good morning it is it is I want to start
with a statement of incredible appreciation for how good life is and
how good it just keeps getting no ending yeah
I’ve been applying these principles in my life and have brought into my space
the best health I’ve ever known a great relationship that the money is there the
job is there the house is there everything’s there and my question is
about disability I used to think that my physical condition was symbolic of a
limited way of looking at things that there was a block and that my physical
body that I had came into this world with was was a symbol of me missing
something and around me now it just doesn’t feel that way I feel so good and
I feel so right and the physical condition of my life no longer seems
like disability to me in fact my my physical condition has
been attached to some of the most magical events in my life the
relationships the the beauty the appreciation of each moment and there
are days all as well yeah that was all just for the crew so what what used to seem like something
that was given to me as a challenge often now seen as a gift and the
question that’s in my mind is you talked about us coming into this physical world
perfect tune didn’t tapped in and turned on and some of us are born with physical
conditions birth defects disabilities what is that and what is this thing in
my life is it something symptomatic of a limited way I’m looking at things or is
it a gift or is it both well we can feel that you have some
contradicted energy around it because as you began to speak your vibration was
really one way and then in the question is a different sort of thing and we are
eager to address this and it is our knowing that as you hear this that you
will feel it resonate within you because it truly is your knowing
in fact you provide for us an opportunity to say something that is so
important and not only will we get right to the heart of the specifics of your
question but as those of you who are listening in really hear what we’re
getting at here it’s going to be powerfully important to all of you we’ve
been talking already here today about how the only thing in fact it’s the last
thing we said to you before a segment of refreshment there the only thing that is
important for any of you to understand is the vibrational variance or gap
between where you are and where you want to be in other words where you are and
that which life has caused you to become and in this physical world in which most
of you are focused most of the time it’s not an easy thing for you to give your
attention only to that because there are so many things outside of you that have
your attention and we were talking earlier about how it is your comparison
with the others that causes you so much grief can you imagine as Jerry and
Esther are using their navigational system which is giving them very
clear-cut directions from where they are to where they now want to be can you
imagine if Magellan or Garmin or one of them got
extremely helpful and overlaid ten different maps for them to give them
information about where they and ten other people are and where they and ten
other people want to go it would be utterly chaotic as they’re trying to
figure out streets that aren’t even anywhere around them and and roadways
and of course that is ridiculous when you think of it in that application but
so many humans are doing something equally ridiculous as they are trying to
compare where they are with where a lot of other people are and where they want
to be with where a lot of other people are and so they get outside of their own
guidance system and they try to use that information as their guidance as you
began with us just now before the fire drill the words that you were offering
were so satisfying to us as we heard them roll through you and as we felt the
vibration of them because what you were literally saying is I have found that
within my life experience that I have control over my vibrational variance and
because I’ve learned to appreciate because I’ve turned my attention toward
the things that are happening well in my life then from my vantage point which
granted is different from the vantage point of a lot of humans dramatically
different enough that I am sitting in this chair but the thing that we want
you to understand is that everybody’s vantage point is different not as
markedly different as yours but you have a big advantage because you’ve begun to
see yourself early on as different and you learned right away that you couldn’t
compare yourself to that one of that one and that one in that one for all the
obvious reasons so it becomes more evident to you to deal with the things
that you can control which are your vibrational variants and anyone who
comes to that awareness early on or ever in life is it extreme advantage to those
that don’t figure it out and the majority of humans who surround you do
not figure that out they still are comparing where they are to where
somebody else is one of the stories that we often freak often offer frequently
relative to this subject is if you are living in your environment where
everything is available easily and you go to what you would call an
underdeveloped country and view the way they are living life you would find more
unhappiness on their behalf than they are finding because the gap between what
you are accustomed to living and what you are now seeing them live would be a
wide gap well where for them what they’re living and what they’re asking
for is not such a broad separation and so we’re not asking you to give in to
your limitations that’s not the point of this at all we are wanting to say to you
that you deliberately came forth intending this extraordinary advantage
of learning early on about your vibrational gap that’s the greatest
message that you could give to anyone who is willing to listen is that you’re
not limited because you still have access to desires that you still have
vibrational access to so talk to us about current unfulfilled desires within
you in other words what has your life caused you to ask for that you have not
been able to close the gap on Jerry gave the best title ever once years ago to
the recording in a discussion similar to this and his title said is a snake a
disabled lizard and the point is that there are two
different beings with two different intentions and so but so as you compare
