Unlike gastric ulcer or cardiac problems kidney disease has only a few manifestations. Thats why kidney disease is always a late diagnosis. Today I will yalk about the features of kidney disease. Todays topic- Features of kidney disease. Lets know in brief about the high risk persons commonly suffer from kidney disease. 1st -Diabetic. 2nd- Hypertensive. 3rd and 4th- Smoking and obese. 5th- Family h/o kidney disease. Most importent feature of kidney disease is oedema. Oedema commonly involve face first and then limbs and other body parts. Next feature- Dark coloured urine. Next feature- Frothy urine Froth appears due to high protein in urine. Next feature- Recurrent UTI. Some times stones causes UTI. Next feature- Sudden hypertension. Blood pressure is maintained by kidney.thats why high BP is caused by kidney damage. Next feature- Anaemia due to low erythropoietin. Next feature- Shortness of breath Due to accumulation of water in body breathlessness appears. Nausea and vomiting may appear. Next feature- Weakness. Next feature- Persistent itching Subscribe to our channel and share this video with others to increase health awareness!!!!