Hi Guys! Welcome back to my channel. This is Sneha here and today we are going to talk about everybody’s favourite topic which is weightloss Yes I know you guys are really excited about knowing about weightloss, losing weight and looking more fit and beautiful. So today’s talk has been inspired by a book and this book has been written by none other than Shilpa Shetty and this is The Great Indian Diet by Shilpa Shetty So I recently came across this book and this book has some great weightloss tips and it encompasses some pointers which point out at the way one should lead his or her life. And the diet and lifestyle changes you can accommodate in your daily routine to stay healthy and fit. So the main focus of this book is on our Indian Diet that is the food and its accompaniments that we consume which are superfoods in their own right. So lets begin with my 5 weightloss tips. So pointer number 1 is that Ghee is your best friend. Yes people you heard it right, the ghee that your dadi, nani or your mum makes at home especially is your best friend. Not the packaged ghee which is available in the market or over the counter. So ghee is rich in saturated as well as unsaturated fat. It has a compound called Linoleic Acid in it which actually helps in burning the stubborn fat in your body. So ghee on the other hand is fat which helps in burning fat. So if I begin talking about ghee and its benefits there can be a whole another episode made on it. But I will shortly cover up some of the major advantages of consuming ghee. It helps in increasing immunity, is extremely good for eyesight, for a healthy skin then it has anti-cancerous properties in it