yourself to other humans and you say but they have clearly given me the label of
disabled and we say we would rather give you all of you the label of unique and
if you would accept your label of unique and you would stop the comparison with
all of the others and you would let your own life give you the data from which
you ask for what is next and you work on closing that vibrational gap you will
discover that under any and all conditions there are no limitations I am
experiencing that you know the way that I perceive myself and what I could do
and how I felt about myself a couple of years ago is it’s like night and day to
how I feel now well you know I still struggle with it of course I mean you
know there’s still days where I eventually you know revert to
frustration or but do you know the frustration that you feel as we’re
feeling the vibration of you and we really want to give this to you we think
it will help you as you focus upon this over the next while and play with it
especially while we’re together in these days you will have a new understanding
come forth within you as you are able to withdraw your attention from comparing
your physical experience with other physical beings and instead you will
think of yourself as a mental being in other words our friend that we began
with just now we are talking about the difference between motivating yourself
to action and inspiring yourself to action and there those vibrations are
worlds apart when you do something because you should rather than because
you are being called toward it there’s a very big difference in the vibrational
alignment or misalignment so as you see yourself as an individual and you are
able to resist the temptation of comparing yourself to other physical
action and instead you put yourself on a level playing field with everyone else
and oh we still want you to hear this and
that level playing field is that you are vibration first and foremost you are a
vibrational being and yes you are physical flesh blood and bone certainly
you are and your world reflects that in terms of action but if you will just for
the days that we are on this cruise if you will think in terms of being the
mental vibrational being that you are and you will begin to notice the harmony
that you feel or disharmony the discord or the alignment the misalignment or the
resistance or the allowing in other words as you begin to notice what you
are doing with your vibration so that you take yourself just for a little
while we’d like all of you to feel less physical and more vibrational and as you
come round to that you will begin to feel extremely powerful because all of
your power is in your vibration now are we saying to you that you could be born
with what others are calling a disability and that you could have
learned to cope with it and live with it and that you could be now focused on
yourself as a vibrational being and that you could be living some frustrations
that come from the physical limitations and launching rockets of desire and that
the Source Energy part of you now is walking the Source Energy part of you is
now is now living a fully physical experience that you could now catch up
with well we are saying that any desire that this life causes you to give birth
to the Source Energy part of you is now living and you can get up to speed with
it are we saying that it is necessary for you to do that in order to have joy
not at all what we are saying is that if this life in this body has caused those
desires to be launched and now you don’t let the absence of those desires keep
you from coming into alignment then that healing must be so but did you hear all
of that in other words so why did why did this happen to me it happened to me
because I wanted to determine first and foremost that I’m a mental being than I
am a vibrational and once I get that then I can find joy
wherever I am so Abraham are you saying that if we will just line up our energy
that we’ll get happy and we won’t care if the manifestations that we’ve been
asking for don’t come sounds like that’s what we were saying in other words just
become a mental being and resign yourself to your physical condition and
line up your thoughts and feel joy and now just be a joyful person in a
wheelchair it sounds like that’s what we are saying well it is what we’re saying
but we’re saying as you are a joyful person in a wheelchair and little by
little you release any resistance and if this life if this life experience has
caused you to desire a physical experience and that desire is now the
leading edge desire and supersedes any intentions that you had coming in and it
does you are the leading edge extension are you hearing that there was some
would say oh well from non-physical I decided that I would go forth and be gay
for example or live a disability for example so that I would be different
enough in my physicalness that I couldn’t march to the beat of the
drummer that everybody else was beating and what marching to so then I would
have to be different enough and in my DIF I could find my true alignment and
when I find my true alignment that’s what it’s really all about anyway and
all of that is true except that you in this physical body are an extension of
Source Energy and you get from this physical experience you get to add to
anything that you have intended before in other words you are the leading edge
of this extended thought and intention you get that so if this life experience
has caused you to want something beyond what you’ve got and if you can then put
the physicalness aside from it and be the mental being that is finding joy
anyway in that alignment given this new stuff that’s in vibrational escrow it
has to come together for you it has to it is law but don’t make a test out of
it in other words if we were standing in your physical shoes we would continue to
do is we can feel that you’re doing we would continue to focus upon the
positive aspects of what living and we would accept ourselves as
primarily the vibrational mental being that we are and we would let our life
for now be about alignment of energy alignment of energy would say that to
all of you alignment of energy alignment of energy and as you turn again and
again and again and again thought after thought subject after subject and you
begin going with the flow rather than resisting it what begins to happen is
you begin to flow toward all of the things that you’re want