I think it's pretty sad to say sometimes we all have those mornings we wake up or not feeling to agree it was super tired feeling rundown seeing a bit dirty my hair normally is always something really oily if I've had a big night out maybe he's feeling a little bit hungover who knows what you're feeling but you just wake up going a bit yuck if you're leading a super busy life like I do it's super important to me to have just days where I am doing a bigot Clint so today I'm going to be running you guys through my detox slash cleanse routine it's a great thing about this is that you can incorporate this into everyday life and make this more of a lifestyle than just a one-off a detox day so once I finally rolled out of bed this first thing I will do that just makes me instantly feel better is jump in the shower and wash my hair this video concept came from the new Herbal Essences detailed shampoo and conditioners really love the natural sense of the white tea and mint and is going to go on with shampoo I'm all about beautiful smells and I really love natural scent but these new shampoo conditioners are pH balanced and they gently remove everyday papaer it is like pollution sweat and build-up so this shampoo contains no silicones colorants or heavy residues and it's super gentle enough for everyday use I'm going to go ahead and wash all of this out and then I'm going to be focusing me conditioner on the ends of my hair where my hair seems to be a little bit more dull this is fun for you guys – wear that I like chatting – while having a shower my question is I wish you guys to like smell this really catalyzed by um the white TN meant champion position really helps bring shine into the head I'm just going to massage this all through my hair and then going to wash it out and I kind of love how is inspired by this whole essence range because I've never done a hair detox before I am so all about my Hayes I've noticed and there are so many plumes and air when you go outside like your hair is constantly getting so built up with stuff so it's so great to kind of have a champion conditioner that we use to detox daily and as I mentioned my hair towards the ends never get as much shine as I want so this product is so incredible for adding shine back into my hair and just making it feel super lightweight and not so heavy I've given my hair a big detox and a big wash I'm going to be using my a sub body cleanser and I love this stuff because it has such fresh and very like earthy tone smells in it and makes me feel super super clean once I finish doing this I just like to stand the shower for a minute take a big deep breath and kind of just have a moment to stop my day was like a positive mindset especially if you've been feeling a little bit not so great in the past two days or the day before it's really great just to take this moment okay jump out the shower obviously I just dress my body pop my hair up into a towel wrap and then I go ahead and brush my teeth give them a good scrub and then I love to put on a face mask I'm using my absolute favorite su-kam skin detoxifying face mom just going to apply this face mask and then I'm going to let it sit but it really spoke into my skin and while I'm waiting I will go into my room or go sit on the couch or go to my balcony and do 15 minutes of meditation if you're trying to have a day where you really want to clear your mind and relax this is hands-down the best thing that you can do meditation helps just really Center yourself and just get rid of any negative thoughts clear your mind space and it also will really energize you for the day ahead so once I finish meditating I am normally feeling it pretty great so I just roll off my bed and go on watch off my face mask after my face mask is off I just like to take my hair out I had a really big day planned for today I kind of like to just get into blow-drying my hair it away I'm styling it right after I've showered otherwise I will honestly procrastinate once I actually do need to get ready for whatever work it is I have to do that day because my hair always takes a little longest and I'm such a hair perfectionist I always want it to be lovely so I just go straight ahead into blow-drying it and then I will just style it up into whatever hair look I want to do and once I've done all this since I'm a very lazy person and I don't need to get dressed completely and do any makeup to the day I still have quite a few hours to kill and relax before work was starting I just put my pajamas back on and I took myself into the kitchen and days right maybe my stomach feels a bit bloated or I just feel like I really need to clean my insides the best tips I have to do is be lemon and basil water so please go ahead and grab a big jug of water and I like to cut up some lemon put some ice in there and then I just mixed in some basil as well this tastes incredible and it is so amazing for your body once I made my lemon water I just went straight into my room and started to clean up all of my mess and I know this can be such a pain to do but you'll feel so much better and it's time for some breakfast my favorite favorite time of the day or my detail today today I want to make a really yummy green juice full of great vitamins and it's just super delicious to make but I think you have all my ingredients here and then I'm just going ahead and grabbing my big a nutribullet mix the cup and I'm placing all the ingredients in the to my car and once you put all your desired and greens you can pretty much adjust this to whatever you have obviously whatever flavors you like best in your smoothies and then just go ahead and blend it all up I'm going to pull my smoothie into a glass and then what I love to do when I just have a bit of extra time in the morning to chill out I like to get off my phone get up old technology and just grab a book and while I like have my smoothie lay on my couch and just chill out for like half an hour and do some readings is so important to kind of help your brain just chill out for a bit and get offline because we're constantly online normally I also added some exercise into the routine so you can either do exercise if you have enough energy in the morning which I love to do that this morning was upsetting just like no way I had to get straight to shower but sometimes doing any afternoon is really nice too just to end your day clear mind so the third tip for detoxing is if you want to detox your base once you finish cleaning your apartment maybe like vacuum get it all completely tidy using a smudge stick as well can really help just clean up the energy in the area at the energy in the space you can also kind of smudge yourself which is super super nice you just feel so clean and amazing after honestly so many ways to do a detox these are my favorite kind of ways that I love to incorporate I literally incorporate these into my everyday life really just love the light clean and happy kind of feeling you get from toxifying your home bodies are the main things I love to do it's so important to take time to care for yourself your body your mind your soul your space especially and of course your hair if you like me I'm just my hair is my everything but all of this put together is just super important to stay at looking fresh and feeling good from the inside because you just feel good inside you will shine and radiate outwardly so I just encourage you guys to kind of never let a bad day get in the way oh you're kind of flow of your Zen so I really encourage you to kind of turn a big detox day and incorporate it into your daily routine I promise you you'll feel so incredible so thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed seeing my detox routine and of course thank you too horrible essences for collaborating with me on this video and hope you all enjoyed share with me your best tips in the comments below what are your best tools for detoxing or what do you love to do when you're having a detox day and of course don't forget to subscribe to my channel follow me on Instagram Twitter I'm always posting everywhere and yeah I hope you all have a fabulous day enjoy your detoxing / cleansing and I will see you guys next time Oh