlackPink Kill this Love video ! Next Sana! she was little chubby during the SIXTEEN but now she`s very skinny she didn`t talk much about her diet plan but I`m sure she did some diet to lose weight she got questions that how to lose weight in vlive her answer was to eat a lot haha I think she eats whatever she likes now but control the portion and also execise and dance Next Mina She was doing ballet for 11 years she performed ballet on Sixteen ! she was beautiful..! I think she has soma from ballet and she seems like she has a body type that she won`t gain weight easily Next Nayeong I loved her attitude and her singing on Sixteen! On interview, she said when she was on diet, she didn`t eat anything and go up on stage and she felt like she`s gonna faint so from this experience, she said she`s eating decent amount of food Idols have to practice, sing ,dance and have other things to do.. I`m sure they have super hard schedule so for that, they have to eat for their energy if they don`t eat well, they might faint on stage and that`s the worse case.. I hope they eat well and stay healthy! Next Tzuyu She`s my favorite! she`s super pretty! I wanna be like her lol I heard she is very stoic she does exercise and stretch every night other member said she take care of her body well she always sit straight on car, she stands up for a while after eating something to digest it I think these daily habits make here body figure member talked about who has the most amazing body figure and they said its Momo and Tzuyu Momo has great abs ! I found a funny story about Tzuyu when she was on diet, (I think agency told her to lose weight) she couldn`t eat her favorite food, pig`s trotters but she really wants to eat it so she told someone to get her pig`s trotters and she used rope to get it from someone outside the building haha she said she avoid burglar camera lol its like a spi if i think about that situation its funny hah but this episode tells she couldn`t eat her favorite food.. and if someone finds out, she might get in trouble also she said she likes to do pilates and she drinks lot of water Lastly Jihyo Jihyo is a member who did an extreme diet and lost a lot of weight she was little chubby during Sixteen and in the show, camera man told her she needs to lose weight and she doesn`t have self management Jihyo`s mom said she gain about 3-4kg in a week because of the stress its not like she eats a lot because she love eating. its because she was stressed out and went for food I think one of the reason is she trained for 10 years and thats the longest out of all the members she must be frustrated that why can`t she debut and young ppl are coming into the agency but she is a great singer and has leadership as a leader in TWICE so I`m glad she debuted! Her diet plan was to strict her eating and exercise she burned more calories than consumed calories she went to gym to workout and she stopped eating snacks she had dance practice, went to gym and strict her eating so she lose weight I think she lose weight in short period so she must done hard diet.. thats it for the TWICE diet plan! some member didn`t talk about their diet plans but I think they`ve done some at some point and they are controlling their eating to keep their body shape Idk if the agency is still checking what they eat now but they were checked while they were trainees that will stress their trainees.. Beauty standard in Kpop industry is extremely high and I think idol is feeling pressure to keep up with the standard and be perfect they shouldn`t give up on their health to keep up with the standard.. Mina is having a hard time now doctor said she has anxiety disorder so she`s resting now I hope she rest well and come back with her healthy body and joy! 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